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President's and Deans' Lists
announced for the Fall semester

April 17, 2007 -- The President's and Deans' Lists for the fall semester at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro have been released by the Registrar's Office.

The two lists recognize undergraduate students who achieved the highest grade point averages while carrying 12 or more credit hours of study. The President's List (designated below as PL) includes 1,019 students who earned a grade point average of 3.80 to 4.0. The Deans' List (DL) includes 521 students with a grade point of 3.6 to 3.79.

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Arkansas: Arkansas through Cross counties

Arkansas: Dallas through Lonoke counties

Arkansas: Marion through Yell counties

Missouri: all counties

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(Arkansas) DeWitt -- Thomas G. Brock, PL
(Arkansas) DeWitt -- Tarryn S. Wright, PL
(Arkansas) DeWitt -- Jessica D. Carney, DL
(Arkansas) DeWitt -- Brittany N. Prislovsky, DL
(Arkansas) Stuttgart -- Preston J. Jones, PL
(Arkansas) Stuttgart -- Katie E. Wilhite, PL
(Arkansas) Stuttgart -- Patrick V. Hatfield, DL
(Arkansas) Stuttgart -- Hunter P. Longnecker, DL
(Arkansas) Stuttgart -- Jonathan F. Petrus, DL
(Baxter) Cotter -- Amanda M. Langston, PL
(Baxter) Cotter -- Lily A. Lawler, PL
(Baxter) Gassville -- Rebecca L. Finnegan, PL
(Baxter) Gassville -- Kary M. Goettler, PL
(Baxter) Gassville -- Jonathan E. Gunsolus, PL
(Baxter) Gassville -- Kayla N. Holland, PL
(Baxter) Gassville -- Danielle A. McVicker, PL
(Baxter) Gassville -- Joannie M. Slater, DL
(Baxter) Gassville -- Linda S. Smith, DL
(Baxter) Lakeview -- Radhika C. Gilmore, DL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Krystal R. Banter, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Blair K. Barnhill, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Elise A. Biggs, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Pamela G. Buel, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Nichole R. Butler, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Melanie M. Campos, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Jacqueline M. Carter, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Colleen M. Christensen, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Melissa D. Corp, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Stephanie D. Cox, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Theresa M. Dabney, PL
(Baxter) mountain Home -- Zachary L. Darr, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Tresa E. Enders, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Kari L. Grunwald-Sylvi, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Julie K. Johnson, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Kristen Megan Johnson, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Melanie C. Kelly, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Lindsay N. Kincade, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Heather R. Loyd, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Brenna  Osborne, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Joyce M. Parker, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Yvette M. Roberts, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Steven R. Stanley, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Alison N. Thomas, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Candy S. Thomas, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Desiree L. Thomas, PL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Ryan K. Adkins, DL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Jason A. Bentley, DL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Jordan A. Chadwell, DL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Robert A. Green, DL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Evan W. Griffin, DL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Susan E. Hulett, DL
(Baxter) Mountain Home -- Laura S. Ryan, DL
(Baxter) Norfork -- Jean A. Smith, PL
(Baxter) Norfork -- Holly M. Williams, DL
(Baxter) Salesville -- Crystal R. Scalf, DL
(Benton) Bentonville -- Ashlie J. Anderson, PL
(Benton) Rogers -- Tamarah Leigh McGaughey, PL
(Benton) Rogers -- Staci D. Papageorge, PL
(Benton) Siloam Springs -- Bobby Luther Griggs, DL
(Boone) Harrison -- Whitney A. Brasel, PL
(Boone) Harrison -- Micheal D. King, PL
(Boone) Harrison -- Christopher R. Lutz, PL
(Boone) Harrison -- Niacole D. Williams, PL
(Boone) Harrison -- Matthew T. Gass, DL
(Boone) Harrison -- Jessica Deann Williams, DL
(Bradley) Warren -- Kerri L. Bennett, PL
(Bradley) Warren -- Anna L. Callaway, PL
(Bradley) Warren -- Mark D. Cuthbertson, PL
(Chicot) Lake Village -- Mary Anne Aycock, PL
(Chicot) Lake Village -- Michael B. Schuk, PL
(Chicot) Lake Village -- Joseph O. Nicolas, DL
(Chicot) Lake Village -- Ryan J. Rowe, DL
(Clark) Arkadelphia -- Evette L. Allen, DL
(Clay) Corning -- Jennifer L. Little, PL
(Clay) Corning -- Christy K. Manatt, PL
(Clay) Corning -- Robin C. McKinley, PL
(Clay) Corning -- Angela R. Patterson, PL
(Clay) Corning -- Randi D. Roberts, PL
(Clay) Corning -- Timothy M. Vallance, PL
(Clay) Corning -- Lesley D. Graham, DL
(Clay) Corning -- Joshua A. McKinley, DL
(Clay) Corning -- Lilly M. Tompkins, DL
(Clay) Greenway -- William E. Martin, DL
(Clay) Peach Orchard -- Brittnay D. Curtis, DL
(Clay) Piggott -- Mistie L. Gossett, PL
(Clay) Piggott -- James D. Harmon, PL
(Clay) Piggott -- Pamela Sue Hinkle, PL
(Clay) Piggott -- Aaron  Householder, PL
(Clay) Piggott -- Jarrah D. Jackson, PL
(Clay) Piggott -- Heather R. Johnson, PL
(Clay) Piggott -- Alexandra J. Rodery, PL
(Clay) Piggott -- Lori L. Sims, PL
(Clay) Piggott -- Gena M. Thrasher, PL
(Clay) Piggott -- Nikki Renee Wicker, PL
(Clay) Piggott -- Andrew D. Brown, DL
(Clay) Piggott -- James R. Cox, DL
(Clay) Piggott -- Jonathan A. Cox, DL
(Clay) Piggott -- Fallon Marie Gibson, DL
(Clay) Piggott -- Douglas L. Parks, DL
(Clay) Pollard -- Barry L. Branscum, PL
(Clay) Pollard -- Veronica Ann Aguilar, DL
(Clay) Pollard -- Keisha L. Wade, DL
(Clay) Rector -- Jamie L. Beck, PL
(Clay) Rector -- Luke M. Brewer, PL
(Clay) Rector -- Breanna S. Buck, PL
(Clay) Rector -- Anthony B. Gunn, PL
(Clay) Rector -- Jessica J. Hill, PL
(Clay) Rector -- Jacqueline Nichole Winberry, PL
(Clay) Rector -- Candace L. Brewington, DL
(Clay) Rector -- Samantha A. Ray, DL
(Cleburne) Drasco -- Nucole Lynn Bigham, PL
(Cleburne) Drasco -- Joedi D. Porter, PL
(Cleburne) Drasco -- Amy E. Dollar, DL
(Cleburne) Heber Springs -- Brandon Lee Crisel, PL
(Cleburne) Heber Springs -- Lindsey D. Devine, PL
(Cleburne) Heber Springs -- Layna D. Lytle, PL
(Cleburne) Heber Springs -- Amanda L. Main, PL
(Cleburne) Heber Springs -- Thomas L. Wharton, PL
(Cleburne) Heber Springs -- Todd Everett Partain, DL
(Cleburne) Wilburn -- Susan D. Brannon, PL
(Cleveland) Rison -- Lauren E. Vinson, DL
(Columbia) Emerson -- Ryan L. Ware, PL
(Columbia) Magnolia -- Jacquelyn M. Thomas, PL
(Columbia) Taylor -- Julie K. Glass, PL
(Conway) Springfield -- Lakendra C. Scaife, PL
(Craighead) Bay -- Matthew C. Avery, PL
(Craighead) Bay -- Tabitha A. Bogard, PL
(Craighead) Bay -- Kimberly M. Bradford, PL
(Craighead) Bay -- Candace P. Jolly, PL
(Craighead) Black Oak -- Amanda B. Eakins, PL
(Craighead) Black Oak -- Rachel E. Dunigan, DL
(Craighead) Bono -- Catherine E. Brown, PL
(Craighead) Bono -- Katherine N. Gann, PL
(Craighead) Bono -- Tonya L. Hill, PL
(Craighead) Bono -- Austin B. Kennon, PL
(Craighead) Bono -- Amanda R. Lyon, PL
(Craighead) Bono -- Emily A. McMickle, PL
(Craighead) Bono -- Michelle L. Murphy, PL
(Craighead) Bono -- Charles A. Peaster, PL
(Craighead) Bono -- Allison E. Tate, PL
(Craighead) Bono -- Whitney L. Taylor, PL
(Craighead) Bono -- Courtney M. Waymon, PL
(Craighead) Bono -- Kayla D. Whittingham, PL
(Craighead) Bono -- Jessica A. Griffin, DL
(Craighead) Brookland -- Kathleen M. Eskew, PL
(Craighead) Brookland -- Heather L. Hathcoat, PL
(Craighead) Brookland -- Shaun S. Smith, PL
(Craighead) Brookland -- Rebecca A. Thomas, PL
(Craighead) Brookland -- Whitni B. Weese, PL
(Craighead) Brookland -- Erica D. Whitten, PL
(Craighead) Brookland -- Dorothy A. Frederick, DL
(Craighead) Brookland -- Shelly P. Scott, DL
(Craighead) Brookland -- Joseph V. Smith, DL
(Craighead) Brookland -- Ashley N. Williams, DL
(Craighead) Caraway -- Amy J. Baker, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Zach H. Eichenberger, PL
(Craighead) Caraway -- Mandy L. Emery, PL
(Craighead) Caraway -- Jonathan D. McCord, PL
(Craighead) Caraway -- Mary E. McCorkle, PL
(Craighead) Caraway -- Clayton M. Schoolfield, PL
(Craighead) Caraway -- Hailey B. Faulkner, DL
(Craighead) Cash -- Meghan L. Cureton, PL
(Craighead) Egypt -- Lyndsey L. Lingo, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- John D. Adair, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Ginger D. Adams, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jeffery K. Adams, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Whitney J. Allen, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Sara L. Armstrong, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Barry W. Avery, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Lena Z. Awar, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Brian N. Ballew, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Rachel L. Bearden, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Colin E. Beineke, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kenneth B. Beshiers, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Blair N. Betts, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Lindsey B. Blanchard, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Sarah A. Bohrman, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- William P. Bohrman, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Lindsey N. Bolt, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jessica L. Bradley, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Sarah L. Britton, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Elizabeth K. Bryant, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Melanie A. Burnett, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Holly M. Cagle, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Valerie  Campbell, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Corey A. Clairday, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jamie L. Clevenger, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Ashley B. Cochran, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Joshua Van Cofield, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Stephanie F. Collins, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Barbara E. Combs, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Elizabeth