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Faculty and Staff achievements, 2005-06 archive
Congratulations to these faculty and staff members who have distinguished themselves and their departments recently for outstanding professional achievements:

Uploaded in June

Several students and faculty members from both Biological Sciences and Environmental Sciences made oral presentations at the annual meeting of the North American Benthological Society in Anchorage, earlier in June.
  Graduate student S.E. Seagraves, Biological Sciences, with faculty members J. L. Harris and Dr. Alan Christian, both of Biological Sciences, and Dr. Jerry Farris, Environmental Sciences, presented Conservation of the Ouachita Creekshell [Villosa arkansasensis (Lea1852)]: reproduction and host fish suitability in the Bulletin of the North American Benthological Society.
  Undergraduate student R. L. Lawson and graduate student M. W. Matthews, both of Biological Sciences, along with Christian, presented Species and size selective predation of freshwater mussels on the Buffalo National River.
  Matthews, Seagraves, and Christian presented Assessment and evaluation of native freshwater mussel assemblages of the Buffalo National River.
  Undergraduate student A.M. Smith and Dr. Jeannette Loutsch, both of Biological Sciences, along with Christian, presented The use of micro-satellite analysis to determine paternity in freshwater mussels.
  Christian, graduate student A. J. Peck, Environmental Sciences, along with Harris and Farris, presented Movement patterns of freshwater mussels following relocation: a case study of Potamilus capax and Quadrula quadrula in an Arkansas drainage ditch.

*  Dr. Robert Engelken
, Electrical Engineering, in conjunction with the company InvoTek, Inc. of Alma, was recently awarded a National Institutes of Health Phase I SBIR grant for the project, "Reliable and Safe Laser Pointing for People with Locked-in Syndrome." The project builds upon Dr. Engelken’s and InvoTek’s previous joint research on the development of a new generation of low cost, large area light detector systems using films composed of semiconductor/polymer composites. The sprayed films are low hazard and environmentally benign. These will be used as light-activated augmentative communication and computer interface devices for the physically disabled.

Dr. Elizabeth Hood, Research and Technology Transfer, was interviewed for Marketplace, a nationally broadcast program produced by American Public Media and carried on KASU each day.  In a story broadcast Tuesday, she commented on issues related to using plants for producing pharmaceuticals.

*  Dr. Ernesto Lombeida
, Spanish, has been selected as one of 450 faculty members nationwide to attend summer study opportunities supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities.  The Endowment is a federal agency that each summer supports seminars and institutes at colleges and universities so that teachers can work in collaboration and study with experts in humanities disciplines. Lombeida will participate in the five-week program, “Representations of the ‘Other’: Jews in Medieval Christendom" at Oxford University’s Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies.

Uploaded in May

*  Dr. Wayne Narey, English, and Dr. Karen Yanowitz, Psychology, have been selected to serve as Faculty Fellows for the academic year 2006-07. Dr. Narey joined the faculty in 1990 and is an associate professor of English in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Dr. Yanowitz came to ASU in 1996 and is associate professor of psychology in the College of Education.
  Both professors will have a six-hour reassignment per semester to assist in the development of a Faculty Center (to be named later). The main focus and mission of the center will be to assist and support ASU faculty members in their teaching and instruction to improve student learning.

*  Dr. Aldemaro Romero, Biological Sciences, and graduate student Shelly Kannada recently had a paper accepted for publication in the prestigious Canadian Journal of Zoology. The paper disputes conventional wisdom on the causes for the depletion of whale populations in the North Atlantic showing that the Basque, Dutch, German, Danish, and British fleets killed hundreds of thousands of whales in little more than a century. Romero and Kannada hypothesized that the extinction of gray whales in the North Atlantic was the result of the so-called “Little Ice Age” disrupting the natural habitat for this species for hundred of years. Also, the original populations of whales had to be much more larger than previously assumed.

David Wick, International Programs, has been chosen to join a highly-selective delegation of 15 higher education professionals at the Baden-Württemberg Seminar in Heidelberg, Germany, this October. The seminar, sponsored by the German Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, will focus on the German educational system, German-American academic equivalencies and student exchange between Germany and the United States. Lectures and discussions will be complemented by visits to primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

ASU Chapter 141 of the inter-disciplinary National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi inducted 53 student members last month. Student membership is by invitation in recognition of character and academic achievement of juniors, seniors, and graduate students. In addition, the society inducted three members of the faculty and staff in recognition of their outstanding professional service to ASU: Dr. Neal Vickers, Career Services; Dr. Carole L. Cramer, Arkansas Biosciences Institute; and Dr. Michael K. Cundall, Honors.

