Aug. 8, 2005


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Jeff Bailey to lead ARKLink libraries consortium
Jeff Bailey, head of public services for the Dean B. Ellis Library, was recently elected vice-president/president-elect of ARKLink, the Arkansas consortium of academic libraries.
  He will serve as vice president of the consortium in 2006 and will serve as president during 2007.  Bailey has been a member of the library faculty at the Dean B. Ellis Library since 1992.  ARKLink is a nonprofit organization of 47 college and university libraries cooperating to deliver services and collections to researchers in Arkansas.

NCAA committee makes ruling on mascot use
The National Collegiate Athletic Association's Executive Committee Friday adopted a new policy to keep member institutions from displaying what it termed "hostile and abusive" racial/ethnic/national origin mascots, nicknames or imagery at any of the 88 NCAA championships.  The committee also approved recommended best practices for schools who continue to use Native American mascots and nicknames in their athletic programs.  This action follows an NCAA-directed survey of institutions who use mascots or nicknames with Native American origins. Click here for the complete NCAA announcement, or click here to read ASU's response from Dr. Dean Lee, director of athletics. (Review ASU's survey, which was released in May.)

14th Faculty Resource Guide in draft stage

The first draft of the ASU Faculty Resource Guide, 14th edition, has been posted to the ASU web site in PDF format.  The University Communications office prepares the guide primarily for use by news media representatives, but civic groups and other organizations also consult it.  The guide includes two sections: an index of faculty members' academic topics, grouped by department, and a directory of full-time faculty and selected administrative staff members. Faculty members are encouraged to watch their e-mail for a link to the draft copy, along with instructions for providing updated information.

Alumni to offer 'watering hole' for arriving students

The Craighead County ASU Alumni Chapter will host the 7th annual Watering Hole for students moving in to the residence halls on Saturday, Aug. 20, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. ASU alumni are invited to greet arriving families and hand out bottled water.  Alumni who would like to help should e-mail Molly Phillips in the Alumni Relations Office.

Non-Traditional Students get special services
Suite 2064 on the second floor of the Student Union is the new home for the Office of Non-Traditional Student Services. 
So, who is a non-traditional student?  Generally, that can be a student who is age 25 or over; married, with or without children; single or divorced, with children; working professional; and those who are returning to school after five or more years. The staff's goal is to enrich nontraditional students' educational experience by connecting students to academic and social services while providing the support needed to ensure their success. Visit the office or call 972-2055 for more information on this new operation in the Tribal Leadership Center.

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