B. Combs, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Lauren O. Copenhaver, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Tracy D. Cossey, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Rachel L. Cottam, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Natalie N. Cox, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Tisha E. Cox, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Vanessa  Croft, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Steven Anderson Crook, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Andrew R. Curtis, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Hilary C. Davidson, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jennifer K. Davis, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Samantha L. Davis, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Sherry N. Davis, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Amy Rebecca Deaton, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Bettina K. Dejesus, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Rachel A. Denton, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Vikki L. Denton, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- James A. Despain, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jessica Mackenzie Dow, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Shane D. Duncan, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Michael B. Easton, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Joshua P. Enloe, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Autumn A. Farless, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Casey A. Flemon, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Melanie J. Forrest, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Autumn J. Frazier, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Nicole L. Frey, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Gregory K. Fulton, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- James V. Fussell, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Shawna Renee Gallion, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jaime M. Garrett, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Ritika  Gera, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Amber N. Gibson Bean, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Julie K. Goldsby, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Christopher J. Graddy, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Ashly D. Gray, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Brian P. Greenwood, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jennifer L. Griffin, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Melissa M. Griffin, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Amanda S. Gunnufsen, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Casie M. Hagans, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Erin M. Hancock, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Heather N. Hankins, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Grant W. Harbison, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Andrea J. Harder, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Christy C. Harper, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Robert  Harris, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Joshua C. Haskin, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jordan C. Hawkins, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Lacey Nicole Hawkins, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Timothy W. Hawkins, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Nathan R. Hay, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Amanda J. Haynes, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Amber  Heard, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Elaine Nikki Hemphill, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Trenton T. Hoggard, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jacob K. Holliday, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Sarah K. Holt, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Tyler M. Hooks, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Robert A. Hopper, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Atieh S. Hosseini, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Sarah K. Humphrey, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Candice M. James, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Brian G. Jobe, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Donald L. Johnson, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Elizabeth J. Johnson, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Michael B. Johnson, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Sarah E. Johnson, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Amber N. Jones, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Tiffany N. Jones, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Amber M. Keefer, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Aaron K. Kimberland, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Janna K. Kisner, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Polina A. Korobova, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Dustin L. La Ferney, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Anna-Marie H. Lawrence, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Elisha D. Lawrence, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Derek J. Layton, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Libbi A. Limpach, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- William R. Little, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Lauren W. Luster, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Michael Shane Lyerly, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Sara C. Marzewski, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Ashley N. May, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Meghan E. McAlpin, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kelly L. McCoy, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jennifer A. McGinnis, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jessica L. McKee, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Amy E. McKinney, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Heather M. McNamee, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Samantha Elaine Meeker, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Tyna M. Merryman, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Steven P. Minor, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Swati  Mishra, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Randi Lin Mitchell, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Derek K. Morgan, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kendall Lee Moss, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Semei A. Munoz, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Julia  Neilson, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Matthew A. Nelson, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Mark W. Newberry, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Beverly S. Newcom, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Brandi M. Nichols, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Christene L. Nicholson, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Sarah M. Orosz, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Angela M. Osborn, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Seth T. Parsons, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Stephanie L. Pate, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Purvi H. Patel, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Lance G. Patterson, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Rachel E. Pearson, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jennifer D. Peaster, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Karen  Pfeifer, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Morgan L. Phillips, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Meridith A. Pierce, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Christina N. Piercy, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Robert L. Pippinger, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Amanda L. Poole, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Lacey J. Ray, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Erica L. Reynolds, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- April M. Richardson, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Claire E. Richardson, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Daniel A. Rickman, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- John Daron Riley, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Leah M. Robertson, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Steven E. Rockwell, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Caleb R. Rogers, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Laura B. Russell, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Christopher A. Saito, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jacob A. Sandlin, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Caitlin E. Savage, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Mihaela A. Savu, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Tommy W. Scrape, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jodi D. Shannon, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Joshua W. Sharp, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kama K. Shikle, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Ashley N. Shoemaker, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Samantha J. Sims, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Rachel L. Smith, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kristy S. Spencer, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Bethany E. Strawn, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Friedric K. Tarkington, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kara F. Taylor, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Candice R. Teeter, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Carly A. Tennison, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Teresa W. Terrell, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Beth L. Thornton, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Genna R. Tounsand, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Hannah L. Tubbs, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Peyton M. Venter, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Connie E. Veteto, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- James D. Walker, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Amy C. Waters, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Melanie