*  Work by John Salvest, Art, will be featured in an exhibition in New York May 18 through June 24 at Morgan Lehman Gallery. No Time For Sorrow explores the realm of sculpture through the evocative power of everyday materials. Business cards, wine corks, cigarette butts, chewing gum, slivers of soap and chalk nubs are used to create works that communicate personal realizations about time, mortality and the many paradoxes of the human condition.

Dr. Shivan Haran, Engineering, has received a faculty research grant for his project titled Development of a real-time bio-monitoring system to monitor water toxicity. The project involves the design of a real-time bio-monitoring system based on measurement of clam gape (opening and closure of a clam) through the use of non-contact displacement transducers. Eventually, the study should provide the ability for real-time monitoring of the quality and safety of source water and watershed ecology through such a minimally invasive technique.

Dr. Warren Johnson, French, presented a paper, Noir avant noir: le cinéma de contrastes chez Sjöström et Gance on the silent film directors Victor Sjöström and Abel Gance at the international and interdisciplinary conference "Colours and Lights of the North" held at the University of Stockholm, Sweden, last month.

Dr. Kris Biondolillo, Psychology and Counseling, recently visited the Department of Psychology at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale as a contributor to an invited lecture series. Dr. Biondolillo presented recent data collected in collaboration with Dr. Amy Pearce, Psychology and Counseling, focusing on the influence of environmental factors on voluntary self-administration of nicotine by laboratory rats.

*  Dr. Michael B. Dougan
, History, has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Arkansas Historical Association. The award recognizes his lifelong dedication to the study, teaching and preservation of Arkansas history. Dr. Dougan, who is retiring this year with 36 years of service to ASU, received the award last month at the AHA annual convention in Mountain View.

Dr. Louella Moore, Accounting, was elected president-elect of the ASU Faculty Association. In that capacity she will also serve as chair-elect of the Faculty Senate. Congratulations to Dr. Moore!

Uploaded in April

On Monday, May 22, a Ph.D. in counselor education from The University of New Orleans will be conferred upon Dr. Latoya Pierce, Psychology and Counseling. In addition to her degree, Dr. Pierce will be named the Outstanding Doctoral Student in the Counselor Education Program.

At the recent Kappa Delta Pi initiation ceremony, the "Educators Make a Difference Award" was presented to the Northeast Arkansas Math/Science Partnerships. These include the Rural Institute for Mathematics and Science Education with Janie Trautwein, director; Wallece Brewer, secondary math specialist; and Debby Rogers, elementary science specialist; and the Delta Institute for Mathematics and Science Education with Dr. Cynthia Miller, director; Karen Busby, secondary math specialist; and Linda Kellum, elementary science specialist. This award is presented to an individual, institution, organization, program, or project that makes notable contributions to the field of education.

Five members of the Department of Psychology and Counseling presented research at the 52nd annual conference of the Southwestern Psychological Association held earlier this month in Austin, Texas. Presentations were given by Dr. Loretta Neal McGregor, Dr. Amy Pearce, Dr. Latoya Pierce, Dr. Robert Johnson, and Dr. David Saarnio. Dr. Irina Khramtsova was unable to attend, but co-authored a paper with undergraduate student Coral U. Machado, who presented the research. Other undergraduate students also served as co-authors and attended the conference. Those students were Mary L. Porter, Alicia D. Burns, Rebecca Breckenridge, Alexandra N. Ramsey, Tabitha Fentress, Jennifer Mauldin, and Faith McMath. Sean Gearson, Laura Howard, and Rachel Roland served as co-authors, but were unable to attend. Dr. McGregor serves as the program chairperson and the convention chairperson for the Southwestern Psychological Association.

*   Dr. Charles Coleman
, Engineering, has received his recertification from NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies). A NICET certification is granted when applicants have demonstrated, through examination and work experience, the knowledge and skills required to properly function in a capacity relevant to the certification.

