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Faculty and Staff achievements, 2003-04 archive
Congratulations to these faculty and staff members who have distinguished themselves and their departments recently for outstanding professional achievements:

Uploaded in Ju

Dr. Debra Ingram, Mathematics and Statistics, and Dr. Scott Reeve, Chemistry and Physics, both gave poster presentations at the national meeting of the Council on Undergraduate Research in Wisconsin last month. Dr. Ingram presented work co-authored by undergraduate research students Steffany Belcher-Novosad and Amanda Gillion titled "Nonregular Designs from Hadamard Matrices of Order 28: Undergraduate Research in the Statistical Design of Experiments."
  Dr. Reeve's presentation, titled "High Resolution Laser Spectroscopy at Arkansas State University," highlighted the senior honors thesis work of undergraduate research students Kyle Trauth and Tiffany Moss. Dr. William Burns, Chemistry and Physics, also co-authored this presentation.

* Dr. Catherine C. Reese, Political Science, recently co-authored a refereed book chapter titled, "The Role of Human Resource Professionals in the Budgetary Process" for the 2nd edition of Stephen E. Condrey's Handbook of Human Resource Management in Government.

* Dr. Mike Panigot and Dr. Mark Draganjac, Chemistry, and students Randi Sebourn, Bryanna Lies, and Audra Bowman will present the paper "Synthesis and Metal Binding Ability of Thioglycoside Dendrimers" at the 228th national meeting of the American Chemical Society, in Philadelphia next month. The poster has been accepted for presentation both in the Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry and at the Sci-Mix poster session which has select posters from all disciplines of chemistry. Additionally, Dr. Panigot will present the poster "Steps Toward the Preparation of Glycoside and Thioglycoside Dendrimers" with Dr. Draganjac, as coauthor, at the 22nd International Carbohydrate Symposium in Glasgow next month.

* Dr. Donald L. Lester, Management & Marketing, co-authored the article, “Organizational Life Cycle: A Five-Stage Empirical Scale” that was recently published in the International Journal of Organizational Analysis.  A sole authorship article was published by Dr. Lester in the Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship titled, “An American Entrepreneur Manages Across the Life Cycle.”  And, while attending a conference in March of the Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, an article he coauthored titled, “The Complete Life Cycle of a Family Business” received a Distinguished Paper Award.

Dr. Aldemaro Romero, Biological Sciences, presented the paper "Arkansas State University's Biodiversity Center Project" during the annual meeting of the Natural Science Collections Alliance at the Smithsonian Institution this Spring.  Dr. Romero presented the plans for a new facility that will manage the more than 500,000 specimens of plants and animals currently in the holdings of biological sciences department. The facility will also have classrooms for hands-on teaching of subjects related to zoology and botany.

* Pam Kail, President's Office, has been selected as Rotarian of the Year by the Jonesboro University Rotary for 2003-04

* Dr. Juliet M. Hahn, Chemistry, will preside over the "Asymmetric Reactions and Synthesis" session of the Organic Chemistry Division at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in Philadelphia. She also is sole author of a paper titled "Stereoselective Synthesis of Tropanes," which has been accepted for presentation at the ACS national meeting.

* Dr. Phyllis E. Pobst, History, was recently elected to a two-year term as president of The 14th Century Society which is an interdisciplinary and multi-national group of scholars with research interests in the European 14th century that fosters dialogue among specialists in art history, history, languages, literature, music, philosophy and religious studies and sponsors sessions at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, held each year in Kalamazoo, Mich. 

* Dawn Tucker, Advancement, has been elected vice president for a two-year term to the Arkansas Chapter of the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement.

* Dr. Cherise R. Jones, History, has received a short-term summer research fellowship from the Institute of Southern Studies at the University of South Carolina to write an article titled, "To Speak Where and When I Can: African American Women's Political Activism and the South Carolina Progressive Democratic Party."

* Dr. Elizabeth Stokes, Ms. Deborah Gilbert-Palmer, Dr. Phyllis Skorga, Dr. Charlotte Young and Ms. Deborah Persell, all of Nursing, have an article in the May 2004 issue of "The Nurse Practitioner," titled "Chemical Agents of Terrorism: Preparing Nurse Practitioners."

* Dr. Greg Phillips, Agriculture, was recently recognized by his scientific colleagues in the Society for In Vitro Biology as a Fellow of the Society, an honor received by less than five percent of the membership. The Fellow award was presented at the 2004 World Congress of the society recently in San Francisco. The award recognizes outstanding professional accomplishments and service to the society in the area of plant biotechnology in vitro biology.

* Dr. Tillman Kennon, Chemistry and Physics, has been elected president of the Arkansas Science Teachers Association to serve a three-year term, beginning this fall.

* Dr. Bao an Li, Physics, has recently returned from a three week trip to China where he was an invited lecturer at several prestigious academic institutions, including the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics.

Uploaded in May

* Laser research activity and possible federal funding for ASU were reported in Sunday's Jonesboro Sun.  Chemistry and physics faculty members Dr. Bill Burns, Dr. Bruce Johnson, Dr. Sergey Kudryashov and Dr. Scott Reeve, along with Dr. Susan Allen, Research and Academic Affairs, are working on a potential project for the U.S. Department of Defense.

* Dr. Christy Jackson Carroll, Teacher Education, completed Pathwise Training for the Arkansas Education Association and will train as a state assessor this summer.  Dr. Carroll also was chosen by the U.S. Department of Education as an Expert Reviewer for magnet school proposals for 2003-04.