N. Weathers, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Latoya J. Webb, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Brandon C. White, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jamie L. Whitmore, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Stephanie Lynne Whitmore, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Christopher S. Woodard, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Benjamin S. Woodruff, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Sharon L. Wren, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Lauren R. Young, PL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- James C. Arender, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Lisa A. Atarian, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Megan M. Bailey, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kari A. Barker, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Garrett W. Barnes, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kayla M. Barnett, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Donna L. Baugh, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- John P. Bean, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Courtney M. Bice, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jeni  Bradberry, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Amber L. Bradley, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jason T. Bradley, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Mollie N. Broadway, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Allison P. Brown, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Bridget C. Buhrmester, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kristin C. Burch, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Ashley D. Burns, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Patrick C. Callahan, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Tiffany B. Campbell, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- James Phillip Carvell, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Amanda E. Cole, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Anthony L. Cole, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Joseph M. Conatser, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Harold W. Conner, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kellie L. Cox, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Lewis  Davis, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Mitra  Delshad, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Mary Claire F. Depriest, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Tyler G. Dorton, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Brian L. Easton, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kevin N. Edwards, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Amanda J. Elrod, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- John Paul Fairhead, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Charles William Farley, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Ashley Nicole Fields, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Amy D. Fleddermann, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Johnnie Ellis Gambill, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Chelsey Kae Gann, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kiann L. Gilley, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Lori Beth Gramling, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Virginia C. Gray, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kellye Lynn Griffin, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Brian A. Hacker, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Stephanie  Hankins, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Lauren T. Harris, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jared C. Hays, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kanaka K. Henry, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- John D. Hogue, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Matthew M. Hooks, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Laura E. Hudspeth, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Laura A. Irby, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Matthew T. Isbell, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Mary H. Johnson, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Morgan R. Johnson, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Gabriel J. Knight, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Elizabeth C. Kraus, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Corey M. Krenn, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Heather M. Lamkin, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Sam R. Leahey, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Lark E. Little, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Leif M. Lovins, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jeremy T. Luther, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Meghan M. Matthews, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kyle S. McDonald, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jordan L. McIntire, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Nisha R. McNatt, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Andrea A. Mendoza, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jessica L. Mills, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Janelle K. Morris, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Katie R. Muckensturm, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Donald R. Mullenix, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- April M. Noel, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Michael C. Owens, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Whitney K. Owens, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Shannon A. Pantello, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Madhvi S. Patel, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Ashley R. Pickering, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Rachel A. Pierce, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Julia A. Prater, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Brittney Nicole Prestidge, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Laura M. Purtee, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jessica N. Richardson, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Nicole E. Russell, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Matthew N. Ryals, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Sarah C. Shelby, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Shalyn W. Simpkins, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Nancy  Siu, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Christie M. Smith, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Justin B. Smith, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Sandra Thigpen Smith, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Rian R. Snell, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jeremy G. Speakes, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Tifanee J. Spencer, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Sarah M. Sumpter, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kara L. Tate, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Mable  Taylor, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Joshua Allen Teeter, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Kristen K. Thielemier, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Elizabeth D. Tinsley, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Bridget D. Travis, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Sara L. Van Winkle, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jennifer K. Vanhoozer, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Amanda Lois Walker, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Katherine A. Walters, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Lawrence A. Weisenbach, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Jenna A. Wells, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Lewis M. Wiggins, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Danielle M. Williams, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Karess M. Winston, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- John A. Yerger, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Robert A. Zachary, DL
(Craighead) Jonesboro -- Misty Ann Zaffarano, DL
(Craighead) Lake City -- Leslie K. Cobb, PL
(Craighead) Lake City -- Casey M. Emery, PL
(Craighead) Lake City -- Thurel J. George, PL
(Craighead) Lake City -- Kimberly M. Sims, PL
(Craighead) Lake City -- Linzey R. Stacy, PL
(Craighead) Lake City -- Tiffany S. Timms, PL
(Craighead) Lake City -- Miki Lynn Womack, PL
(Craighead) Lake City -- Derek R. Blancett, DL
(Craighead) Lake City -- Breigh Anne Dudley, DL
(Craighead) Lake City -- Von A. McDaniel, DL
(Craighead) Lake City -- Matthew A. Snyder, DL
(Craighead) Lake City -- Chelsea D. Williams, DL
(Craighead) Monette -- Sarah D. Brandon, PL
(Craighead) Monette -- Chelsea S. Hawkins, PL
(Craighead) Monette -- Hunter A. Smith, PL
(Craighead) Monette -- Hollie O. Thomas, PL
(Craighead) Monette -- Kimberly M. Wallace, PL
(Craighead) Monette -- Casey B. Hammond, DL
(Craighead) Monette -- Jamie L. Rolland, DL
(Craighead) Monette -- Kasey Lynn Rollins, DL
(Craighead) State University -- Christie N. Hudson, PL
(Craighead) State University -- Haley M. Lagasse, PL
(Craighead) State University -- Karen F. Pace, PL
(Craighead) State University -- Joshua D. Yates, PL
(Craighead) State University -- Rachel L. Acord, DL
(Craighead) State University -- Angela Shea Barron, DL
(Craighead) State University -- Anthony T. Davis, DL
(Crawford) Alma -- Matthew  Carson, PL
(Crawford) Van Buren -- Sarah R. Mardanlou, PL
(Crawford) Van Buren -- Romone D. Johnson, DL
(Crittenden) Crawfordsville -- Matthew T. Daigle, PL
(Crittenden) Crawfordsville -- Lauren C. McAlister, DL
(Crittenden) Crawfordsville -- Brandi Leigh Christi Messer, DL
(Crittenden) Earle -- Dennis G. McElyea, PL
(Crittenden) Earle -- Karrenzo Korrell Moore, PL
(Crittenden) Earle -- Linely Blair Wiley, PL
(Crittenden) Horseshoe Lake -- Amber L. Bacon, DL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Taylor D. Archer, PL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Austin B. Coleman, PL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Staci Diann Combs, PL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Julie Kathryn Henderson, PL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Natalie E. Hyman, PL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Andrew J. James, PL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Elizabeth E. Lawson, PL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Eric K. Lumpkin, PL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Lindsey M. Morris, PL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Jason C. Raines, PL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Paul D. Silveri, PL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Carla D. Benson, DL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Heather N. Ersoz, DL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Rita S. Feltmeyer, DL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Courtney N. Foster, DL
