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Jonesboro students hone Spanish skills while doing community service

March 13, 2009 -- Arkansas State University students have a chance to help newcomers to Jonesboro while also expanding their education.  A course titled “Spanish Internship” is offered through the Department of Languages for students majoring or minoring in the language and consists of working with Spanish-speaking people in a real life environment.

Through this class, students are given the opportunity to work at the Jonesboro Hispanic Center, where they are involved in helping Spanish-speaking children with their homework, helping adults translate their needs to local health care centers, and writing articles for the Center’s newsletter, La Ventana.

“This experience is very helpful to students because it allows them to have direct and regular contact with native Spanish-speaking people,” said Ana Romero, instructor of the internship.  They are also exposed to the traditions and culture of the individuals. “This course provides a unique opportunity for our students to perfect their Spanish while performing a community service,” said Romero.

The students are required to keep a daily Spanish journal about their weekly activities.  This diary will then be used to write a final essay in Spanish that will summarize the experience.

For more information about the course, contact Ana Romero, instructor in the Department of Languages, by e-mail at




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