* Three pieces of neon sculpture by Bill Rowe, Art, have been selected for exhibition in the Kansas City River Market Regional Exhibition to be housed in the Kansas City Artists Coalition Building in Kansas City, July 9 – Aug. 6.  The work selected are titled "Goat Rearing," "Chicken Stop" and "Know Open."  The juror for the exhibition was Shannon Fitzgerald, curator at the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis.  She chose 54 artworks by 29 artists from a total of 944 entries.  The exhibition was open to current artists who reside in a six-state area.

* Dr. Lillie Fears, Journalism (on leave), gave the commencement address May 14 at her alma mater, Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas in Helena.  For the past year, she has been working as communications director at the Delta Regional Authority central office in
Clarksdale, Miss.  The college recognized her as an Outstanding Alumnus in 1999.

* Robert A. Franklin, KASU, received a Society of Professional Journalists, Arkansas Chapter, award in the documentaries category for his production, "
Elaine, Arkansas, Race Riots of 1919."  The award was announced Saturday in Little Rock.

* Dr. Neal Vickers, Career Services Center, was interviewed for "Dress for Success," an article in the 2004 edition of Arkansas Quest, a career guide produced by Arkansas Business Publishing Group.

* Dr. Stan Trauth, Biology, is one of three authors of a new book, "The Amphibians and Reptiles of Arkansas" published by the University of Arkansas Press. The book will be promoted throughout the world and to herpetology societies. It is currently sold on 

* Dr. Mark Draganjac, Chemistry, undergraduate student, Jeremy Lamb, president of the ASU American Chemical Society (ACS) and other ACS members, recently received a "commendable" award for their work in the ASU ACS chapter at the 227th national meeting in Ahaheim, Calif.
  Dr. Draganjac
also co-authored an article in the publication "Crystal Growth and Design," titled "The Quest for Chain-Link Hydrogen Bonded Capsules: Self-Assembly of C-Methyl Calix [4] resorcinarene with 1,2-bis (5'-pyrimidyl) ethyne."

* Dr. Jack Zibluk, Journalism, has been cited extensively in the magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists, "Quill," for his study of working photojournalists in Arkansas.

* Dr. Dale Thomas, Political Science, has been notified that his article "The Nature of Borders and International Conflict," which he co-authored, will be published in the journal "International Studies Quarterly."
* Chandra Miller, Counseling Center, co-presented "Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and Treatment on College Campuses" at the American College Counseling Association's Bi-Annual Conference in March. She was also elected president-elect of the Arkansas Collegiate Drug Education Committee.

* Dr. Patricia Glascock,
Counseling Center, was elected president of the Arkansas College Counseling Association (ArCCA), a division of the Arkansas Counseling Association.

* Dr. Phil Hestand, Counseling Center, was elected president of the Arkansas Counselor Educators and Supervisors, a division of the Arkansas Counseling Association.

* Paige Wimberley and Nonie Wiggins,
Nursing, authored an article titled "How much do you know about anticoagulant therapy?" in the February issue of "Nursing Management."

* Annette Stacy and Debbie Gilbert-Palmer, Nursing, authored an article in the March issue of the "Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners" titled "Educational strategies to enhance placement and retention of nurse practitioners in rural Arkansas."

* Dr. David Gillanders, Engineering, has been recently inducted into the University of Michigan Hall of Honor as one of only ten Wolverine athletics alumni named to this year's distinction. In the 1960 Olympics, he captured the bronze medal for the 200 meter butterfly. And, currently he competes in U.S. Masters swimming competitions.

Uploaded in April

* Dr. Robyn Hannigan, Chemistry, has been appointed to the National Academy of Science Board on Earth Sciences and Resources. As a nationally recognized expert in earth science, Dr. Hannigan will participate in board meetings twice a year in Washington, D.C. to guide the collection of scientific knowledge and advice on the nation's most important problems.

* Dr. Mike Panigot and Dr. Mark Draganjac, Chemistry and Physics, and their undergraduate students Jeremy Lamb and Andrea Hausman recently made two poster presentations at the 18th National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), Indianapolis, April 15 to 17.

Dr.  Debra Ingram, Mathematics and Statistics, recently gave an invited research talk titled “Nonregular Designs with Generalized Minimum Aberration” at the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. She also presented her work “Construction of Optimal Screening Designs from Hadamard Matrices” at the ASU Statistics Symposium in April.  Ingram was a co-director of the statistics symposium along with Dr. Jerry Linnstaedter, Dr. R.P. Smith, and Dr. Roger Abernathy, all of Mathematics and Statistics. Most recently, Dr. Ingram was notified that she will participate in the IMS (Institute of Mathematical Statistics) New Researchers’ Conference (NRC) at York University in Toronto in August.

* Dr. Gary Latanich,
Economics, was elected president of the Missouri Valley Economic
Association for 2004.  He is currently planning the associations next meeting, which will be held in Nashville in October.

* Ed Rayburn, Career Services, successfully defended his dissertation on March 25.  He will receive his doctoral degree in education leadership at ASU.

* Dr. Richard S. Segall, Decision Sciences, recently presented a paper at the Acxiom Conference on Applied Research in Information Technology held at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock titled “Data Mining for Analyzing the Impact of Environmental Stress on Plants—a case study using OSMID” which has also been submitted for the Acxiom Working Paper Series. He also presented a paper titled “Data Mining for Assessing the Impact of Environmental Stresses on Plant Geonomics” which he co-authored with Dr. Gauri Guha, Economics, and Dr. Sarath Nonis, Marketing, at the 35th Annual Meeting of the Southwest Decision Sciences Institute held recently in Orlando, Fla. Both of these papers pertained to research that was funded by the Arkansas Biosciences Institute (ABI).

* Erica Marshall, Alumni Relations, recently received a Prism Award from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) in Little Rock for her feature titled, “Cathy Travis” in the ASU Alumni Association publication Voices.

