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April 18, 2007 -- Dr. Charles Carr, the chair of the Department of English and Philosophy, presented his paper "Three and a Half Theories of Constitutional
Interpretation" to a meeting of the Arkansas State University Philosophy
Club earlier this year.

Dr. Eric Cave's article "What's Wrong with Motive Manipulation?" was
published the April, 2007, edition of the journal Ethical Theory and Moral Practice.

Dr. Mike Cundall presented his paper "Teasing's Relation to Racist and Ethnic
Humor" at the Midsouth Philosophy Conference in Memphis. Dr. Cundall will be presenting his papers "Racist and Ethnic Humor" and "A Behavioral Analysis for Coding Humor" at the International Society for Humor Studies Conference, Newport,  R. I., in June. Dr. Cundallıs article "Autism and Philosophy" is forthcoming in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Dr. Cundall was also nominated for the distinguished advisor award at ASU.

Dr. Don Merrell presented his paper "The Meaning of Life" to a meeting of the
Arkansas State University Philosophy Club earlier this year. Dr. Merrell will present his paper "Throwing out the Scientific Baby with the Cartesian Bath-Water: Polger on the Illusion of Contingent Identity" at the University of Arkansas in April.

Dr. Jeanine Weekes Schroer presented her paper "Continental Philosophy viewed
with an Analytic Eye" to a meeting of the Arkansas State University
Philosophy Club earlier this year. Dr. Schroerıs paper "Fighting Imperviousness with Vulnerability: Teaching in a Climate of Conservativism" will be published in June in the journal Teaching Philosophy.

Dr. Robert Schroer presented his paper "How can a Single Property be both
Qualitative and Dispositional in Nature?" at the annual meeting of the
Alabama Philosophical Society, Tuscaloosa, Ala., in October, 2006. Dr. Schroer presented his paper "How the Transparency of Visual Experience Impacts Inverted Earth" at the Pacific Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, San Francisco, in April. Dr. Schroerıs paper "Can a Property be a Power and a Quality?" made the final shortlist of five in The Philosophical Quarterlyıs international essay competition in 2006, and his paper "The Woman in the Painting and the Image in the
Penny: An Investigation of Phenomenological Doubleness, Seeing-in, and
Reversed Seeing-in," was accepted for publication in Philosophical Studies.

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