Dr. Chris S. Edrington, Engineering, has co-authored a paper with colleagues from the University of Texas. The paper titled Innovative Techniques for the Measurement of Mutual Inductance of a Switched Reluctance Machine, is accepted for publication and presentation at the IEEE-Power Electronics Specialists Conference (PESC) to be held in Jehu, Korea, this June.

Dr. Alyson Gill, Art, was recently accepted to participate in an NEH summer institute “Models of Ancient Rome,” which will be held at UCLA in July. Institute participants will interact with numerous real-time models of historical spaces developed at UCLA over the last eight years, including a digital model of the Roman Forum in an attempt to create models of the ancient world.

Dr. R. Richard Breeding, Psychology and Counseling, was recently invited to serve on the board of directors for Abilities Unlimited, Inc. Abilities Unlimited exists to improve the living and working conditions and opportunities for persons with severe disabilities. They offer two manufacturing employment centers, several retail outlets, and 24 programs of service for persons with disabilities.

Dr. Shivan Haran, Mechanical Engineering, has been awarded the IDeA Network of Biological Research Excellence (INBRE) summer 2006 Research Fellowship. The Arkansas INBRE is funded by a grant from the National Center for Research Resources, under the Institutional Development Award (IDeA) program of the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Haran's project will focus on the application of advanced signal processing techniques in the analysis of neuronal signals.  

*  Dr. Dennis White, Speech Communication, was elevated to president of the Arkansas State Communication Association at the spring meeting of the association held recently in Bentonville. The ASCA is a group of professionals devoted to the rigorous study and ethical practice of oral communication as an essential discipline, life skill, and art form. Through continuing teacher education, student participation and scholarly publication, the association supports the efforts and continued growth of communication teachers, students and researchers. Dr. White will serve as president for one year.

Dr. Len Frey, Dean of the Business College, has been named to the Arkansas District Export Council, with the U.S. Department of Commerce. District Export Councils are organizations of leaders from local business communities, appointed by Secretaries of Commerce. For more than 30 years, these councils have served the United States by assisting companies in their local communities export, thus promoting the country's economic growth and creating new and higher-paying jobs for their communities. Congrats to Dr. Frey.

Ms. Rebecca Carr and Dr. Tina Quinn, both of Accounting, recently had a paper published in the CPA Journal discussing the provisions of Hurricane Katrina Tax Relief for individuals, businesses and charitable donors. The CPA Journal is a peer review journal published by the New York State Society of CPAs.

Uploaded in March

Dr. Michael Cundall, Jr., Philosophy & The Honors College, has published an article titled “Humor and the Limits of Incongruity,” which will be forthcoming in the Creativity Research Journal.

Dr. Bao-An Li, Physics, presented colloquia at the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research in Mumbai, India, during Spring Break last week. In addition to touring the region, Dr. Li gave six lectures on nuclear dynamics at the 2006 SERC (Science and Engineering Research Council) School in Nuclear Physics.

Dr. Lillie Mae Fears, Journalism, has published a paper titled "Assessing Anticipatory Socialization in PR: Impressions and Interests of Early Mass Communication Entrants," in the 2006 summer issue of Public Relations Review. Dr. Fears also co-presented the paper, "So What Can You Do? Perceived Journalism Skill Sets in the Introductory Mass Communications Course," last fall at the Southwest Education Council Symposium in Greeley, Colo. Dr. Fears also presented the paper "An Analysis of the Bush Administration’s Social Security Propaganda Campaign in Major U.S. Newspapers," at the 88th Annual Convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications in San Antonio.

 Greg Chance, KASU, has been named a winner of the Arkansas Education Association School Bell Award, his 10th, for outstanding coverage of education. Chance, news director for KASU, will receive the award on March 31 in North Little Rock.

 Dr. Staffan Elgelid, Physical Therapy, delivered a presentation titled, Encouragement, Creativity and Fear of the Unknown! during the International Sun Conference on Teaching and Learning held in El Paso, Texas, earlier this month.

Dr. Shebby Neely-Goodwin, Social Work, recently presented a paper titled The Religious and Spiritual Life of African American Children: An Exploration in Resilience and Growth at the Black Administrators in Child Welfare Conference in Arlington, Va.