* Dr. Michael B. Dougan
, History, is the author of "Community Diaries: Arkansas Newspapering, 1819-2002," published recently by August House.  The 416-page book grew out of his project to document the history of the Arkansas Press Association, which observed its 130th anniversary last year, and the state's newspaper industry. Dougan "details the economic, cultural, and political conditions that influenced the evolution of the press in Arkansas," according to the publisher.  He interviewed newspaper people throughout the state and conducted extensive research for the book.

Dr. John D. Hall, Psychology, recently made a poster presentation at the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) annual convention in Dallas. The poster titled “School Psychology Services in Arkansas: A Survey of Practitioners” was co-presented with Dr. Amy C. Kallam, Psychology, and several graduate students (Gretchan L. Clayton, Kyla D. Warnick, & Sandy C. Daniels) who are currently enrolled in the Ed.S. Degree Program, school psychology track. Hall was also selected to become a NASP Program Reviewer for graduate school psychology programs across the country. He completed the training for this duty at the convention. The NASP approves major school psychology graduate programs at colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

Drs. Mike Panigot and Mark Draganjac, Chemistry and Physics, coauthored with their students four poster presentations at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society in Anaheim, Calif., recently. Their presentations were titled: "Chromium-Hexadentate Bipyridyl Complexes as Photoactivators for Protein Electron Transfer," "Spectroscopic Study of Ruthenium Mercaptan Complexes," "Focus on Fund Raising - Successful Strategies at Arkansas State University," and "Steps toward the Synthesis of Thioglycoside Dendrimers." In addition, they also coauthored presentations at the annual meeting of the Arkansas Academy of Science, held on the ASU campus.

Mrs. JoAnn Nalley, Childhood Services, was nationally recognized recently as the SECA Outstanding Member and was also given the President's Award at the Southern Early Childhood Association conference in Florida .

Dr. Larry Dale, Economics, and Dr. Henry Torres, Management Information Systems, won the "Outstanding Paper" award a result of the Horizon Institute of Technology grant last year in the selected session of the Allied Academies’ Spring International Conference in New Orleans. Their paper will be published in the Academy of Free Enterprise Education Journal.  The article is titled Teaching Entrepreneurship to At-Risk Students in the Mississippi Delta.

Dr. D. Kent Johnson, Assessment Services, served as coeditor with James L. Ratcliff and Jerry G. Gaff for “Changing General Education Curriculum.” In addition to editing the journal, Johnson contributed two chapters: “A Decade of Change in General Education” and “Creating Coherence: The Unfinished Agenda."

Sue Southard, Admissions, recently gave a presentation titled "One Element for Recruitment" at the SCT (Systems & Computer Technology Corp.) Summit on the maximum utilization of screens for tracking recruitment and prospective student mailings.

* Dr. Charles Hartwig, Political Science, recently participated in the annual meeting of the multi-disciplinary Southwestern Social Science Association in Corpus Christi, Texas. He made a presentation on a panel devoted to the career of Paul Diesing, looking at the international relations aspects of Diesing's scholarship, and also served as Chair and Discussant on a Graduate Student panel. Graduate student Dedric Todd Lee, Political Science, presented a paper titled "Warlords, Maiming, and ECOWAS: The Fall of Stability in West Africa."

Uploaded in March

* Roy Aldridge,
Physical Therapy, will present a paper titled: "Vestibular Input and Alertness and Attention" at the annual conference of the Consortium of Institutes of Higher Education in Health and Rehabilitation in Bad Elster, Germany next month.

* Dr. Loretta Brewer, Social Work, has a paper accepted for presentation at the state chapter meeting of the National Association of Social Workers in Fort Smith this month. Her paper is titled, "Older Adults: Disempowerment to Empowerment."

* Dr. Chuck Joiner, Scott Burcham, Karen Fullen and Dr. Pat Teddlie, Social Work and Sociology, will present a symposium on "Foster Care of Children: Changing Patterns" at the Southwest Social Science Meeting in Corpus Christi, Texas this month. 

* Scott Reeve, Chemistry and Physics, recently had the article published, "Infrared Laser Spectroscopy of Jet Cooled
Cobalt Tricarbonyl Nitrosyl," in the Journal of Chemical Physics. JCP is a publication of the American Institute of Physics and is one of the top journals for spectroscopic research in the World. Co-authors were Kyle Trauth, William Burns and Ginger Berry.

* Dr. Gauri Shankar Guha, Economics, recently made two presentations at the Federation of Business Disciplines conference in Orlando titled, “Businesss Perceptions of Earthquake Risks in Memphis, Tenn.,” which received honorable mention in The Southwestern Decision Sciences Institute. Another paper was presented titled, “Input-Output Analysis of the Impact of Biotechnology in Arkansas” (research funded by the ABI) to the Southwestern Society of Economists.

* Daniel R. Marburger, Economics, presented a paper at the Southwest Region Decision Sciences Institute conference in Orlando, Fla., earlier this month. The title of his paper was "Does an Attendance Policy Impact Student Performance?"

* Richard Jorgensen,
Music, recently observed the manufacturing process for Kanstul trumpets in Anaheim, Calif.. He also visited Cambrass in Valencia which is the national distribution center for Stomvi trumpets (which are manufactured and imported from Spain).  At both places, he played trumpets in many different configurations, materials and keys.

Twelve faculty and administrators from the College of Education recently attended and presented papers at the European Teacher Education Network Conference (ETEN) in Portugal. "Mobilizing Teacher Education" was the theme for the conference, which was held in February. Presentations were made in "thematic interest groups" that included reflective practice, technology education, democracy, urban education, myths and fairytales, early learners and multimedia, internationalization, physical education, and special needs. Individuals from ASU who attended were: Dr. John Beineke, Dr. Cindy Albright, Dr. Dennis Campbell, Dr. Thomas Fiala, Dr. George Foldesy, Dr. Irena Khramtsova, Dr. Donald Maness, Dr. Veda McClain, Dr. Charlotte Skinner, Dr. Darren Smith, Dr. Tyra Whittaker, and Dr. Simon Whittaker.

