Aug. 16, 2006

This week:

* Annual Faculty Conference,
10 a.m., today,
Student Union

* New Student Orientation,
Friday, Aug. 18

* Operation Move-In, campus residence halls, Saturday

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Faculty Conference and meetings today
Following an 8:30 a.m. meeting of the Faculty Association, the annual Faculty Conference will begin at 10 a.m. today in the Student Union auditorium.  The President's Office will host a barbecue picnic at 11:30, followed by college and departmental meetings in the afternoon.

Milner and O'Connor begin Yale fellowships
Dr. Clyde Milner II, Heritage Studies Ph.D. Program, and Dr. Carol O'Connor, Dr. Clyde MilnerHumanities and Dr. Carol O'ConnorSocial Sciences, will spend this academic year at Yale University.  The Beinecke Library has appointed Milner as the Frederick W. Beinecke Senior Research Fellow, and O'Connor as Visiting Fellow. Their joint research will focus on Granville Stuart, a quintessential 19th-century pioneer of the American West.  The library houses many of Stuart's letters and diaries. Their proposed book on Stuart is under contract with Oxford University Press.

Stewart and McLean author chapters on terrorism
Two chapters co-authored by Dr. Patrick Stewart and Dr. Will McLean, Political Science, have been published recently. “Knowledge of the Homeland Security Advisory System: Inattention in the Heartland” and “Agricultural BioTerrorism: Dimensions of Fear and Public Perception” were published in Homeland Security: Protecting America’s Targets, vol. II, Praeger Publishers.  The first deals with a poll of Arkansans while the second deals with Mid-South respondents’ perceptions of threats from agri bioterrorism.  The papers were co-authored with, respectively, graduate students Matthew Huckaby and Lucas Duffner.

Residence Halls ready for Operation Move-In
With the new 836-bed residence hall ready to be occupied, the staff of Residence Life is getting ready for a huge increase in campus occupancy.  Approximately 500 more students will be moving in to campus facilities this year, compared to a year ago.  The Tribal Leadership Center is coordinating staff and volunteers with assisting students and their families when Operation Move-In begins Saturday. If you know of community groups who want to help, ask them to call the center at 972-2055 by Friday. Several student services also will be open from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., including the Advising Center, Cashier's Office, Parking Services, ID Center, Residence Life, Admissions, Registrar and Bookstore.  Click here for more details about Operation Move-In.

But this is only Wednesday, you say?
Alert readers of Inside ASU will wonder, why is Thursday's edition out a day early? Answer: this is not the Thursday edition; it's the new Wednesday edition.  Effective immediately, we are boosting publication frequency to three times weekly, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We are finding more and more good news to tell, and we want to get it to the campus community in a more timely fashion. Tell us what you think . . . our addresses are at the bottom of the column at left.

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