 Dr. William P. McLean, Political Science, recently presented a paper titled Environmental Racism and the South: A Spatial Analysis at the Citadel Symposium on Southern Politics in Charleston, S.C.

Dr. Russ Jones, Information & Technology, completed computer forensic training and advanced training in network and telecommunication security, as part of his sabbatical last semester. During his leave he attended three training seminars at various locations in the United States, and later passed the Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) exam. The CISSP exam is the nation’s highest recognized security credential. Only 18 people in the state of Arkansas hold that certificate.

*  Dr. Loretta Brewer
, Social Work, presented Assessing Caregiver Risk: The Implications of Health Disparities, at the Council on Social Work Education annual meeting in Chicago in February.

*  Roy Lee Aldridge
, Physical Therapy, delivered a platform presentation in reflective practice during the 2006 European Teacher Educational Network held in Leiden, The Netherlands, in February. In addition, Aldridge recently received approval of a grant through the Susan G. Komen Foundation titled Lymphedema 101: Spanish Version.

*  Dr. Jack Zibluk
, Journalism, has been named Region 7 director of the National Press Photographers Association. As director, Zibluk will be responsible for activities and membership in a four-state region, which includes Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas. 

Uploaded in February

  Several faculty members participated in the Arkansas Political Science Association Conference held last month in Arkadelphia.
  Dr. Charles Hartwig
, Political Science, led a session Missiles to Afghanistan? A Decision-Making Simulation Demonstration with ASU student participants Justin Blaxton, Cory Clark, Glen Fortner, Brett Hyman, Grant Morris, and Rebecca Phillips.
  Dr. Cathy Reese
, Political Science, was the chair and discussant for a panel on Public Administration and Public Policy.
  Dr. Louella Moore
, Accounting and Law, presented the paper A Critique of Tax Increment Financing in Arkansas and Beyond. Dr. Moore’s paper from the prior year Debt Financing in Arkansas: A Pre-Cautionary Tale, was given “Best Paper” award and is scheduled to be published in an upcoming edition of the MidSouth Political Science Review.

Dr. Cyndy Hendershot, English, has published a short story, Chocolate Factory in the anthology "Sex and Chocolate" (Paycock Press, 2006).

Dr Staffan Elgelid, Physical Therapy, delivered a presentation titled, User Centered IT - Based Cognitive Support For Prolonged Independent Living, during the International Conference on Disability, Aging and Independence held in St. Petersburg, Fla. last month.

 Roy Lee Aldridge, Physical Therapy, delivered a platform presentation titled, Bringing Learning Back to Service Learning: Structuring Scoliosis Screenings Using the Nested Model of Curriculum Integration, during the Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association held in San Diego, earlier this month.

*  Dr. Ronald De Vera Barredo
, Physical Therapy, delivered a platform presentation titled, Foreign Educated Physical Therapists: A Descriptive Study of Challenges to Entry, Practice, and Trends in the Profession, during the Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association.

. Blair Dean, Physical Education, has been appointed by Governor Mike Huckabee to serve as chair of the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness for Arkansas.

*  Dr. Patrick Stewart and Dr. William McLean, Political Science, recently published an article titled Public Opinion Toward the First, Second and Third Generations of Plant Biotechnology in “In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology – Plant.” This refereed article was in the November-December 2005 issue.

*  Dr. Bob Franklin, KASU, was recognized earlier this month by the Accolade Competition with an honorable mention for his work on the documentary, Reconciliation and the Elaine, Arkansas, Race Riot Of 1919:  Forgive Or Forget. The Accolade Competition honors and gives recognition to outstanding craft and creativity in film, video, television and commercials.

Dr. Chris S. Edrington, Engineering, recently published a journal article in the January edition of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics "Engineers Transactions on Power Electronics" titled Prediction of Rotor Position at Standstill and Rotating Shaft Conditions in Switched Reluctance Machines.

Uploaded in January

*  Dr. Michael Cundall
, Philosophy, has published two articles: Autism’s Relation to Theory of Mind, Executive Control and Simulation Theory in the “Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies” Vol. 1, 1, and How to Develop and Promote an Undergraduate Research Day in “Honors in Practice."

Dr. Amy R. Pearce, Psychology & Counseling, and Robbie L. Cline, a master's student in Mental Health Counseling, authored an article titled Teaching the Statistics Laboratory--Keep Up the PACE, in the January edition of the "American Journal of Psychological Research."