* Dr. Jerry Farris,
Environmental Sciences, r
ecently presented a paper at the triennial meeting of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS) in Honolulu. WAS is an international non-profit society with more than 4,000 members in 94 countries. Arkansas is a recognized leader in aquacultural production for both food and baitfish. Few people know about the large amount research coming from Jonesboro, Pine Bluff, and Stuttgart. The invited paper summarized mussel research accomplished for the state by ASU's collaborative projects spanning the past 14 years. 

* Dr. Louella Moore,
Accounting, recently made four presentations on issues in state finance: 1) "Infrastructure Reporting Practices by State Governments in 2002" at the International Association of Business and Public Administration Disciplines in New Orleans; 2) "A First Look at State Financial Statements Under the New Reporting Model," at the Mid-South Association of Business Disciplines in Jackson, Miss.; 3) "The Unexpected Relationship Between Long Term Assets and Revenue Streams in the State Financial Reports under the New Model" at the Arkansas Political Science Association in Fayetteville, and 4) "Using School Reform Issues in Arkansas for Case Based Discussion," also at the APSA in Fayetteville.

 * Dr. Christy Jackson Carroll, Education, recently made a presentation at the National Middle School Association Conference in Chicago. The presentation was titled: "Poverty and its Effect on Middle School Students." She also presented at the National Learning Styles Conference on "Effective Learning Styles and Strategies for Children with Disabilities." 

Dr. Martin Huss, Biological Sciences, recently published an article in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, The Condor. The article is a result of a collaborative effort by Huss, along with Kerry Farris and Steve Zack (both from the Wildlife Conservation Society), investigating the ecological interactions of woodpeckers, wood-boring beetles, and decay fungi in the decomposition of dying or dead Ponderosa pine trees in the central and Southern Cascades of Oregon and northern California. 

* Dr. Gilbert Fowler, Journalism, has been elected to serve as South Central Region vice president of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society for the  for the 2004-07 Triennium.

* Dr. Lonnie Williams, Student Affairs, has been nominated to attend the annual African American Leadership Summit on April 27 and 28 in Washington, D.C. The Summit will bring together leaders of Congress and approximately 500 African American leaders, to explore ways to address the most pressing issues facing America today. This includes: creating new jobs, ensuring economic growth, educating children, providing affordable quality health care and strengthening families.

Dr. Tyra Turner Whittaker, Rehabilitation Counseling, recently made a presentation at the National Council on Rehabilitation Education Conference in Tucson, Ariz. The presentation was titled "Effective Strategies for the Recruitment and Retention of Faculty and Students from Traditionally Underrepresented Groups in Rehabilitation Education Programs."  She also presented in Viana Do Castelo, Portugal, on "Effective Strategies for working with the Families of Children with Disabilities:  A Rehabilitation Counselor Perspective."

* Dr. Tom Risch, Biological Sciences, and five ASU undergraduate students including Blake Grisham, Robert Langele, Elizabeth Compton, Elizabeth Easley, and Sarah De Viney and two graduate students, Shane Prescott and Bobby Fokidis attended the annual meeting of the Southeastern Bat Diversity Network and Colloquium of Mammals in the Southeastern United States at Unicoi State Park in Helen, Ga., on Feb. 12-13.  Blake Grisham delivered an oral presentation, co-authored by Robert Langele, Elizabeth Compton, Elizabeth Easley, Sarah De Viney, and Thomas S. Risch titled: Comparisons of Small Mammal Populations in Genetically Modified and Conventional Crops, A Multi Scale approach. This presentation was based on research funded by the Arkansas Biosciences Institute. Bobby Fokidis presented a talk titled: Patterns of Multiple Paternity in the Southern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys volans), co-authored with Thomas S. Risch.

Uploaded in February

* Dr. Aldemaro Romero, Biological Sciences, authored four chapters in the Encyclopedia of caves and Karst Science, which was recently published by Fitzroy Dearborn. In this 900-page encyclopedia, he wrote about the biology of the North American cave fishes, the major figures in the history of biospeleology, the bahavioral adaptations of cave animals and the evolution of cave fauna. This Encyclopedia is the most current and authoritative general compendium of the study of caves and its inhabitants.

* Bill Rowe, Art, will lecture on his past and present art works in ceramics and mixed media sculpture at the University of Memphis Art Department on March 18.  Also, several of his works have recently been selected for exhibitions. "Car Oar" and "Ronnie, Letıs Bowl" will be included in the annual National Drawing and Small Sculpture Exhibition to be held at Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, Texas.  "Just Wait" has been selected to be exhibited in the annual National Juried Competition at the Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, La., March 21-May 1.  The LaGrange National 2004 Biennial XXIII Exhibition, March 12-April 24 at the Lamar Dodd Art Center of LaGrange College, LaGrange, Ga., also will include his work.

* Dr. Charles Coleman, Technology, has secured a gift of $50,000 worth of Chief Architect software and will work with StarTraining Center of Tulsa to set up a regional training center in his department.