(Crittenden) Marion -- David N. Foust, DL
(Crittenden) Marion -- John M. Heath, DL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Matthew B. Lovett, DL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Ashley B. Nary, DL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Sarah R. Shahan, DL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Brandy D. Smith, DL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Emilee C. Stokes, DL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Elizabeth L. Wallace, DL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Whitney L. Webb, DL
(Crittenden) Marion -- Kelly Nicole Williams, DL
(Crittenden) Proctor -- Corey Lynn Platt, PL
(Crittenden) Proctor -- Billy Ray Barnett, DL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Tyler R. Allen, PL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Brittany L. Burton, PL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Emily Renee Carroll, PL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Candace R. Coker, PL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Brittany N. Edwards, PL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Mallory J. House, PL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Lindsay M. Johnson, PL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Catherine Elizabeth Naylor, PL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- James W. Neal, PL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Misty Lyn Prater, PL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Megan E. Waugh, PL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Danielle L. Williams, PL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Lauren L. Beasley, DL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Precious N. Bolton, DL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Jillian C. Brown, DL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Kelley A. Champion, DL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Glaze A. Hardage, DL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- John B. Hyman, DL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Roni L. Key, DL
(Crittenden) West Memphis -- Laura L. Maxwell, DL
(Cross) Cherry Valley -- Derek M. Wood, DL
(Cross) Hickory Ridge -- Jennifer L. Burnette, DL
(Cross) Parkin -- Stephanie K. Collier, PL
(Cross) Parkin -- Conquista D. Stone, DL
(Cross) Vanndale -- Rolandas L. Hill, PL
(Cross) Wynne -- William M. Barnes, PL
(Cross) Wynne -- Kurt W. Brawner, PL
(Cross) Wynne -- Hillary D. Colvard, PL
(Cross) Wynne -- Amandarhea A. Davis, PL
(Cross) Wynne -- Christi M. Davis, PL
(Cross) Wynne -- Rashell R. Gist, PL
(Cross) Wynne -- Lori R. Knight, PL
(Cross) Wynne -- Lashonda Y. Moore, PL
(Cross) Wynne -- Stacey S. Shaw, PL
(Cross) Wynne -- Leslie N. Spargo, PL
(Cross) Wynne -- Jennifer M. Specking, PL
(Cross) Wynne -- David A. Winkler, PL
(Cross) Wynne -- Melinda C. Baker, DL
(Cross) Wynne -- Matthew Kyle Bateman, DL
(Cross) Wynne -- Deanna L. Beshears, DL
(Cross) Wynne -- Leanna J. Burton, DL
(Cross) Wynne -- Jessie L. Curtner, DL
(Cross) Wynne -- Jamie G. Franklin, DL
(Cross) Wynne -- Janna L. Gibson, DL
(Cross) Wynne -- Brianna D. Hess, DL
(Cross) Wynne -- Kimberly S. Schmitz, DL
(Cross) Wynne -- Laura L. Strange, DL
(Cross) Wynne -- Whitney S. Tucker, DL
(Dallas) Fordyce -- Andrea L. Nichols, PL
(Dallas) Fordyce -- Jason A. Young, DL
(Desha) Dumas -- Lauren L. Downen, PL
(Desha) Dumas -- Brooks P. Gill, PL
(Desha) Dumas -- Austin P. Green, PL
(Desha) Dumas -- Sommer N. Kirtley, PL
(Desha) Dumas -- Amber M. Winford, DL
(Desha) McGehee -- Audra K. Farmer, PL
(Desha) McGehee -- Brian J. Lawhon, PL
(Desha) McGehee -- Julia R. Montgomery, PL
(Desha) McGehee -- Andrea N. Smith, PL
(Drew) Monticello -- Ben P. Barton, DL
(Faulkner) Conway -- Bryan W. Swymn, PL
(Faulkner) Conway -- Grant W. Newkirk, DL
(Faulkner) Conway -- Melanie A. Partin, DL
(Faulkner) Enola -- Brandi M. Johnson, DL
(Faulkner) Greenbrier -- Jackie E. Carter, PL
(Faulkner) Greenbrier -- Candace M. Moore, PL
(Faulkner) Greenbrier -- Ashton L. Snowden, DL
(Faulkner) Vilonia -- Clayton R. Turner, PL
(Fulton) Mammoth Spring -- Aimee  Rose, PL
(Fulton) Mammoth Spring -- Leland G. Butler, DL
(Fulton) Salem -- Steven Luther Barker, PL
(Fulton) Salem -- Devin L. Bozeman, PL
(Fulton) Salem -- Amber L. Gibson, PL
(Fulton) Salem -- Erica S. Hall, PL
(Fulton) Salem -- Rachel E. Manes, PL
(Fulton) Salem -- Clifford H. Pleasant, PL
(Fulton) Salem -- Zachary T. Branscum, DL
(Fulton) Salem -- Samantha Nicole Garland, DL
(Fulton) Salem -- Sara J. Seyffer, DL
(Fulton) Viola -- Brandon H. Harber, PL
(Fulton) Viola -- Jennifer  Luther, PL
(Garland) Hot Springs -- Bridget D. Cornett, PL
(Garland) Hot Springs -- Victoria R. Ellison, PL
(Garland) Hot Springs -- Adam P. O'Neal, PL
(Garland) Hot Springs -- Allison Renee Tadlock, PL
(Garland) Hot Springs -- Tiffany J. Taylor, PL
(Garland) Hot Springs -- Lindsay M. Jenkins, DL
(Garland) Hot Springs -- Mischa D. Moreland, DL
(Garland) Hot Springs -- Ryan C. Ochsner, DL
(Garland) Jessieville -- Cody N. Phillips, DL
(Grant) Poyen -- Krista L. Watson, DL
(Grant) Sheridan -- Rachel Marie Johnson, PL
(Grant) Sheridan -- Luther M. Keen, PL
(Greene) Beech Grove -- Miranda L. Blansett, PL
(Greene) Beech Grove -- Destiny B. Horton, PL
(Greene) Lafe -- Danny Joe Harmon, PL
(Greene) Lafe -- Jeffrey A. McDonald, PL
(Greene) Marmaduke -- Lauren E. Bridges, PL
(Greene) Marmaduke -- Kimberly D. Dillon, PL
(Greene) Marmaduke -- Brittany G. Ellis, PL
(Greene) Marmaduke -- Nathan L. Haynes, PL
(Greene) Marmaduke -- Lindsey Graham Hicks, PL
(Greene) Marmaduke -- Kevin A. Keen, PL
(Greene) Marmaduke -- Lavanda Jean Newsom, PL
(Greene) Marmaduke -- Sheila M. Prince, PL
(Greene) Marmaduke -- Keena M. Graham, DL
(Greene) Marmaduke -- Kenneth C. Harris, DL
(Greene) Marmaduke -- Hannah J. James, DL
(Greene) Marmaduke -- Jessica B. Ricker, DL
(Greene) Marmaduke -- Susan E. Spence, DL
(Greene) Marmaduke -- Lauren N. Wright, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Susan L. Armstrong, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Bradley A. Bateman, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Natalie A. Beggs, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Sally M. Black, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Tiffany A. Blan, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Ryan L. Blankenship, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Jessica A. Blanton, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Sydney L. Boone, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Dana H. Bradford, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Alan A. Brown, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Benjamin N. Burns, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Taylor L. Camp, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Andrea N. Campbell, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Candace L. Campbell, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Nathan A. Carmack, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Megan R. Case, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Matthew K. Clark, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Kasey D. Cobb, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Graycen E. Colbert, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Kara M. Colburn, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Kathy M. Cook, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Brittany D. Copeland, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Meagan A. Cremeens, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Isha L. Cummings, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Mike C. Deatherage, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Ashley E. Distretti, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Casey E. Distretti, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Ashley L. Donaldson, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Mark C. Eaton, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Jenny Lind Estes, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Gretchen L. Ethridge, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Teresa M. Fisher, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Lauren A. Ford, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Alexander H. Gramling, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Andrew T. Hampton, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Calvin J. Haneline, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Ronda L. Harvey, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Keisha  Hazelwood, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Kimberly Dawn Holloway, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Jason A. Hoskins, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Kathryn M. Houston, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Rebecca S. Johnson, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Stephanie D. Joiner, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Melissa L. Kelley, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Cecily A. Kennemore, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Susan E. Kronk, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Randi L. Lenderman, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Kristen E. Long, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Lorna S. Macdonald, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Angela C. Martin, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Kerie Michelle Martin, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Rebecca A. Massey, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Tammy M. Mayberry, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Jessica L. McMillan, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Michael A. Miller, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Clinton R. Morton, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Casey R. Mullikin, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Laura M. Norman, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Jennifer J. Owen, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Shannon L. Pillow, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Angela