Dr. Latoya Pierce, Psychology & Counseling, co-authored an article titled Forging the Link Between Multicultural Competence and Ethical Counseling Practice: A Historical Perspective, in the January edition of the journal “Counseling and Values.”

Dr. Bao-An Li, Physics, was an invited speaker at the XXIX Symposium on Nuclear Physics, Jan. 2-7, at Cocoyoc, Morelos, Mexico, for a review talk on the equation of state for neutron stars. Li also was first author on two recent articles in Physical Review.  One was "Isospin dependence of nucleon emission and radial flow in heavy-ion collisions induced by high energy radioactive beams," and the other was "Near-threshold pion production with radioactive beams." 

* Dr. Gil Fowler, Journalism, and The Honors College, has been re-appointed to a three-year term as editor of Journalism and Mass Communications Abstracts, which is published by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications.  The publication is a compilation of abstracts of theses and dissertations on media and related areas from American and international institutions.

Dr. Bao-An Li, Physics, was an invited speaker on isospin dynamics in heavy-ion reaction and was a panelist on simulation as the third branch of science, both at the International Workshop on Multifragmentation in November in Catania, Italy.  He also spoke at a colloquium at Texas A & M on constraining the radii of neutron stars with terrestrial nuclear laboratory data.

*  Dr. Elizabeth Stokes and Ms. Paige Wimberley, both of Nursing, are among the first 174 nurse educators to receive certification credentials.  They received the certified nurse educator (CNE) credential after completing a rigorous examination by the National League of Nursing.

Uploaded in December

*  Dr. Osa Amienyi
, Radio-Television, is the author of a newly published a book titled Communicating National Integration, Empowering Development in African Countries, by Ashgate Publishers
. The book addresses the negative impact of social cleavages on the development of many African countries. The book provides a provocative discussion of how communication strategies can help to promote national integration and social, economic and political development.

  Dr. Loretta Neal McGregor, Psychology and Counseling, co-authored a recently published article titled "Visual Difficulties Reported by Low-Vision and Non-impaired Older Adult Drivers," in the fall 2005 edition of Human Factors. In addition, Dr. McGregor also had a book chapter published, "Teaching and Mentoring Racially and Ethnically Diverse Students" in the Handbook of the Teaching of Psychology.

Carol Barnhill, Procurement Services, was recently appointed by the National Association of Educational Buyers to serve as the District V board member. During a two-year term, she will represent 11 states from as far south as Louisiana and Texas to North Dakota and Minnesota as well as Canada. The NAEB is a non-profit professional association dedicated to higher education purchasing officers, representing the United States and Canada.

Dr. Susan Allen, Research and Academic Affairs, and Dr. Ruth Hawkins, Delta Heritage Initiatives, have been selected to serve on the prestigious Arkansas Women's Forum, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year of executive leadership and networking. The AWF has a broad spectrum of some 53 members, representing a variety of industries throughout Arkansas. In addition to Drs. Allen and Hawkins, other members are Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Arkansas Chief Justice Susan Webber Wright.

Dr. Richard Breeding, Psychology and Counseling, successfully defended his dissertation last week during Fall Break to receive his doctoral degree from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Breeding joined the department in August and teaches in the Masters of Rehabilitation Counseling program.

Dr. John D. Hall and Dr. Lynn Howerton, both of Psychology & Counseling, are first and second authors on an article published in the current issue of the International Journal of Testing (IJT), titled "The Use of Testing Technicians: Critical Issues for Professional Psychology." Their work examines the controversial practice of using unlicensed individuals to administer psychological tests. The IJT is the official journal of the International Testing Commission (ITC).  

Uploaded in November

*    Dr. Chris Edrington
, electrical engineering, recently received the prestigious Grainger Foundation Outstanding Power Engineering Award at the University of Missouri-Rolla, where he was presented with a plaque and a check for $5,000. The Grainger Foundation recognizes high-achieving undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduates who have exhibited excellence in their educational pursuits in the power and electrical machinery fields.

*  Dr. Brad Edgar
, mechanical engineering, and Dr. Tom Parsons, civil engineering, have been awarded a $60,000 contract from the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department to validate the design of bridge railings in Arkansas to meet new federal guidelines. They will use both experimental analysis and computer simulations to assist with the design of the new railing systems to meet the approval of the Federal Highway Administration.