* Dr. Jack Zibluk, Journalism, will present a paper titled "Convergence, Skills and the Profession: The Arkansas Photojournalism Survey," this Saturday at the Association of Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication midwinter conference at Rutgers University.  Also, his opinion article, "New education crisis looming," concerning the problems of higher education in Arkansas, ran Feb. 16 on the op-ed page of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Uploaded in January

* Dr. Roger Lee,
Student Life and Assessment, was recently recognized at the 16th Annual International Conference of the Association for Student Judicial Affairs as the recipient of the 2004 Dissertation of the Year Award. The dissertation, Freedom of Expression: A Model Policy on Free Speech, Campus Protests, Demonstrations, and Speakers for the Public University Community, examined First Amendment policy and legal issues and addressed on-going debates regarding campus civility and constitutional liberties. The study examined exemplary free speech policies as noted by the leadership of national organizations. 

* Dr. Richard Burns, English & Folklore, will participate in a National Public Radio talk show in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Jan. 27, between 11 a.m. and noon, CST. Marc Breindel, producer of "KNPR's State of Nevada," invited Dr. Burns to join local storytellers by phone on the panel to discuss African-American storytelling, in anticipation of a series of storytelling events at local libraries. The series is inspired by African-American History Month. One of the participants will be telling the story of how her great-grandfather came to Nevada as a pioneer from Fordyce, Ark. This interview can be accessed at

* Jerry L. Smith, Center for Regional & Community Development, was elected president-elect of the University Economic Development Association, a national organization serving colleges and universities and their economic development partners, at the group's annual conference in Albany.  Smith is ASU’s representative in UEDA, which has a membership of more than 100 universities. In December, Smith and the board of directors changed the name of the organization from National Association of Management and Technical Assistance Centers to UEDA.

* Dr. Tyra Whittaker, Counseling, was recently re-appointed by Gov. Huckabee to a four-year term on the state Board of Examiners in Counseling.

* Linda Medlock, Museum, was recently re-appointed by Gov. Huckabee to the board of the Arkansas Humanities Council.

* Dr. Roger Lee, Student Life, received the ACPA (Arkansas College Personnel Association) Mossie J. Richmond Jr. Outstanding Leadership Award at the organization's fall meeting last November. The award, named in honor of the association's first recipient served ASU for many years as VP of Student Affairs and later as interim ASU President.
  David Shaw, Student Life, was elected to the post of Member-at-Large and will serve the ACPA Executive Council for two years in the position.

* Dr. Aldemaro Romero, Biological Sciences, recently published an article in the prestigious Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Comparative Experimental Biology titled, 'One eye but no vision: Cave fish with induced eyes do not respond to light.' In the journal article, Dr. Romero and his collaborators used blind cave fish who eyes had been regenerated by implanting the optic lens. After doing so, these fish were tested for behavioral responses and showed inability to respond to light.

* Dr. Elissa Miller, Nursing, recently presented a paper at the Royal College of Nursing International Conference on Nursing History at the Wellcome Center for the History of Medicine, Wadham College, at Oxford University in England. The paper, titled: "Nursing on the Frontier: The Experiences of British Nurses at Frontier Nursing Service, 1925-1939." Frontier Nursing Service, established between the World Wars and initially staffed by British nurse midwives, was founded to furnish maternal and child services to women and their children in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky.

Uploaded in December

* Dr. Brad Edgar, Engineering, recently gave three presentations at a workshop on benchmark problems in computational aeroacoustics (CAA) in Cleveland. The workshop was sponsored by NASA Glenn, the NASA aeroacoustics research consortium, and the Ohio Aerospace Institute. Dr. Edgar represented ASU and participated as part of a three-person team from the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Center for Excellence in Computational Sciences. Edgar and co-author Miguel Visbal have been asked to submit a paper discussing their results for the workshop proceedings.  The workshop garnered international participation and included research teams from government sponsored labs, universities, and industry. The computational study of acoustics has become increasingly important to the commercial aircraft and automotive industries as well as NASA and DoD. Through the aeroacoustics research consortium, NASA and industry partners have invested heavily in quiet aircraft technology, while the automotive industry continues to look at ways to reduce noise and vibration harshness.

* Dr. Neal Vickers, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Career Services, Joshua Givens, and Joseph Givens (both graduate research assistants) presented at the Arkansas College Personnel Association recently in Eureka Springs. The presentation shared results of a 1998 national study Vickers conducted and used as a model to formulate a new assessment procedure for the institution addressing the correlation of career services to employment of graduates. Graduate research assistants, Joshua and Joseph Givens, assessed the frequency of use and helpfulness of collegiate career services by the 2001-2002 graduating class of ASU. Each participant, respectively, shared the results of their portion of the study.

* Dr. Michael Dougan, History, gave what the weekly newspaper Arkansas Business termed a "well-received presentation" to the Downtown Little Rock Rotary Club recently on how the state has lagged since the 1800s in providing public education.

* The ASU Brass Quintet will hold the last of three fall semester concerts next Monday, Dec. 15, at ASU-Newport. On Nov. 9, they played a concert in Cherokee Village for the Spring River Entertainment Association and were featured on Dec. 1 at The Arts Center of The Grand Prairie in Stuttgart as part of the 2003-'04 Lennox Industries Performing Arts Series. Members of the ensemble are: Richard Jorgensen, Dr. Robin Dauer, Dr. Neale Bartee, Dr. Ed Owen, and graduate student Sherri Fincher.

* Dr. Ruth Owens,
Languages, was recently chosen to serve as a specialized professional association evaluator for the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Dr. Owens will evaluate teacher education programs in foreign languages in accordance with standards set forth by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). 

* Dr. Gregory Hansen,
English/Philosophy and Heritage Studies, contributed to the production of the "Florida Music Train," a multimedia learning resource on Florida's traditional music. This resource won the 2003 Dorothy Howard Award for Excellence in Folklife in Education from the American Folklore Society.

* Ms. Marilyn Yergler,
Nursing, recently presented a continuing education program on "Bioterrorism" at the state-wide Associate Degree Nursing Sharing Day in Rogers.