N. Poe, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Heather C. Pohl, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Jennifer K. Potter, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Holly L. Pugh, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Adam L. Purtee, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Juli B. Rawls, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Aaron M. Reddick, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Wendy R. Richardson, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Ashley R. Robbins, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Jordon  Robinson, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Cody A. Rogers, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Chelsea C. Russom, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Daniel J. Sanders, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Elizabeth K. Schug, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Devin R. Shelton, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Brittany L. Snodgrass, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- David Anthony Taylor, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Mallory A. Thompson, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Jonathan Michael Treece, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Shannon  Tripod, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Felice D. Troutman, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Sarah C. Ussery, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Amy E. Vick, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Patricia Rena Wagner, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Christina J. Washington, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Andrew L. Watson, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Sandra Dian West, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Gregory C. Williams, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Guianta Richie Williams, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Seth F. Williams, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Natasha L. Woods, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Grant A. Woodside, PL
(Greene) Paragould -- Amy Miranda Austin, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Sara K. Boyd, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Kodie J. Bricker, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Phillip H. Carr, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Courtney C. Coin, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Jason A. Cole, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Megan S. Collins, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Elizabeth A. Flaga, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Kelsey B. Gramling, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Nathan C. Gramling, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Eric R. Hagood, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Tera M. Harris, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Audra M. Hendrix, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Dustin C. Henson, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Amy M. Highfill, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Lindsey N. Lee, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Stephanie A. McGuire, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Kellee H. Midkiff, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Bobby A. Moore, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Meggan R. Murphy, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Ashley M. Osborn, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Jami L. Palmer, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Evan M. Ratliff, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Leeann K. Rogers, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Kelli S. Rollins, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Jennifer L. Schreit, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Mickie S. Shearer, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Vickie L. Sipes, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Audra F. Smith, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Brandon L. Swink, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Tiffany D. Taylor, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Jacob A. Weatherford, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Julie A. Wisby, DL
(Greene) Paragould -- Chelsea R. Wyatt, DL
(Greene) Walcott -- Lindsay E. Newberry, DL
(Hempstead) Hope -- Kayla R. Bobo, DL
(Hot Spring) Donaldson -- Shana Marie Barker, PL
(Hot Spring) Malvern -- Christen M. Colananni, PL
(Hot Spring) Malvern -- David M. Colananni, PL
(Hot Spring) Malvern -- Mary H. Justus, PL
(Hot Spring) Malvern -- Seth L. Roberts, PL
(Hot Spring) Malvern -- Jon T. Skinner, PL
(Hot Spring) Malvern -- Stephanie A. Sulton, PL
(Hot Spring) Malvern -- Alison L. Wiley, PL
(Hot Spring) Malvern -- Lucas L. Balderas, DL
(Hot Spring) Malvern -- Jeffrey T. Burns, DL
(Hot Spring) Malvern -- Mallory L. Meyers, DL
(Independence) Batesville -- David L. Carpenter, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Sarah E. Coe, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Heather D. Davis, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Morgan R. Dunn, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Cathy A. Edwards, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Mary M. Fox, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- James Matthew Gay, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Amy D. Gipson, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Christina N. Johnson, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Angela M. Luster, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- David W. Martin, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Justin K. Martin, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Holly C. Mast, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Laura B. Mitchell, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Sharanda C. Okolo, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Nanci Dawn Solis, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Jordan O. Thompson, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Mary B. Tucker, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Britney M. Warner, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Amber D. Woods, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Teresa D. Yates, PL
(Independence) Batesville -- Mary A. Barksdale, DL
(Independence) Batesville -- Lindsey M. Davidson, DL
(Independence) Batesville -- Jeremiah D. Dillehay, DL
(Independence) Batesville -- Katie M. Milum, DL
(Independence) Batesville -- Jacob A. Mitchell, DL
(Independence) Batesville -- Lynnsey M. Simpson, DL
(Independence) Charlotte -- Brandi D. Vanamburg, PL
(Independence) Cushman -- Daniel A. Blankenship, DL
(Independence) Desha -- Clayton  McWilliams, PL
(Independence) Floral -- Holly R. Ramsey, PL
(Independence) Newark -- Kathryn E. McCaa, PL
(Independence) Newark -- Misty M. Moss, DL
(Independence) Pleasant Plains -- Rashan F. Blakley, PL
(Independence) Pleasant Plains -- Joshua R. Hatfield, PL
(Independence) Salado -- Nancy N. Smith, DL
(Independence) Sulphur Rock -- Jon E. Carter, PL
(Izard) Brockwell -- Angela M. Huddleston, PL
(Izard) Calico Rock -- Gena L. Goggans, PL
(Izard) Calico Rock -- Karinda D. Teague, PL
(Izard) Horseshoe Bend -- Candace E. Pahlas, PL
(Izard) Melbourne -- Lisa D. Halbrook, PL
(Izard) Melbourne -- Hannah C. Miller, PL
(Izard) Melbourne -- Ashley K. Jones, DL
(Izard) Melbourne -- Eric J. Teague, DL
(Izard) Mount Pleasant -- Jessica G. Knight, DL
(Izard) Oxford -- Amy E. Stevenson, PL
(Izard) Pineville -- April L. Killian, PL
(Izard) Wideman -- Nicole L. Skidmore, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Krystal M. Baty, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Karen B. Brandon, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Skylar T. Davis, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Andrea R. Fraser, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Michael A. Glidewell, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Alison Louise Green, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Desiree D. Hall, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Beverly S. London, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Ashley D. Lucas, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Jessica L. McClendon, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Maggie M. Monday, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Anita J. Samaniego, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Whitney E. Shannon, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Katrina A. Shumate, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Deana M. Smalley, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Brittany Nicole Wilson, PL
(Jackson) Newport -- Samantha D. Aitkens, DL
(Jackson) Newport -- Maegan L. Clark, DL
(Jackson) Newport -- Christopher L. Davis, DL
(Jackson) Newport -- Joshua  Epperson, DL
(Jackson) Newport -- Carmen R. Gregory, DL
(Jackson) Newport -- Wade  Honey, DL
(Jackson) Newport -- Sonya J. Nance, DL
(Jackson) Newport -- Tessa C. Nelson, DL
(Jackson) Newport -- Brittany R. Wixson, DL
(Jackson) Swifton -- Jillian R. Church, PL
(Jackson) Tuckerman -- Dallas L. Cordell, PL
(Jackson) Tuckerman -- Beau S. Douglas, PL
(Jackson) Tuckerman -- Brett A. Ivy, PL
(Jackson) Tuckerman -- Krystyn C. Lancaster, PL
(Jackson) Tuckerman -- Jody A. Morris, DL
(Jefferson) Jefferson -- Laura N. Mumphrey, DL
(Jefferson) Pine Bluff -- Tara D. Bond, PL
(Jefferson) Pine Bluff -- Lester A. Richey, PL
(Jefferson) Pine Bluff -- James Tyrone Shelton, PL
(Jefferson) Pine Bluff -- Jessica J. Stevens, PL
(Jefferson) Pine Bluff -- Carol A. Walker, PL
(Jefferson) Pine Bluff -- Heather D. Harris, DL
(Jefferson) Pine Bluff -- Benjamin R. Stevens, DL
(Jefferson) Pine Bluff -- Zachary B. Taylor, DL
(Jefferson) White Hall -- Jamie Lee Stout, PL
(Jefferson) White Hall -- Adam R. McCampbell, DL
(Lafayette) Stamps -- Amelia A. Russell, PL
(Lawrence) Black Rock -- Tim P. Bears, PL
(Lawrence) Black Rock -- Leigh A. Berry, PL
(Lawrence) Black Rock -- Linsay G. Blackburn, PL
(Lawrence) College City -- Jennifer E. Hackworth, PL
(Lawrence) Hoxie -- Melanie Rhea Meyers, PL
(Lawrence) Hoxie -- Kristen L. Myers, PL
(Lawrence) Hoxie -- Jade C. Segraves, PL
(Lawrence) Hoxie -- Lindsey N. Davis, DL
(Lawrence) Hoxie -- William C. Midkiff, DL
(Lawrence) Imboden -- Stephanie M. Lewis, PL
(Lawrence) Imboden -- Jason  Pitcher, PL
(Lawrence) Imboden -- Kristina A. Stephens, PL
(Lawrence) Imboden -- Chelsea  Tate, PL
(Lawrence) Imboden -- Tabitha L. Young, PL
