Holiday Break, 2003-04

After consulting with the members of the Arkansas State University staff, it has been decided that the University will close after commencement on Dec. 19, 2003, and reopen on Jan. 5, 2004.  In order to accomplish this, each staff member will be assessed 3 vacation days.  The end result is the university will be closed for sixteen days.

Judy McCay, President of the Staff Senate, conducted an email survey and reported the following results:

                                    16 votes for no vacation days

                                    69 votes for one vacation day

                                    213 votes for 3 vacation days

Moreover, a “town meeting” was held in the auditorium of the Convocation Center and all concerned staff was encouraged to attend.  Sixty-six out of the 70 employees in attendance voted for the 3-day holiday assessment.

Employees who do not have enough accrued vacation for the 3-day assessment will be advanced the time.  The Office of Payroll Services will serve as the contact office for employees who have days advanced. 

ASU recognizes that some employees may be required to work due to emergency purposes.  Where offices are required to remain open, department heads should notify the Office of Payroll Services to re-credit unused vacation time for employees who are required to work.  Facilities Management should also be notified so heat will be at a comfortable level. Any extraordinary circumstance with an employee will be handled personally by JW Mason. 

We hope that all employees of ASU will have a very restful and pleasant holiday season.