* Ms. Paige Wimberly,
Nursing, recently presented a paper, "Teaching Breast Cancer Detection to African-American Women in the Delta: A Study of Beliefs, Knowledge, and Behavior," at the annual meeting of the Arkansas State Nurses Association Convention in Little Rock. Other study investigators were: Ms. Cathy Hall, Ms. Judy Pfriemer and Ms. Annette Stacy, all of Nursing; Ms.Lyn Hubbard, Radiologic Sciences; Ms. Jacquelyn Gilbert, Physical Therapy; and Dr. John Hall, Psychology and Counseling.
  Ms. Paige Wimberly,
Nursing, also presented a paper: "HIPPA: Strategies for Survival," at the Baccalaureate Nursing Conference of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing in San Antonio in November. Co-authors of the paper were: Ms. Julie Isaacson, Ms. Renee Miller, Ms. Annette Stacy, Ms. Debra Walden, and Ms. Nonie Wiggins, all of Nursing.

* Ms. Deborah Persell,
Nursing, recently presented a paper: "Leading Nursing Students When the Environment is Bioterrorism," at the Convention of Sigma Theta Tau International in Toronto, Canada. Co-author of the paper was Dr. Charlotte Young, Nursing.

Uploaded in November

* Dr. Larry Dale,
Director of the Center for Economic Education, Patricia Toney-McLin, Accounting, Dr. Jerry Crawford and Dr. Gauri Guha, Economics and Decision Sciences, attended the International Meeting of the Allied Academics of Business recently in Las Vegas.

   Dr. Crawford, Dr. Dale and McLin presented a paper titled: "Student Performance Factors in Accounting and Economics." Dr. Guha represented two other colleagues from the College of Business, Dr. Sarath Nonis and Dr. Richard Segall and PhD candidate in Environmental Sciences Anil Baral, in presenting the paper: "The Potential of Biotechnology: Promises, Perils, Perplexities - A Survey of Impact on Relevant Economics Sectors," with research funded by ABI. It won the Outstanding Paper Award, which will appear in the next issue of the Journal for Economics and Economic Education Research.
   Pat Toney-McLin was awarded the "Academy of Educational Leadership Creative and Innovative Teaching Award" for her efforts at ASU.
   Dr. Dale, who is editor and president of the Academy of Economics and Economic Education, was awarded the Larry R. Watts Outstanding Service Award.

* Bill Rowe,
Art, currently has a solo exhibition of his work at Schroeder Romero gallery in New York City.  The neon pieces he is exhibiting reflect his observations during extensive travels on his motorcycle.  Roadside sights, ordinary people and places, and city landscapes provide Rowe with most of his ideas.

* Dr. Dennis White, Speech Communication, was recently elected president of the American Communication Association or ACA. The organization includes researchers, teachers, and specialists located in North, Central and South America and in the Caribbean.

* Mike Bowman, Regional Programs, was recently selected as president of the Arkansas Distance Learning Association for 2004. He is the coordinator of the Compressed Video Network here at ASU.

* Kim Vickrey, Graphic Design, recently presented a paper at the University of Minnesota's Refine/Design Conference titled: "Fine Art versus Graphic Design; The Struggle for Equality in the Tenure Application Process."

* Sue Marlay, International Student Services, served as a presenter at a two-day workshop at the Association of International Educators in New Orleans. Her presentations were: "Beyond Advising -- Tools for Strengthening Your International Student Office" and "The Role of the Principal Designated School Official."

Dr. Gauri Guha
, Economics, won the Distinguished Research Award at the Allied Academics Conference last month in Las Vegas for the paper titled: "The Potential of Biotechnology: Promises, Perils and Perplexities - A Survey of Impacts on Relevant Economic Sectors." It was coauthored by Anil Baral, PhD student; Dr. Sarath Nonis, Marketing; and Dr. Richard Segall, Decision Sciences.

Dr. Daniel Marburger,
Economics, recently had three papers accepted for publication in both national and international journals. "Can Prior Offers and Outcomes be Used to Predict the Winners of Subsequent Final Offer Arbitration Cases?" was co-authored with Paul Burgess. "Arbitrator Compromise in Final Offer Arbitration: Evidence From Major League Baseball," was also accepted. And, the final paper was "Is Title IX Really to Blame for the Decline in Intercollegiate Men's Non-revenue Sports?" 

* Dr. Robert Engelken, Engineering, recently served as a reviewer for the new McGraw-Hill textbook, Classical and Modern Motor Control.

Anil Baral, candidate for the Ph.D. in Environmental Science, and his advisor, Dr. Robert Engelken, Engineering, recently co-authored the presentation and extended abstract  “Optimization and Characterization of Electrodeposition of Trivalent Chromium from Amino Acid-Based Baths.” Baral made the presentation recently at the annual meeting of the Electrochemical Society in Orlando, Florida.

Uploaded in October

* The North American Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), has named Dr. Jerry Farris, Environmental Sciences, the recipient of the prestigious Eugene Kenaga Membership Award. Dr. Farris will receive the award at the annual meeting in Austin, Texas, on Nov. 9. The award was created by SETAC this year to honor the many contributions of Eugene Kenaga, the first president of SETAC and one of its founders.

* Dr. Louella Moore, Accounting, recently published an article in the Sept. 29 issue of “Arkansas Business” titled The CPA's Role in Evaluating Medical Savings Accounts. She has also been appointed to the board of directors for ACTEB (Arkansas College Teachers of Economic and Business). On Oct. 7, Moore presented a paper An Analysis of Recent Accounting Scandals at the International Business and Research Conference (IBER) in Las Vegas. The IBER paper was co-authored with College of Business graduate students Maria Barner, Melissa Bradberry, Meredith Bratton, Amy Sloas, &  Kazuki Sukiyama.