Dr. Brad Edgar, mechanical engineering, and Dr. Tom Parsons, civil engineering, have been awarded a $60,000 contract from the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department to validate the design of bridge railings in Arkansas to meet new federal guidelines. They will use both experimental analysis and computer simulations to assist with the design of the new railing systems to meet the approval of the Federal Highway Administration.

Dr. Ricky Clifft, civil and environmental engineering, presented a paper titled “Improving Student Ability to Design and Conduct Experiments” at the annual meeting of the Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology in San Diego, the last week of October. The paper was published in the conference proceedings.

*  Dr. Mike Cundall, philosophy and honors, gave two talks at the annual National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) in St. Louis, the last week of October. “Developing and Planning an Undergraduate Scholars Day,” was co-presented with Dr. Gil Fowler, journalism and honors. Dr. Cundall’s other talk was titled “Modest but Vital: Philosophy as Compass in Thematic Interdisciplinary Honors Courses.”

*  Dr. Stan Trauth, Zoology, was the keynote speaker at the 32nd annual meeting of the Kansas Herpetological Society held on the Pittsburg State University campus in Pittsburg, Kansas, last week. His talk was titled Ecoregions in Arkansas: A Herpetofaunal Approach.

Dr. Charles Hartwig, Political Science, recently chaired a panel on "Reforming the United Nations" at a conference marking the 60th anniversary of the United Nations, held at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway. Three ASU students were also able to attend the conference, thanks to mini-grants from the dean of the College of Humanities & Social Sciences and the UCA conference coordinator.

Uploaded in October

*  Dr. William Allen, Center for Learning Technologies, has been recognized for his professional service on the editorial committee of Educause Quarterly. Dr. Allen just concluded a three-year term.

*  Faculty members from the Department of Nursing participated in the National League for Nursing Education Summit last month in Baltimore.
  Ms. K. Susan Sifford
was a panelist in a plenary session on Academic Dishonesty, Bullying and Violence: Difficulty Challenges Facing Nurse Educators.
  Ms. Paige Wimberley
had a poster titled, Assignment of Students to Collaborative Learning Groups.
Ms. Debra J. Walden, Sifford and Ms. Elizabeth Nix authored a poster, Nursing Student Satisfaction of Learning in Collaborative Groups. The poster was presented by Sifford and Nix.
  Dr. Elizabeth Stokes presented a workshop session titled Doing Curriculum: Enhancing Faculty Skills and conducted a poster presentation, Adapting Concept Mapping to Learning and Implementing Curriculum Development. Dr. Stokes also conducted a special session for the NLN Nursing Education Research Advisory Council, A New Focus on Nursing Education Research Grants. Dr. Stokes ended her service with the Nursing Education Research Advisory Council, having served as chair-elect from 2001-03 and chair from 2003-05.

*  Three faculty members from English and Folklore participated in the annual meeting of the American Folklore Society in Atlanta earlier this month.
  Dr. Richard Burns
delivered a paper titled Prison Folklore and Justice in which he examined stories about building tenders, convicts who help guards maintain order in the Texas Prison System.
  Dr. Gregory Hansen participated in a panel that explored the history and continuing development of folklife in the school's programs from the perspectives of social base theory, writing theory, English as a second language, and pragmatic progressivism.
  Dr. William Clements chaired a session on Situating Native American Identity and read a paper titled The Face of Geronimo, which dealt with the generic and individualistic connotations of the Apache warrior’s face in photographs and other media.
  Clements also presented a brief remembrance of the late W.K. McNeil, folklorist at the Ozark Folk Center, at the Society’s business meeting. Clements has recently published an article in the “Journal of the Southwest” titled A Continual Beginning, and Then an Ending, and Then a Beginning Again’: Hopi Apocalypticism in the New Age,” which looks at how contemporary alternative spirituality has adopted and adapted the prophetic mythology of a Pueblo Indian society.

Dr. Ricky Clifft, Associate Dean, Engineering, a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, has been elevated to membership level of "Fellow" within the society.  This designation is considered one of the most esteemed honors that civil engineers can receive from their peers.

