Sept. 2, 2003

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Student Health Center/Stadium Clinic & Sports Medicine
When the ASU Student Health Center moves into the new location this fall, it will be in the same building as First Care Stadium Blvd. Clinic, owned and operated as a subsidiary of St. Bernards Health Care. Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine, an outpatient department of St. Bernards Medical Center, will also be in the same building.
     For ASU employees who have chosen St. Bernards as their provider (in the ASU employees health insurance plan), there will be great benefits to having the First Care clinic on campus. First Care, which will be open to the community-at-large, will be one of four family practice clinics of St. Bernards. Employees who have named St. Bernards and a physician in the First Care clinic of St. Bernards in their chosen health plan, will have easy access to their clinic on campus.

"A Painted House," panel discussion

     The Heritage Studies Ph.D. program will host a panel discussion this Saturday, Sept. 6, at 1 p.m., featuring John Grisham, Sr., father of author John Grisham, and members of the local communities involved in the making of "A Painted House." Artifacts from the movie set will be on display at the Fowler Center. During the 90-minute panel, clips from the movie and photographs taken during filming in Lepanto will be shown. Audience members have the opportunity to ask questions, and interact with the panel participants. This event will take place in Fowler Center, Riceland Hall. All faculty, staff, students and their family members are invited to attend.

Diversity Report
     On reserve at the front desk of the Dean B. Ellis Library is the new 2003 ASU Diversity Report and survey results. The survey (conducted in the spring of this year), has been formulated into a report for faculty, staff and students to review. In the executive summary, it states that the survey was part of a larger diversity initiative to determine faculty, staff and student perceptions on campus. The results indicate that the campus climate for the majority of faculty, staff and students is one that is tolerant. The report also stated that there are positive trends toward diversity for faculty, staff, and students. The survey and report was prepared by the Office of Institutional Research and Planning.  

Indian Village update
In all, there are 14 buildings to the Floridian-style Indian Village Apartments. Nine of them have been completed, with five more to be completed by the end of September, bringing a total of 100 apartments (one, two and three bedroom). The last five apartment buildings are a bit behind schedule, like many other building projects, due to the excessive spring and summer rains.
     In addition to the apartments, there are 50 brick houses. There are now 20 trailers left on the campus, 23 others have already sold. The remaining 20 trailers will be placed out for bid and sold, as they become available. Student housing in Indian Village is available to graduate students, non-traditional students, married students and single parents (with custody of children). There is currently a waiting list for housing in Indian Village.

Strategic Planning
     REMINDER: ASU has begun a university-wide strategic planning process. To assist in the process, Dr. David McFarland, a consultant with Penson Associates, will be on campus today and Wednesday, Sept. 2 and 3. Dr. McFarland will be evaluating campus strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. After Dr. McFarland has visited with various groups, he will summarize his initial findings in an open forum at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 3, in the Convocation Center Auditorium. All interested faculty, staff, students and other individuals are invited.

Amphitheater, under construction
     Among the many projects that are currently under construction on the ASU campus is an amphitheater designed to accommodate up to 70 people for small, formal ceremonies, informal gatherings, outdoor classroom space, or just hanging out.  The design of the facility was a collaborative effort by the facilities management staff and the Brackett-Krennerich architectural firm, and is being constructed under the direction of Baldwin and Shell General Contractors. 
     The amphitheater will consist of three levels of seating constructed of Batesville sandstone, separated by grass strips to soften the hard surfaces. The Amphitheater is located at the south end of the special events lawn, just north of Lab Science-West.

Reporting of crimes

     Last January, the University Police began a new reporting system of crime statistics. (Prior to the change, police departments all across Arkansas and the nation, only reported one crime when they were documenting a crime spree. It was strictly a summary- based system of reporting.) Now, the National Incident Base Reporting System or NIBRS allows for more detailed, specific data in every crime spree. The Jonesboro Police Dept. began using the NIBRS earlier this summer.
     FYI, the software program utilized in Arkansas for NIBRS has been created by an ASU alum, Dillon Watkins of Jonesboro, a 91 graduate. Watkins company, Relativity, was awarded the contract by the State of Arkansas in November of last year.

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