* Several members of the ASU history department attended the 30th Arkansas Association of College History Teachers in Hot Springs on October 2 and 3.  Dr. Phyllis Pobst, history, led the meeting as president, Dr. Gina Hogue, history, and Dr. Michael Dougan, history, presided over sessions. Dr. Alexander Sydorenko, dept. chair of history, Dr. Pam Hronek, history, Dr. Sarah Wilkerson-Freeman, history, Dr. Joseph Key, history, and Dr. Calvin Smith (emeritus of the history dept., now with Heritage Studies) were all participants.  Both Hronek and Key served on the paper prize committee.  ASU emeritus C.K. McFarland was one of the founders of AACHT in 1973. Since that time, ASU has been very involved in the association, which includes 4-year public and private colleges from throughout Arkansas.

Dr. Stan Trauth
, biological sciences, was an invited speaker to the department of biological sciences at the University of Memphis on Oct. 2.  Dr. Trauth spoke to a group of nearly 70 faculty and students about his ongoing, long-term research on the nesting ecology of the western slimy salamander (Plethodon albagula) in an abandoned mine shaft in the Ouachita Mountains near Hot Springs. The research is currently being funded by the U.S. Forest Service.  An article related to the above topic was recently accepted for publication in Herpetological Natural History.

* Henry Torres, economics and decision science, attended the 6th iSeries Summer School with IBM Technologies in Rochester, Minn., this summer. The school focuses on faculty development with IBM technologies to learn about applications and solutions in a lab setting.

Dr. Shawn Drake
, physical therapy, was one of only four individuals chosen on behalf of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) to offer a Health Fitness Instructor Workshop and Examination in Riccione, Italy, Oct. 2 – 5. Her lectures included, “Exercise Physiology,” “Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics,” and “Exercise Programming.”

Dr. Staria Vanderpool, Biological Sciences, has been appointed by Governor Mike Huckabee to a nine-year term on the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission. The Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission is responsible for oversight of sensitive species identification, monitoring, tracking and research involving species and communities in the state.  Dr. Vanderpool is a plant taxonomist who brings expertise in plant conservation biology to the Commission.

* Dr. Ralph Ruby, Jr. has been appointed to a two-year term on the Editorial Review Board of the NABTE Journal. The NABTE Journal is a blind-peer review Journal.

* Dr. Aldemaro Romero, Biology, signed a contract with Cambridge University Press to write a book titled The Ecology of Cave Fauna.  Dr. Romero has had more than 20 years of experience working on cave animals.  Cambridge University Press is one of the world's most prestigious academic publishers.

* Carol Barnhill, Procurement Services, was sworn in as president of the National Association of Educational Buyers - TOAL Region (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana) at their annual conference held in South Padre Island, Texas.  Carol will serve as president until October of 2004.

Uploaded in September

* Dr. Karen Yanowitz, Psychology, recently received a Psi Chi Psychology Honor Society Award for her research. The award carries a $2,000 stipend, and was one of 12 nationally competitive awards. 

* Dr. Eric M. Cave, Philosophy, recently published an article in the Journal of Social Philosophy titled, "Marital Pluralism: Making Marriage Safer for Love."

Dr. Tyra Turner-Whittaker, Counseling, recently attended the National Board of Certified Counselors workshop for state licensure board representatives where counseling issues and items were developed for the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination (NCMHCE). Along with her husband, Dr. Simon Whittaker, Teacher Education, they will present "The Art of the Apothecary: A Counselor's Guide to Issues Involving the Integration of Web-Based Instruction into Existing Counseling Curriculum" at the Hawaii International Conference on Education.

* Dr. Brad Edgar, Engineering, presented a paper titled, "A General Buffer-Zone Type Non-Reflecting Boundary Condition for Computational Aeroacoustics" at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Aeroacoustics Conference. Dr. Edgar was also selected as a member of the summer research faculty with the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
* Dr. Jerry Farris, Biology, and W.W. Stephens, student in Ph.D., recently gave a platform presentation at the SETAC Mid-South Region annual meeting and the World Aquaculture Society at the Aquaculture America Conference. In addition, they gave a poster presentation at the annual meeting of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry and the World Aquaculture Society. They also did a poster presentation at the North American Benthological Society and the Center in Molecular Toxicology at Vanderbilt University.
* Dr. Patrick Stewart, Political Science, presented two papers at the Association for Politics and Life Sciences annual meeting in Philadelphia. In addition, he served as panel organizer and chair for "Plant Made Pharmaceuticals," and "Sound Science in Political Decision Making and Policy Implementation." Dr. Stewart participated in a roundtable on "Biosocial Research Methods." Along with Dr. Andrew Knight, Sociology, they presented a paper at the Rural Sociology Society in Montreal. Dr. Knight also presented a paper at the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences annual meeting in Philadelphia.
* Dr. Jon Russ, Chemistry, was recently awarded a research grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to study the chemistry of prehistoric rock paints from sites in Arkansas. The $175,000 grant is collaborative effort with the Arkansas Archeological Survey and scientists at Texas A&M University.

* Dr. Robert Engelken, Engineering, made a presentation, "Balancing Rigor and Rapport in the Engineering Classroom: Where Should the Line be Drawn by New Engineering Educators" at the annual conference of the American Society for Engineering Education in Nashville.

Uploaded in August

* "Sparks: Mid-South Children's Book Review Journal" resumed publication this summer. The editors are Dr.
Charlotte Skinner, Children's Literature, and Dr. Lina Owens, Curriculum and Instruction.  It is now an online journal, and may be accessed on the ASU Web page or directly through  Dr. Diana Williams, Technology, is webmaster.

