July 28, 2003

This week:

* Open Forum with Jim Infante on Faculty Handbook revision, Tuesday, 1-2:30 p.m., Board Room, 8th Floor, Ellis Library.

* Commencement, Friday, 7 p.m., Convocation Center

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Two-day student orientation is big success
The Student Life staff is reporting a good turnout and is getting rave reviews for their new type of student orientation this summer. According to Dr. Roger Lee, associate dean and director of the Division of Student Affairs, the two-day sessions are well attended by both students and parents. This year, for the first time, orientation involves a fee to attend the two-day session. The cost for students is $35 and for parents, $25. (Most universities are charging between $75 and $250.) The two-day session allows for much needed time to go over academics and social life, and how to adequately blend the two. Most of the time, parents and students are involved in separate small-group sessions. The average attendance for each of the two-day sessions is between 200 and 250. There are approximately 20 tribal leaders (well-trained, upper level students) leading these small group sessions. The last orientation will be this week, however, it is the one-day session format. Orientation will resume in April 2004 with many more two-day sessions and only a couple of one-day sessions.

War-era photo album headed back to Germany
A few months ago, the ASU Museum found in its collections a German soldier’s World War II-era photo album, donated in 1961 by an Arkansas soldier who August Fallerbrought it home 16 years earlier as a war souvenir.  Mark Steed of the Museum staff researched the contents and asked the German government for help with locating the soldier, or his descendents.  Eventually he learned that the soldier died in 1986, but his daughters were grateful to know about the album’s existence and the university’s desire to return it.  Upon the family's invitation,  Steed and Dr. Scott Darwin, professor of German, will leave for Germany next week to return the album personally and to be their guests.   The album is interesting not only because of its journey but because its written and photographic content portray a family man, August Faller, and some of his and his fellow soldiers' activities with the Wehrmacht during the Blitzkrieg.

Football team recognized for academic success
The ASU football program received what Athletics Department officials later termed a "nice surprise" during the Sun Belt Conference media day last week in New Orleans.  The conference commissioner awarded a plaque to Coach Steve Roberts in recognition of the team's academic achievements.  While the team improved on the field last season, the players were also hitting the books more intensely.  The Indians posted a cumulative 2.42 grade point average for the year, the highest among the Sun Belt's seven football programs.  Also during the same event, the conference announced that 92 ASU student athletes were named to the Commissioner's List and Honor Roll for 2002-03.

Tuition discount and 'Returning to the Classroom'
An announcement from Student Affairs provided a timely reminder of one of ASU’s most valuable benefits to staff members.  ASU gives a 75 percent tuition discount (50 percent for graduate-level courses) to employees who want to take classes (see the ASU web site for details).  Now is a good time to think about pursuing additional education.  The Office of Admissions will host a free program, “Returning to the Classroom,” for adults who have been thinking about starting or returning to college.  It will begin at 6 p.m. Thursday, July 31, at the Pavilion.  Financial Aid, Career Services, Residence Life and the Counseling Center personnel will be there to answer questions.  Last fall, 23 percent of undergraduate students at ASU were non-traditional age (25 or over).  Tell your friends who may be interested . . . for more details, contact Levi Woods in the Office of Admissions, lwoods@astate.edu, or 972-3024.

Consultant to help with Faculty Handbook revision
In case you missed the e-mail from Academic Affairs, Dr. Jim Infante is on campus today and tomorrow for meetings regarding revision of the Faculty Handbook to incorporate policy changes and style improvements.  An open forum will run from 1 until 2:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Board Room of the Ellis Library.

Library's online catalog system to be upgraded
Another item repeated from e-mail blasts . . . New software will be installed next week for the Voyager Online Catalog System at Ellis Library.  Because of the change, the system will not be available Monday, Aug. 4. Other library services will be available as usual, and Reference Desk personnel will help with locating materials.
  By Tuesday, the catalog should be running with the new software.

Field Leadership Reaction Course available
The Department of Military Science and Leadership is offering the Field Leadership Reaction Course (FLRC) to departments and organizations on campus. The course, located behind the armory, is designed to develop leadership and build teamwork by presenting the leader with a situation that requires the use of problem solving and management skills.  The course itself consists of eight obstacles with adaptable scenarios designed to build confidence and teamwork within groups or teams (normally from 6-10 individuals), as they rotate among the obstacles and attempt to achieve success.  A different leader is designated for the group at each new obstacle to allow everyone the opportunity to take charge and execute their plan for mission accomplishment.  For more information on the FLRC or coordination for your department or organization, contact Capt. Jim Dunivan at the Department of Military Science and Leadership, 972-2064.

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