Dr. Bill Humphrey, Agriculture, was named president of the newly formed Arkansas Consortium of University Faculty Senate Chairs.  Humphrey is the current chair of the Faculty Senate at ASU.  Marti Wilkerson of  Arkansas Tech was named executive secretary.  At the group's first meeting, members developed vision and mission statements along with voting and membership regulations.  The position of president will rotate annually from university to university. Members are from the 11 four-year colleges and universities in Arkansas.  The next meeting will be Feb. 10, 2006, at UALR.

*  Dr. Jack Zibluk
, Journalism, will be moderating a
discussion on the ethics of the paparazzi and the entertainment industry at the inaugural E2 Ethics and Entertainment Media Conference later this month at Arizona State University. The panel will also feature Peter Hawes, former New York Times magazine photo editor. The conference will feature an appearance by retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

Dr. Cherisse Jones-Branch, History, presented "To Speak When and Where I Can: African American Women’s Organizations and Political Activism in 1940s South Carolina," at the Arkansas Association of College History Teachers meeting in Little Rock on Oct. 7.

Dr. Frances Malpezzi, English, and Dr. William Clements, English & Folklore, published "The Gentrification of Polenta" in a recent issue of Italian Americana. The article focuses on changing attitudes toward a basic staple in the cuisine of northern Italian immigrants to America and is part of Malpezzi and Clements' on-going study of Italian-American folkways.

Dr. Michael Dougan, History, recently published an article in Arkansas Times titled "An Arkansas aria." The article is an account of Mary Lewis, an unhappy Little Rock housewife, who became an international opera star in the late 1920s and early 1930s. This fascinating account into the life of Mary Lewis is based on research that Dougan began more than 30 years ago after he found one of her recordings in a box of records he bought at an auction.

Uploaded in September

*  Dr. Patrick A. Stewart, Public Administration, and former graduate student Jonathan Chad Mosely presented Politicians Under the Microscope: Microanalysis of the First Bush-Kerry Debate, at the Annual Meeting for Politics and the Life Sciences in Washington, D.C., Aug. 31 – Sept. 4.
  Dr. William McLean, Public Administration, and Dr. Stewart presented The Third Generation of Agricultural Biotechnology and Individual Perceptions of Benefit and Risk at the annual meeting.
  Dr. Stewart and Dr. McLean recently published a refereed article titled Fear and Hope Over The Third Generation Of Agricultural Biotechnology in the  “AgBioForum: The Journal of Agrobiotechnology Management & Economics.”
  Dr. Catherine C. Reese
, Public Administration, Dr. Stewart and former graduate student Jeremy Brewer, published a refereed article titled Alcohol Policy in Arkansas: Drinking in the Natural State, in “Policy and Politics.” 
Dr. Andrew Knight, Sociology, and Dr. Stewart, published a refereed article titled Trends Affecting the Next Generation of U.S. Agricultural Biotechnology: Politics, Policy and Plant Made Pharmaceuticals” in “Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 

Dr. Robert Engelken, Engineering, and doctoral student Dr. Anil Baral had a paper published in the July issue of the “Journal of the Electrochemical Society,” titled  Modeling, Optimization, and Comparative Analysis of Trivalent Chromium Electrodeposition from Aqueous Glycine and Formic Acid Baths. Dr. Baral received a Ph.D. in Environmental Science in August 2004. Dr. Engelken was his adviser, and the paper is based on a portion of his dissertation research.

Ray Winters, Radiologic Sciences, will present two accepted papers at the Association of Collegiate Educators in Radiologic Technology national conference next February. His papers were judged according to relevancy, content and academic rigor and were titled Stress and Dealing with Stress in a Radiology Setting and Characteristics Necessary for a Successful Clinical Preceptor.

*  Scott Burcham, Social Work, gave a presentation titled, A Social Worker’s Perspective of the Spiritual Needs and Response to Those in Natural Disasters, at the International Conference on Social Science Research last year in New Orleans. Because of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, he is offering to give the presentation for any interested group.

*  Dr. John D. Hall, Psychology & Counseling, is the lead author of an article recently published in the Journal of Applied School Psychology.  The article is titled, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Comparison of Negative versus Positive Symptom Formats.