(Lawrence) Imboden -- Stephanie M. Cloinger, DL
(Lawrence) Imboden -- Mikka N. Jones, DL
(Lawrence) Lynn -- Cassie L. Glenn, PL
(Lawrence) Portia -- Jonathan S. Brewer, DL
(Lawrence) Powhatan -- Vanessa J. Tyson, PL
(Lawrence) Powhatan -- Allison M. Asher, DL
(Lawrence) Powhatan -- Valerie J. Priest, DL
(Lawrence) Powhatan -- Shelby A. Richey, DL
(Lawrence) Ravenden -- Allene R. Kirk, PL
(Lawrence) Ravenden -- Elizabeth C. Adams, DL
(Lawrence) Smithville -- Donna R. Crossno, PL
(Lawrence) Smithville -- Lacy J. Mitchell, PL
(Lawrence) Walnut Ridge -- Benjamin A. Engelken, PL
(Lawrence) Walnut Ridge -- Lori M. Gauntt, PL
(Lawrence) Walnut Ridge -- Tara J. Gentry, PL
(Lawrence) Walnut Ridge -- Emily M. Hathcock, PL
(Lawrence) Walnut Ridge -- Cody Lewis Jarrett, PL
(Lawrence) Walnut Ridge -- Steven C. Phillips, PL
(Lawrence) Walnut Ridge -- Leslie Diane Reed, PL
(Lawrence) Walnut Ridge -- Melissa Ann Rice, PL
(Lawrence) Walnut Ridge -- Sara A. Stuart, PL
(Lawrence) Walnut Ridge -- Cassandra D. Tagge, PL
(Lawrence) Walnut Ridge -- James D. Mitchell, DL
(Lawrence) Walnut Ridge -- Amber L. Phillips, DL
(Lawrence) Walnut Ridge -- Melissa L. Rice, DL
(Lawrence) Walnut Ridge -- Penny K. Sloan, DL
(Lawrence) Walnut Ridge -- Matthew D. Watson, DL
(Lee) Marianna -- Nanette B. Bullard, PL
(Lee) Marianna -- Carrie Miles Carroll, PL
(Lee) Marianna -- Linda M. Williams, PL
(Lee) Marianna -- Jennifer L. Carlow, DL
(Lee) Marianna -- Susan E. Holbrook, DL
(Lee) Marianna -- Karnisha Landrale Jones, DL
(Lee) Marianna -- Shaquinta D. Norment, DL
(Lee) Marianna -- Shasta  Taylor, DL
(Lee) Moro -- Lauren K. Jackson, PL
(Lee) Moro -- Brandy M. Traylor, PL
(Lonoke) Austin -- Christina R. Bufford, PL
(Lonoke) Austin -- Megan L. Hamric, PL
(Lonoke) Austin -- Lacey N. Ball, DL
(Lonoke) Austin -- Amber N. Whalin, DL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Georgianna J. Abshure, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Callie L. Aist, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Teresa L. Bledsoe, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Erin L. Boyd, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Amanda D. Campbell, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Bridgette D. Cardona, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Lindsay L. Clements, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Reed Ellis Durden, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Bettye N. George, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Tara M. Glover, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Mark R. Harvel, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Ashlee A. McDaniel, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Terri L. Moss, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Jessica R. Percifull, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Jolene J. Pitt, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Raney A. Rogers, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Stacy R. Turner, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Angela D. Williams, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Josh A. Yarboro, PL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Christina L. Broschk, DL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Christopher Benjamin Cockrell, DL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Danielle  Lovellette, DL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Paige A. Martin, DL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Amanda K. Payne, DL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Ashley D. Payne, DL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Tracy L. Shepard, DL
(Lonoke) Cabot -- Hannah M. Williams, DL
(Lonoke) Carlisle -- Kimberly K. Waddell, PL
(Lonoke) Lonoke -- Erin N. Brown, PL
(Lonoke) Lonoke -- Brad Michael Davis, PL
(Lonoke) Lonoke -- Kristy N. Smith, PL
(Lonoke) Lonoke -- Lonnie M. Davis, DL
(Lonoke) Lonoke -- Sarah R. Wallace, DL
(Lonoke) Ward -- Ima I. Greer, PL
(Lonoke) Ward -- Nichole M. Taillon, PL
(Marion) Flippin -- Farrah L. Byerly, PL
(Marion) Flippin -- Toby A. Crosby, PL
(Marion) Flippin -- Nathan Ryan Due, PL
(Marion) Flippin -- Crystal Y. Eldridge, PL
(Marion) Flippin -- Cindy Y. Perrin, PL
(Marion) Flippin -- Patricia K. Smith, PL
(Marion) Summit -- Keri L. Allen, PL
(Marion) Yellville -- Sharon N. Hill, PL
(Marion) Yellville -- Caren C. Photides, PL
(Mississippi) Bassett -- Ashley N. Russ, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Shawn M. Austin, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Kathryn E. Buckley, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- William Lee Chapman, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Jocelyn E. Davey, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Jamie L. Dickson, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Pamela K. Femera, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Jenny L. Flock, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Philip Anthony Gilbert, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Stephanie N. Hancock, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Kelli L. Hicks, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Antonia E. Iacampo, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Adam D. Jackson, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Timothy R. Kirk, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Justin B. Meatte, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Jeremy W. Merrick, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Sarah J. Seibert, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Ali K. Stracener, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Ross A. Westbrook, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Danica R. Widdicombe, PL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Brandon C. Bennett, DL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Laterica M. Cunningham, DL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Erica K. Fisher, DL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Dorothy Ann Ford, DL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Nathan C. Hay, DL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Season B. Pankey, DL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Margaret J. Parish, DL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Nicole L. Raper, DL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Brian J. Swain, DL
(Mississippi) Blytheville -- Leslie F. Wells, DL
(Mississippi) Burdette -- Gina N. Parks, DL
(Mississippi) Dyess -- Alison Nicole Richmond, PL
(Mississippi) Dyess -- Samantha J. Smith, DL
(Mississippi) Etowah -- Preston J. Brumley, DL
(Mississippi) Etowah -- Lauren D. Poag, DL
(Mississippi) Gosnell -- Brandi N. Brown, PL
(Mississippi) Gosnell -- Megan Dianne Davis, PL
(Mississippi) Gosnell -- Jennifer M. Hannaford, PL
(Mississippi) Gosnell -- Angela J. Harrison, PL
(Mississippi) Gosnell -- Maria C. Holifield, PL
(Mississippi) Gosnell -- Mindy J. Middleton, PL
(Mississippi) Gosnell -- Lindsey R. Rouse, PL
(Mississippi) Gosnell -- Crystal S. Toombs, PL
(Mississippi) Gosnell -- David Lee Blount, DL
(Mississippi) Gosnell -- Mark S. Harrison, DL
(Mississippi) Keiser -- Angela R. Stubblefield, PL
(Mississippi) Leachville -- Sarah Angela Mangroo, PL
(Mississippi) Leachville -- Tara L. McClain, PL
(Mississippi) Leachville -- Kimberly D. Stull, PL
(Mississippi) Leachville -- Nan L. Bridges, DL
(Mississippi) Leachville -- Kellen T. Pierce, DL
(Mississippi) Leachville -- William L. Sabin, DL
(Mississippi) Leachville -- Morgan Whitney Stout, DL
(Mississippi) Manila -- Audrey M. Booth, PL
(Mississippi) Manila -- Jeremy D. Davis, PL
(Mississippi) Manila -- Tiffany A. Flannigan, PL
(Mississippi) Manila -- Heather M. Herren, PL
(Mississippi) Manila -- Madonna G. Minton, PL
(Mississippi) Manila -- Amanda J. Sammons, PL
(Mississippi) Manila -- Joseph W. Yancey, PL
(Mississippi) Manila -- Jodie M. Cherry, DL
(Mississippi) Manila -- Jennifer  Ellis, DL
(Mississippi) Osceola -- James M. Brothers, PL
(Mississippi) Osceola -- Billie A. Collard, PL
(Mississippi) Osceola -- Wallace Glen Fortner, PL
(Mississippi) Osceola -- Coleen S. Graham, PL
(Mississippi) Osceola -- Lily M. Jackson, PL
(Mississippi) Osceola -- Derek  Jacobs, PL
(Mississippi) Osceola -- Cecelia D. Jones, PL
(Mississippi) Osceola -- Melody S. Mosley, PL
(Mississippi) Osceola -- Robert E. O'Kane, PL
(Mississippi) Osceola -- Unika N. Washington, PL
(Mississippi) Osceola -- Tosha D. Johnson, DL
(Mississippi) Osceola -- Kimberly M. Laird, DL
(Mississippi) Wilson -- Natalie N. Cissell, PL
(Monroe) Brinkley -- Joseph E. Berry, PL
(Monroe) Brinkley -- Faith Sherrell McMath, DL
(Monroe) Brinkley -- Adam L. Musgrave, DL
(Monroe) Holly Grove -- Robin G. Chastain, DL
(Newton) Western Grove -- Michael J. Horn, PL
(Ouachita) Camden -- Spencer R. Tharp, PL
(Ouachita) Camden -- Nicholas A. Weaver, PL
(Ouachita) Camden -- Amanda R. Tidwell, DL
(Perry) Perry -- Heather L. Cripps, PL
(Phillips) Helena -- Jessica L. Thomas, PL
(Phillips) Helena -- James Justin Yancey, PL
(Phillips) Lexa -- Jonathan N. Bagley, PL
(Phillips) Marvell -- Brittney M. Guest, PL
(Phillips) Marvell -- Erica M. Hughes, PL
(Phillips) Turner -- Jimmie I. Puckett, PL
(Phillips) West Helena -- Sherie L. Jones, DL
(Poinsett) Fisher -- Autumn L. Greeno, DL
(Poinsett) Fisher -- Debra K. Mink, DL
(Poinsett) Harrisburg -- Nickolas A. Alsup, PL
(Poinsett) Harrisburg -- Robert S. Dorman, PL
(Poinsett) Harrisburg -- Leah R. Gardner, PL
(Poinsett) Harrisburg -- Heather Jo McPherson, PL
(Poinsett) Harrisburg -- Kristy J. Owens, PL
(Poinsett) Harrisburg -- Rachel R. Roland, PL
(Poinsett) Harrisburg -- Cody A. Yancey, PL
(Poinsett) Harrisburg -- Tracy L. Carter, DL
(Poinsett) Harrisburg -- Sabrina M. Cravens, DL
(Poinsett) Harrisburg -- Broderick G. Eaton, DL
(Poinsett) Harrisburg -- Treva D. Moss, DL
(Poinsett) Harrisburg -- Josh D. Page, DL
(Poinsett) Harrisburg -- Kitty  Robinson, DL
(Poinsett) Harrisburg -- Ashley D. Whittingham, DL
(Poinsett) Harrisburg -- Cameron C. Wimpy, DL
(Poinsett) Lepanto -- Donna J. Ruiz, PL
(Poinsett) Lepanto -- Kayce R. Todd, PL
(Poinsett) Lepanto -- Christie L. Chamberlin, DL
(Poinsett) Lepanto -- Ben E. Light, DL
(Poinsett) Marked Tree -- Steven D. Craig, PL
(Poinsett) Marked Tree -- Misty C. Evans, PL
(Poinsett) Marked Tree -- Jared G. Gillis, PL
(Poinsett) Marked Tree -- Natalie M. Hobbs, PL
(Poinsett) Marked Tree -- Meghan S. Parker, PL
(Poinsett) Marked Tree -- Jennifer Lynn Plunk, PL
(Poinsett) Marked Tree -- Renee Pearson Price, PL
(Poinsett) Marked Tree -- Lakisha L. Keys, DL
(Poinsett) Marked Tree -- Andrew B. Lung, DL
