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Sifford selected as Predoctoral Scholar by American Academy of Nursing

June 27, 2008 -- Susi Sifford, assistant professor of nursing at Arkansas State ASU nursing professor Susi Sifford was recently named a Predoctor Scholar by the American Academy of Nursing.University, has been selected as a Predoctoral Scholar in academic geriatric nursing for 2009-2011 by the American Academy of Nursing (AAN) through its Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity (BAGNC) Predoctoral Scholarship program. The BAGNC program, funded primarily by the John A. Hartford Foundation, seeks to increase geriatric nursing capacity in the United States. In addition to BAGNC’s Predoctoral Scholar award, there is a similar postdoctoral fellowship, the Claire M. Fagan Postdoctoral Fellowship. Both awards support further study for nurses committed to careers in academic geriatric nursing.

Sifford and 14 other Predoctoral Scholars will receive scholarships to support their full-time doctoral educations in academic geriatric nursing. The two-year scholarships cover tuition and fees of up to $50,000 per year.

“The John A. Hartford Foundation is providing me with the opportunity to be mentored by leaders in the field of gerontological research,” said Sifford. “This fellowship will allow me to pursue my career goal of positively impacting the care of our nation’s elders through scholarship, education, and public advocacy.”

In addition to the 15 Predoctoral Scholars, ten Claire M. Fagin Postdoctoral Fellows will each receive $60,000 per year for two years to support advanced research training, mentorship, leadership, and career development. The financial support for both groups totals $2.1 million in awards for 2008.

The BAGNC Fellows and Scholars program is designed to focus on the care of the older population and its needs. This task includes increasing the number of geriatric specialists and generalists and improving their training. The Scholars and Fellows are also conducting research which will help to improve care for older adults and increase further education for caregivers.

The American Academy of Nursing tracks health care trends and health care knowledge in order to serve both the public and the nursing profession by advancing health care policy and practice. By generating, synthesizing, and disseminating nursing knowledge, AAN uses that knowledge to aid in the transformation of healthcare policy and practice.

AAN members include more than 1,500 top nursing leaders from education, management, research, and practice sectors. These Academy Fellows hold such leadership positions as university professors; research scientists; hospital chief executives and vice presidents; university deans; clinicians in practice, hospital, community, and home healthcare settings; and political appointees or government staff at the state and federal levels. Sixty-four percent of the Fellows work in academic settings, 30 percent work in service and practice settings, 3 percent work in state and federal government agencies, and the remaining 3 percent have retired from nursing.



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