Bill Rowe, Art, has been selected to represent the SchroederRomero Gallery at the NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance) Art Fair in Miami. He is one of only five SchroederRomero artists selected to represent the gallery at the annual art fair which will be held this December.

Dr. Hyun-Duck Kim, Health, Physical Education & Sport Sciences, will present his papers titled, The Effects Of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction And Repurchase Intention In The Korean Professional Basketball League and Relationships Between Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, And Repurchase Intention In Korean Private Golf Courses at the Sport Marketing Association 2005 Annual Conference in Arizona in November. 

Dr. Lauren Schack Clark, Music, will hold a piano recital and teach a master class at the University of Mississippi at Oxford later this month. In addition, she will record CD of the piano works of Boston composer Rosey Mei-Kuei Lee for Centaur Records.
Earlier this summer she recorded a CD and was invited to perform at the Texas Christian University - Van Cliburn Institute, Teachers’ Program in Fort Worth. 

*  Dr. Nancy Rieves of Marion, a recent doctoral graduate from the College of Education, has received the “Outstanding Paper” award for 2005 by the Southeastern Association for Community College Research. Rieves’ paper was a product of her dissertation, “An Analysis of Public Two-Year College Foundation Fund-Raising Activities.”  Dr. Daniel Cline was her adviser. For more details, see the News Page.

Uploaded in August

*  Dr. Alyson Gill and Dr. Temma Balducci, Art, will present papers during the Ancient Art Open Session of the Southeastern College Art Conference in Little Rock next month. Gill will present Ritual Bathing: Mediating Difference in Classical Antiquity and Balducci will present Masculinity as Spectacle: the Boulevard Paintings of Jean Beraud.
  Dr. Gill also has a paper presentation titled The Sanctuary Bath in Classical Antiquity at the 4th International Water History Association Conference, Dec. 1-3 in Paris. In addition, she authored a book chapter (due out this month) titled, Antiquity and Modernity: Essays from the 2nd International Conference on European History in "Aphrodite's Bath: Mediating Difference in Classical Antiquity."

Dr. Jim Stillwell, chair of Health, Physical Education & Sport Sciences, has co-authored the text in the Sixth Edition of "The Physical Education Curriculum," published by Waveland Press Inc. The 2006 edition is designed for use in a university curriculum course at the undergraduate or graduate level to enlighten readers to the genuine need for physical education in today’s world.

*  Graduate student Noah Kasraie, Educational Leadership, Curriculum, and Special Education, recently returned from spending the summer in the Middle East, thanks to a grant from the Middle East Studies Committee. Kasraie conducted research on e-learning, required for his specialist degree. While conducting research, Kasraie learned of an upcoming United Nations University conference on this topic and submitted his work. Last week, Kasraie was informed that his paper was selected and will be published by the U.N. Congratulations Noah Kasraie and his adviser, Dr. David Cox, Education.

* Jeff Bailey
, head of public services for the Dean B. Ellis Library, was recently elected vice-president/president-elect of ARKLink, the Arkansas consortium of academic libraries.  He will serve as vice president of the consortium in 2006 and will serve as president for the 2007 calendar year.
ARKLink is a nonprofit organization of 47 college and university libraries cooperating to deliver services and collections to researchers in Arkansas.

Bill Rowe, professor of art, has been selected as one of 50 New York artists for an exhibition, "New Art. New York: Reflections of the Human Condition," to be held at two different locations in Austria. The exhibit will be featured from December 2005 to May 2006 in Truan, Austria, and, also in Salzburg at a beautiful new public exhibition space during the Easter Festival that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. This exhibition includes more than 100 works by 50 artists who live and/or work in New York City. Three pieces of Rowe’s work will be in the exhibition, “Wonder Bar,” “Goats : 932-6078” and “Pluto or Plato.”

Uploaded in July

* Dr. Charles Hartwig
, Political Science, has been advised by the editor of the peer-reviewed journal Liberian Studies Journal that his article "Peacekeeping in Liberia: ECOMOG and the Struggle for Order" has been accepted for publication, which is scheduled for the December 2005 issue.

*  Dr. Deborah Parker Turner
, University Advancement, has been appointed to the Mock Trial Committee of the Arkansas Bar Association (ABA) by President A. Glenn Vasser of Prescott. The appointment was effective at the ABA 2005 annual meeting in June. Turner is director of planned giving for ASU.

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