(Poinsett) Marked Tree -- Adrian Wynnette Perry, DL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Thea J. Austin, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Kendra D. Bishop, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Kerri L. Box, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Patrick H. Byerly, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Carol A. Conatser, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Joseph A. Curtis, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Trenity R. Fritz, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Debra L. Hall, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Lindsay C. Jones, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Tabitha L. King, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Jacob D. Maxwell, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Clay G. McClung, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Daniel S. Miller, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Crystal D. Murphy, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Tera R. Ramsay, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Sandra R. Spence, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Elizabeth K. Tarver, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Gentry L. Tipton, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Emilee L. Whittingham, PL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Cynthia Gail Acree, DL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Ashley D. Barker, DL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Sarah K. Cooper, DL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Karri R. Green, DL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Ashley  Jaynes, DL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Brandi M. McClung, DL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Lara A. Roach, DL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Brittany L. Terry, DL
(Poinsett) Trumann -- Latisha R. Weems, DL
(Poinsett) Tyronza -- Daniel R. Cato, PL
(Poinsett) Tyronza -- Ashley P. Daniels, PL
(Poinsett) Tyronza -- Teresa C. Hall, PL
(Poinsett) Tyronza -- Robert D. Wood, PL
(Poinsett) Tyronza -- Christopher B. Cato, DL
(Poinsett) Weiner -- Delton C. Kagen, PL
(Poinsett) Weiner -- Carol J. Little, PL
(Pope) Russellville -- Shawn A. Oates, DL
(Prairie) Biscoe -- Mitchell L. Nail, PL
(Prairie) Des Arc -- Laney M. Berry, PL
(Prairie) Des Arc -- Preston C. Campbell, PL
(Prairie) Des Arc -- Elisabeth A. Mullen, PL
(Prairie) Des Arc -- Catherine S. Berry, DL
(Prairie) Des Arc -- Kelcie E. Huffstickler, DL
(Prairie) Hazen -- Stacey  Bowman, PL
(Prairie) Hazen -- Jenna M. Ciganek, PL
(Prairie) Hazen -- Kristie  D'Angelo, PL
(Prairie) Hazen -- Julie C. Young, PL
(Prairie) Hazen -- Brian P. Lisko, DL
(Prairie) Hazen -- Sarah J. Taylor, DL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Amanda M. Adair, PL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Katrice N. Counts, PL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Marcie  Duncan, PL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Kathryn M. Fischer, PL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Ben A. Gibson, PL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Kristina M. Hankins, PL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Whitney L. Hurley, PL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Robyn S. Lewis, PL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Jessica A. Myrick, PL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Mandy R. Terhune, PL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Tyler C. Vanderpool, PL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Katie Rebecca White, PL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Erin L. Gray, DL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Kyle R. Hamsher, DL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Erin S. Mayo, DL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Jamie L. Newburg, DL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Michael D. Oler, DL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- William Dale Rowland, DL
(Pulaski) Jacksonville -- Charina C. Williams, DL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- Elizabeth A. Asbury, PL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- Corrie  Backstrom, PL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- Charles C. Bell, PL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- Matthew J. Deramus, PL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- Thomas K. Head, PL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- Anthea Marie Horn, PL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- Melody A. Houk, PL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- Rachael V. McCaleb, PL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- Kathryn S. Osborn, PL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- Trishia K. Phillips, PL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- Lindsay N. Pollard, PL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- Kayla Marie Sullivan, PL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- Summer L. Townsend, PL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- William T. Campbell, DL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- Kandace R. Dyson, DL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- Kendra Nicole Ingram, DL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- James L. Lepine, DL
(Pulaski) Little Rock -- Joshua Byrd Mitchell, DL
(Pulaski) Maumelle -- Brittany L. Bailey, PL
(Pulaski) Maumelle -- Brandon D. Harris, PL
(Pulaski) Maumelle -- Brittany M. Lawrence, DL
(Pulaski) North Little Rock -- Kortney R. Bargiel, PL
(Pulaski) North Little Rock -- Caitlin E. Berry, PL
(Pulaski) North Little Rock -- Sarah E. Rout, PL
(Pulaski) North Little Rock -- Carrie H. Screeton, PL
(Pulaski) North Little Rock -- Lauren Elizabeth Walker, PL
(Pulaski) North Little Rock -- Laura E. Eubank, DL
(Pulaski) North Little Rock -- Kristin Ann Walker, DL
(Pulaski) North Little Rock -- Laura L. Wingfield, DL
(Pulaski) Roland -- Andrea C. Mary, PL
(Pulaski) Sherwood -- Elizabeth Ann Bond, PL
(Pulaski) Sherwood -- Brandon J. Eller, PL
(Pulaski) Sherwood -- Laura K. Minton, PL
(Pulaski) Sherwood -- Karen L. Preachers, PL
(Pulaski) Sherwood -- Christopher M. Johnson, DL
(Pulaski) Sherwood -- Bobby L. Myers, DL
(Randolph) Maynard -- Sarah M. Griggs, PL
(Randolph) Maynard -- Caleb R. Harris, PL
(Randolph) Maynard -- Brooklynne Kay Rapert, PL
(Randolph) Maynard -- Ashley N. Simmons, PL
(Randolph) O'Kean -- Katie J. Roberts, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Jessica D. Amos, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Jordan W. Baker, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Austin M. Baltz, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Debra L. Baltz, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Katelyn R. Baltz, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Janice K. Bonner, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Steven A. Crocker, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Lindsay B. Ingram, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Brandon W. Kazzee, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Leslie A. Lewallen, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Blaire E. O'Donnell, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Robert S. Parker, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Shannon K. Ragan, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Sarah M. Rounds, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Melissa A. Schaechtel, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Brin A. Seagraves, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- David L. Smith, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Stormy A. Snow, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Lindsey A. Sullivan, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Tahnee L. Thielemier, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Emily C. Todd, PL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Jeremy C. Andrews, DL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Joey D. Burdin, DL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Laura G. Corbett, DL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Bryan R. DeClerk, DL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Courtney A. Johnson, DL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Joshua C. Murphy, DL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Laura A. Presley, DL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Jennifer L. Rawls, DL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Taylor R. Thielemier, DL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Brian A. Weatherford, DL
(Randolph) Pocahontas -- Julie Ann Williams, DL
(Randolph) Ravenden Springs -- Deondra J. Earles, PL
(Randolph) Ravenden Springs -- Jacob E. Towell, PL
(Randolph) Reyno -- John M. Edington, PL
(Saint Francis) Caldwell -- Rachelle Avelynn Cawagdan, PL
(Saint Francis) Colt -- Elizabeth M. Mears, DL
(Saint Francis) Forrest City -- John Scott Austen Carroll, PL
(Saint Francis) Forrest City -- Larry E. Carter, PL
(Saint Francis) Forrest City -- Adam M. Hillis, PL
(Saint Francis) Forrest City -- Candi A. Kilgore, PL
(Saint Francis) Forrest City -- Wendy L. McCluskey, PL
(Saint Francis) Forrest City -- Andrew J. Vaccaro, PL
(Saint Francis) Forrest City -- April R. Barger, DL
(Saint Francis) Forrest City -- Lashonda A. Cottrell, DL
(Saint Francis) Forrest City -- Alicia B. Gilbreath, DL
(Saint Francis) Forrest City -- Paula R. Parham, DL
(Saint Francis) Forrest City -- Lisa A. Pettus, DL
(Saint Francis) Forrest City -- Chelseah S. Smith, DL
(Saint Francis) Forrest City -- Carrie E. Varvil, DL
(Saint Francis) Forrest City -- Jessica L. Wallace, DL
(Saint Francis) Madison -- Teela L. Lee, PL
(Saint Francis) Wheatley -- Jennifer L. Loewer, PL
(Saline) Benton -- Megan Marie Hogue, PL
(Saline) Benton -- Lyndsey L. Jackson, PL
(Saline) Benton -- Lara Kellie Ketchum, PL
(Saline) Benton -- Leslie K. Larsen, PL
(Saline) Benton -- Kelsey M. Mitchell, PL
(Saline) Benton -- Caroline G. Starr, PL
(Saline) Benton -- Emily A. Bieker, DL
(Saline) Benton -- Tiffanie M. Holland, DL
(Saline) Bryant -- Jessica R. Battisto, PL
(Saline) Bryant -- Anne M. Cason, PL
(Saline) Bryant -- Christopher A. Echols, PL
(Saline) Bryant -- Mary K. Edwards, PL
(Saline) Bryant -- Candice R. James, PL
(Saline) Bryant -- Bricin Elizabeth Martin, PL
(Saline) Bryant -- Shannon D. Patrick, PL
(Saline) Bryant -- Bryan D. Lee, DL
(Saline) Haskell -- Jason P. Hogue, DL
(Scott) Waldron -- Jeremy Andrew Heath, PL
(Searcy) Marshall -- Marinda R. Hutchison, PL
(Sevier) Horatio -- Jessica N. Grasich, DL
(Sharp) Ash Flat -- Nikki R. McGowan, PL
(Sharp) Ash Flat -- Dewana L. McIntosh, PL
(Sharp) Ash Flat -- Jessica  Wolverton, PL
