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Arkansas State University spring 2010 enrollment at all-time record

Jan. 27, 2010 -- Arkansas State University today announced an all-time record enrollment of 12,411 students for the Jonesboro campus. The new record occurred in the 2010 spring semester and represented significant increases in the university’s enrollment in graduate programs and international students.

Chancellor Robert L. Potts said, “We are delighted with our enrollment record this semester. Under the leadership of our provost, Dr. Dan Howard, our faculty and staff have worked hard to build our graduate and international programs, and we are seeing great enrollment results. Our distance learning efforts have also expanded, and we now give many students who cannot travel to campus distance learning options, and they are taking advantage of those opportunities. Coupled with that is our increasing enrollment of international students, and we now have almost 60 countries represented.”

The preliminary total enrollment of 12,411 students for the spring semester will be reported to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. The previous enrollment record was the fall 2009 enrollment of 12,185. The spring 2010 headcount is an increase of 1,350 students (12.2%) over the spring 2009 headcount.

There are 2,811 graduate students enrolled, the highest graduate student enrollment ever recorded, resulting in an increase of 1,026 students (or 57.5%), compared to the spring 2009 headcount of 1,785. Graduate level full-time-equivalent (FTE) enrollment stands at 1,251, up 321 students, for an increase of 34.5% when compared to spring 2009.

There are 4,185 students enrolled in online instruction provided by the Jonesboro campus—this figure includes 1,209 students enrolled in online master’s degree programs in the College of Education. Graduate online full-time-equivalent numbers for spring 2010 are 400, up 179 students from spring 2009, for an 80.8% increase.

Total current international undergraduate and graduate headcount stands at 458, up 183 students, for a 66.5% increase. ASU-Jonesboro has an additional 269 international students in English as a Second Language programs, thus bringing the total of international students currently registered for spring to 727.

The total undergraduate headcount was 9,600, compared to 9,276 for spring 2009. Undergraduate student enrollment includes 529 students enrolled in associate degree programs and 7,556 enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs.

The total headcount for master’s degree students for spring 2010 is 2,368, up 949 since spring 2009, for a 66.9% increase. Doctoral degree student enrollment for spring 2010 is at 173 students, up 32 students since spring 2009, for an increase of 22.7%.

ASU-Jonesboro’s highest enrollment by college is the College of Education, with 3,206 students enrolled. This college saw an increase of 918 students (40.1%) since spring 2009, primarily through its distance-learning master’s degree programs. It is followed by the College of Nursing and Health Professions, with 2,235 students enrolled, up 198 students (9.7%) from spring 2009. University College’s enrollment is at 1,903, and it is ASU-Jonesboro’s third-highest college by enrollment, while the College of Business follows at fourth-highest enrollment numbers, with 1,458 students enrolled.       

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