* Dr. Mark Draganjac, Chemistry, was invited to submit his paper, "Reaction of CpRu(PPh3)2Cl with six-member cyclothioethers" for publication in the Journal of Chemical Crystallography.  The paper looks at the relationship of molecular structure and carbon-sulfur bond cleavage, an important step in crude oil purification.

Dr. Cyndy Hendershot, English, recently published an article in Paradoxa titled "Cold War Confessions and the FBI Plant."

* Dr. Charles Coleman, Engineering, recently completed advanced training with computer-aided manufacturing software at the Tulsa Technology Center.  He also earned certification to teach architectural software following training at Tech Ed Concepts in Manchester, N.H.

* Dr. Roger Lee and David Shaw, Student Life, attended the Donald D. Gehring Campus Judicial Affairs Training Institute in Salt Lake City.  Dr. Lee completed the 30-hour mediation skills training program and Shaw completed the Intermediate Judicial Track on the field of campus judicial affairs and mediation.  Gehring Institute features nationally prominent practitioners, scholars, and attorneys on the faculty.

* Dr. Aldemaro Romero, Biology, published the article “Death and taxes: The case of the depletion of pearl oyster beds in 16th-century Venezuela” in Conservation Biology.  In that article he described what probably is the first case of depletion of a natural resource in the American continent, caused by Europeans.

* Dr. Martin Huss, Botany, participated in the Fusarium Laboratory Workshop at Kansas State University.   The week long course, taught by an international team of experts, was attended by 42 scientists from 13 states and 17 countries.   Species of the Fusarium fungus are significant causes of a wide variety of plant diseases.  These fungi also have the potential to contaminate grain through the production of mycotoxins that are known to be injurious to animal and human health.  The workshop focused on laboratory identification and characterization of fungal cultures using standard and molecular biology techniques.

* Dr. Mary Jackson Pitts
, Radio-Television, has recently published an article in the journal “SIMILE” or Studies in Media & Information Literacy Education. Her article states that more than 150 U.S. television station websites were analyzed for content analysis. Almost 55% of the television stations did not have additional information about on-air stories on their site. In the study, CBS affiliates were more likely to provide more information on their web sites than other affiliates.

* Dr. Aldemaro Romero, Biology, with several of his former students, presented three papers on the evolution and behavior of blind cave fishes at the annual meting of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists in Manaus, Brazil.  Those papers were part of a Symposium on Hypogean (Cave, Karst) Vertebrates that he organized.

* Dr. Jerry Farris, Environmental Sciences, and his student, Ph.D. candidate Jennifer Bouldin, presented the paper “Physical and vegetative characteristics of agricultural drainages in the Mississippi Delta landscape” at the annual meeting of the MidSouth Regional Chapter of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry in Nashville, and at the North American Benthological Society annual meeting in Athens, Ga.

* Diana Sanders and Johnna Redman, Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum and Educational Center, have been promoted to assistant director and administrative assistant, respectively. Sanders, an ASU employee for 17 years, was coordinator of advancement services at ASU-Jonesboro prior to becoming one of the H-P founding staff members in 1999.  She serves on the board of the Arkansas Museum Association.  Redman, an ASU employee for six years, was actively involved for two years in restoration of the property.  She was named Outstanding Museum Staff Member in 2003 by the Arkansas Museum Association.

* Carol Barnhill, Procurement Services, was recently appointed to the NAEB (National Association of Educational Buyers) Cooperative Purchasing  Committee.   Among its many activities, this committee compiles profiles on cooperative purchasing opportunities available to NAEB members.

Uploaded in July

* Dr. Aldemaro Romero, Biology, published five chapters in the recently issued Grzimek's Encyclopedia of Animal Life. The chapters deal with the natural history and classification of migratory eels, morays, loaches, salmons, troutperches, and swamp and spiny eels. Grzimel's Encyclopedia is considered as one of the most highly authoritative reference sources on animal life.

* Dr. Michael Morrell, Political Science (currently on leave), presented the paper "Empathy, Discourse Ethics and Deliberative Democracy" July 8 at the annual meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology in Boston, Mass.

Robert A. Franklin, KASU, will receive a Certificate of Commendation from the American Association for State and Local History for the radio documentary, "The Elaine, Arkansas, Race Riots of 1919."  The AASLH awards program is the nation's most prestigious competition for recognition of achievement in local, state, and regional history. The Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media in New York provided financial support, and WGBH Radio in Boston, Mass., provided in-kind technical support. The award will be presented during the AASLH annual meeting in Providence, R.I.

Bryan Ulmer, Library & CLT, was named "Lion of the Year" by the Jonesboro University Heights Lions Club at the club's July business meeting.  He was recognized for heading up the Sight and Hearing Committee and overseeing the club program which provided roughly $10,000 worth of assistance with eyeglasses for some 120 needy Jonesboro residents.

* Dr. Aldemaro Romero, Biology, and former student Joel Creswell presented the paper “In the land of the mermaid: how culture, not ecology, influenced marine mammal exploitation in the southeastern Caribbean” during the recent annual meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology in Duluth, Minn. In that presentation they theorized that although several Caribbean countries share essentially the same marine mammal species, they have developed different exploitation practices in terms of species targeted, capture techniques, and time periods due to historical, political, social, and economic circumstances.

* The Arkansas Herpetology Book, by
Dr. Stan Trauth, Zoology, has been approved for  funding by the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation, and publication by the University of Arkansas Press.  Although it is not expected to be finished until mid-2004, is already considered to be the most comprehensive book ever published about amphibians and reptiles found in Arkansas.  Funds from a federal grant will help support the project.

* An op-ed article by Dr. Jack Zibluk, Journalism, concerning diversity on campus, was published June 30 on the Voices page of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Campus News archive, 2002-03

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