(Sharp) Ash Flat -- Andrew J. Brandenburg, DL
(Sharp) Cave City -- Shana R. Bailey, PL
(Sharp) Cave City -- Caleb Jeremiah Conyers, PL
(Sharp) Cave City -- Lana L. Elkins, PL
(Sharp) Cave City -- Shaena L. Howell, PL
(Sharp) Cave City -- Miranda R. Perkey, PL
(Sharp) Cave City -- Tommie A. Qualls, PL
(Sharp) Cave City -- Kimberly D. Beams, DL
(Sharp) Cave City -- Tammy L. Curtis, DL
(Sharp) Cave City -- Lindsey D. Hastings, DL
(Sharp) Cave City -- Morgan T. Sensabaugh, DL
(Sharp) Cherokee Village -- Angie Jean Duncan, PL
(Sharp) Cherokee Village -- Ashley R. Flory, PL
(Sharp) Cherokee Village -- Erica C. Honey, PL
(Sharp) Cherokee Village -- Ashley Lynn Kriby, PL
(Sharp) Cherokee Village -- Linda D. Fielding, DL
(Sharp) Evening Shade -- Elizabeth A. Kirk, PL
(Sharp) Evening Shade -- Megan A. Spurlock, PL
(Sharp) Evening Shade -- Kevin S. Watkins, PL
(Sharp) Evening Shade -- Miranda L. Arnold, DL
(Sharp) Hardy -- Amanda N. Polston, PL
(Sharp) Hardy -- Candice A. Dunbar, DL
(Sharp) Williford -- Barbara C. Coble, PL
(Stone) Mountain View -- Frances E. Attaway, PL
(Stone) Mountain View -- Kacie M. Richardson, PL
(Stone) Mountain View -- Megan N. Watters, PL
(Stone) Mountain View -- Summer P. West, PL
(Stone) Mountain View -- Kara L. Smith, DL
(Union) El Dorado -- Kendall C. Carroll, PL
(Union) El Dorado -- Meagan R. Collins, PL
(Union) El Dorado -- Mary E. Benson, DL
(Union) El Dorado -- Ashley L. Collins, DL
(Union) El Dorado -- Tony M. Johnson, DL
(Union) El Dorado -- Sarah A. Mouser, DL
(Union) El Dorado -- Katherine I. Willeford, DL
(Van Buren) Clinton -- April Ilene Keith, PL
(Van Buren) Clinton -- Tyler A. King, PL
(Van Buren) Shirley -- Cindy D. Fryer, PL
(Washington) Springdale -- Chaz S. Allen, PL
(White) Bald Knob -- William K. Cox, PL
(White) Bald Knob -- Steven  James, DL
(White) Bald Knob -- Caitlin N. Sammons, DL
(White) Beebe -- Drew A. Bullock, PL
(White) Beebe -- Lindsay D. Dugger, PL
(White) Beebe -- Kenneth D. Jewell, PL
(White) Beebe -- Amanda D. Kennedy, PL
(White) Beebe -- Jamie N. Langer, PL
(White) Beebe -- Tiffany Hinds Payan, PL
(White) Beebe -- Marie M. Smith, PL
(White) Beebe -- Stephanie L. Watkins, PL
(White) Beebe -- Ryan Martin Allen, DL
(White) Beebe -- Katrina M. Mills, DL
(White) Bradford -- Rebecca A. Addington, PL
(White) Bradford -- Ashley M. Dunn, PL
(White) Bradford -- Joshua L. Pippenger, PL
(White) Bradford -- Sarah A. Smith, PL
(White) Bradford -- Miranda D. Emery, DL
(White) Bradford -- Tambra E. Herman, DL
(White) Bradford -- Alinna M. Imhoof, DL
(White) Bradford -- Ashlee J. Robinson, DL
(White) Bradford -- Kelli D. Storey, DL
(White) Griffithville -- Bradley K. Watkins, PL
(White) Judsonia -- Amanda K. Brock, PL
(White) Judsonia -- Tamara Lynn Gillham, PL
(White) Judsonia -- Jessica J. Hulsey, PL
(White) Judsonia -- Tammy L. Williams, PL
(White) McRae -- Barbara Louise Henry, PL
(White) McRae -- Dana K. Johnston, PL
(White) McRae -- Jay Scott Jones, PL
(White) McRae -- Kathy R. Lunsford, PL
(White) McRae -- Tara L. Scott, PL
(White) McRae -- Pamela R. Hendrix, DL
(White) Pangburn -- Dawn M. Cates, DL
(White) Romance -- Sarah L. Duvall, PL
(White) Rose Bud -- Brandi R. McAfee, PL
(White) Rose Bud -- Kelly R. Tate, PL
(White) Searcy -- Amy M. Alberson, PL
(White) Searcy -- Melanie Ruth Barker, PL
(White) Searcy -- Tonya L. Barnett, PL
(White) Searcy -- Amanda  Berberian, PL
(White) Searcy -- Terrian B. Crow, PL
(White) Searcy -- Stephanie N. Daniel, PL
(White) Searcy -- Jamie L. Eads, PL
(White) Searcy -- Marsha K. Green, PL
(White) Searcy -- Shannon B. Hickey, PL
(White) Searcy -- Tara R. Hill, PL
(White) Searcy -- Lori P. Lunday, PL
(White) Searcy -- Brittney L. Martin, PL
(White) Searcy -- Jennifer M. Pruitt, PL
(White) Searcy -- Amanda M. Rivers, PL
(White) Searcy -- Jessica M. Siler, PL
(White) Searcy -- Tiffaney J. Turturro, PL
(White) Searcy -- Lindsey N. Walker, PL
(White) Searcy -- Erin R. Wollard, PL
(White) Searcy -- Darlene M. Cleveland, DL
(White) Searcy -- Kelly Nicole Collinsworth, DL
(White) Searcy -- Traci L. Deloach, DL
(White) Searcy -- Lance William Gooch, DL
(White) Searcy -- Samantha A. Lynn, DL
(White) Searcy -- Jessica A. Wicker, DL
(White) Searcy -- Ashlee Ruth Wiseman, DL
(White) Searcy -- Lauren O. Wiseman, DL
(Woodruff) Augusta -- Kenya D. Browning, PL
(Woodruff) Augusta -- Lana N. Flowers, DL
(Woodruff) Cotton Plant -- Brooke S. Hoggatt, PL
(Woodruff) McCrory -- Cherry Jane Dallas, PL
(Woodruff) McCrory -- Mark E. Killingsworth, PL
(Woodruff) McCrory -- Jennifer L. Franklin, DL
(Yell) Belleville -- Jonathan H. Willard, PL
(Yell) Plainview -- Amber M. Barnett, PL
MISSOURI (by county)
(Butler) Fisk -- Scott Evan Kirkman, PL
(Butler) Poplar Bluff -- Sondra L. Ajasin, PL
(Butler) Poplar Bluff -- Charles A. Barker, PL
(Butler) Poplar Bluff -- Zane C. Clark, PL
(Butler) Poplar Bluff -- Shannon  Hutson, PL
(Butler) Poplar Bluff -- Steven A. Edwards, DL
(Butler) Poplar Bluff -- Kristi Charlene Freeman, DL
(Butler) Poplar Bluff -- Kate L. Smith, DL
(Cape Girardeau) Jackson -- Kathleen E. Graham, DL
(Christian) Nixa -- Melinda B. Watts, DL
(Christian) Ozark -- Christopher P. Borgard, DL
(Dunklin) Arbyrd -- Darla Sue Shaver, PL
(Dunklin) Arbyrd -- Brook A. Holden, DL
(Dunklin) Campbell -- Nicole J. Noall, PL
(Dunklin) Campbell -- Lindy N. Rodery, PL
(Dunklin) Campbell -- Amanda M. Weidenbenner, PL
(Dunklin) Cardwell -- Jonna S. Clark, PL
(Dunklin) Cardwell -- Crystal M. Davidson, PL
(Dunklin) Cardwell -- Nancye J. Gage, PL
(Dunklin) Cardwell -- Heather M. Gillion, PL
(Dunklin) Cardwell -- Adam B. Marret, PL
(Dunklin) Cardwell -- Shelly D. Watkins, PL
(Dunklin) Glennonville -- Janise M. Kerperien, DL
(Dunklin) Hornersville -- Katie Elizabeth Hutchison, PL
(Dunklin) Hornersville -- Emily B. Jamerson, PL
(Dunklin) Kennett -- Ashley M. Bruce, PL
(Dunklin) Kennett -- Susan Dawn Statler, PL
(Dunklin) Kennett -- Harold L. Busch, DL
(Dunklin) Kennett -- Scott A. Davis, DL
(Dunklin) Malden -- Leigh A. Johnson, PL
(Dunklin) Senath -- Christopher M. McLain, PL
(Jefferson) Arnold -- Caron L. Cox, PL
(New Madrid) Gideon -- Mindy L. Maddox, DL
(New Madrid) New Madrid -- Brittany S. Gist, DL
(New Madrid) New Madrid -- Jeriod R. Kimball, DL
(New Madrid) Portageville -- Tena L. Roberts Morton, PL
(New Madrid) Portageville -- Ashley D. Whitley, PL
(New Madrid) Portageville -- Joseph B. Richardson, DL
(Oregon) Couch -- Charles Monroe Mueller, DL
(Oregon) Thayer -- Holly S. Nelson, DL
(Pemiscot) Caruthersville -- Allison R. Clark, PL
(Pemiscot) Caruthersville -- Chad M. McClain, PL
(Pemiscot) Cooter -- Steven L. Stubblefield, PL
(Pemiscot) Deering -- Jonathan J. Young, DL
(Pemiscot) Hayti -- Eva M. Taylor, PL
(Pemiscot) Hayti -- Latoya R. Covington, DL
(Pemiscot) Steele -- Jared Michael Shubert, PL
(Pemiscot) Wardell -- Bobbie J. Phillips, PL
(Polk) Morrisville -- Tyler C. Doke, DL
(Ripley) Doniphan -- Ryan  Brown, PL
(Ripley) Naylor -- Stephanie L. Edwards, PL
(Ripley) Naylor -- Amanda M. Preslar, DL
(Saint Louis) Chesterfield -- Katharine J. Krekeler, DL
(Scott) Sikeston -- James R. Beaird, PL
(Scott) Sikeston -- Arnold G. Stone, PL
(Scott) Sikeston -- Katrena K. Martin, DL
(Scott) Sikeston -- Tori L. McConnell, DL
(St. Louis) St. Louis -- Kelly K. Bretz, DL
(Stoddard) Dexter -- Ashley Nicole Murphy, PL
(Stoddard) Dexter -- Bailey K. Scism, PL
(Stoddard) Dexter -- Rachael M. Smith, PL
(Stoddard) Essex -- Cortney D. Odum, PL
(Stoddard) Essex -- Nicole Gwen Wheeler, PL
(Stoddard) Essex -- Kristin Suzanne Wheeler, DL
AL Cullman -- Donna Lynette Marotti, PL
AL Foley -- Matthew D. Snowden, DL
AZ Litchfield Park -- Shawna K. Sparks, DL
AZ Tucson -- Amy C. Leadem, DL
CA Bakersfield -- Pamela R. Ware, PL
CA Cloverdale -- Dale M. Maas, PL
CA Porterville -- Timothy E. Caples, PL
CA Rosamond -- Michele S. Conant, PL
CA Scotia -- Brian L. Timmerman, DL
CO Parker -- Lisa S. Cullen, PL
FL Orlando -- Elise C. Birnbaum, PL
IA Gowrie -- Brandon K. Henson, PL
IA Perry -- Stephen P. Lewis, PL
IL Belleville -- Katharine M. Peil, PL
IL Bradley -- Henish Mahesh Patel, DL
IL Burr Ridge -- Marianne Riley Paul, PL
IN Martinsville -- Scott M. Davis, DL
IN Terre Haute -- Kevin D. Kull, PL
KS Minneapolis -- Michael R. Wedel, PL
LA Bastrop -- Sean A. Nichols, PL
LA Gonzales -- Apryl F. Cangiolosi, PL
LA Monroe -- Emily A. Odom, PL
ME Bath -- William A. Bailey, PL
MI Montrose -- Sondra K. Hulsether, PL
MS Hernando -- Shauna J. Leonard, PL
MS Olive Branch -- Chelsea  Chism, PL
MS Southaven -- Whitney Ann Ward, PL
MS Tupelo -- Alex T. Carrington, PL
MT Roundup -- Cherish L. Stutts, PL
NC Jacksonville -- Andrew D. Ray, PL
NE Lincoln -- Joseph  Chunestudy, DL
NM Alburquerque -- Joshua J. Bednarz, PL
NM Lovington -- Ciara N. Cunningham, PL
NY Voorheesville -- Katherine M. Duncan, DL
OH Columbus -- Mark Christian Bellamy, PL
OK Sapulpa -- Kyle T. Spencer, PL
OK Tulsa -- Cynthia L. Davis, PL
OK Tulsa -- Sarah Elizabeth Palke, PL
OK Tulsa -- Shana Kay Yoder, DL
ON Ajaz -- Nicole Allison Goldman, DL
PA McKean -- Nicole L. Tallman, DL
TN Collierville -- Katie Leigh Scully, DL
TN Dyersburg -- Brandy D. Riggan, PL
TN Franklin -- Jonathan W. White, DL
TN Germantown -- Allyn S. Cohen, PL
TN Germantown -- Austin W. Malone, PL
TN Hendersonville -- Michael L. Williams, DL
TN Memphis -- April M. Coleman, PL
TN Memphis -- Oluwatosin A. Kayode, PL
TN Memphis -- Oluwademilade T. Osibanjo, PL
TN Memphis -- Andrew J. Saunders, PL
TN Memphis -- Ellen E. Stewart, PL
TN Memphis -- Tiffany A. Anderson, DL
TN Memphis -- Tangileer L. Townsend, DL
TN Ripley -- Brian C. Flagg, DL
TN Somerville -- Katherine D. Clark, PL
TX Abilene -- Jo Beth Wharton, DL
TX Aledo -- Jonathan C. Hissam, PL
TX Arlington -- Ann M. Anderson, PL
TX Bluff Dale -- Courtney J. Blevins, PL
TX Flower Mound -- Thomas M. Castilaw, DL
TX Fort Worth -- Vanessa N. Williams, PL
TX Lewisville -- Rebekah L. Cauthen, PL
TX McKinney -- Erin K. McKenna, DL
TX Round Rock -- Megan L. Czepiel, DL
TX Sugar Land -- Magdeline E. Adams, DL
TX Texarkana -- Kelly J. Hadaway, PL
TX The Woodlands -- Ryan  Knoll, DL
TX Wimberley -- Kristin A. Kirby, PL
VA Norfolk -- John J. Roche, PL
WI Oshkosh -- Brett T. Himmler, PL
Austria -- Martina  Bernhofer, DL
Austria -- Elisabeth  Ebner, DL
Austria -- Stefan  Kolbinger, PL
Canada -- Heather Mary Ray, PL
Canada -- Christine  Ryckman, PL
China -- Miao  Nie, DL
Croatia -- Zeljka  Minic, PL
Egypt -- Shadi A. Al-Junaidi, PL
England -- Fiona K. Beattie, PL
Finland -- Ulla K. Alatalo, PL
France -- Stephanie  Dogo, DL
France -- Delphine Simone Guillaume, DL
France -- My-Hang  Nguyen, PL
Germany -- Marisa  Wawrzyniak, PL
India -- Ashlesha S. Lokhande, PL
Poland -- Paula  Chelminska, PL
Romania -- Maria  Oprea, PL
Trinidad and Tobago -- Renee  Branker, PL
Venezuela -- Luisa Christina Lopez, DL

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