NORTHEAST CAMPUS PARKING IMPROVEMENTS.  Several improvements have recently been made to accommodate the need for additional commuter, visitor, and faculty/staff parking in the northeast section of the academic core.  A total of 90 head-in parking spaces have been installed on the north side of Danner Street and the west side of Driver Street.  The 50 spaces installed on Danner will be for commuters (43 spaces) and visitors (7 spaces).  The visitor parking signage was installed on September 28.  The 40 new spaces on Driver are for commuters.  There are 10 pre-existing commuter spaces at the south end of Driver that have been re-designated as faculty/staff.  Signage was installed on September 21.  A fire lane has been installed on the east side of Driver.

NORTH PARK QUADS PARKING.  It is important to note that a previous announcement to the campus indicated that the additional spaces on Danner Street would be restricted to residents of North Park Quads (the new residence community).  After careful evaluation of the needs for commuters, residents, and visitors, it has been determined that the existing parking within the North Park Quads complex is sufficient.  Therefore, due to high commuter parking demand in the northeast academic core, the new parking on Danner, with the exception of the 7 visitor spaces, will remain open to commuters only between the zone parking hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on weekdays.  Restrictive signage is now posted for the parking lots located within North Park Quads.  The signage communicates that the lots are reserved for North Park residents at all times.

UNIVERSITY EAST PARKING.  Now that relief has been provided for the high commuter parking demands in the northeast academic core, strict enforcement of the resident parking signage on Bush and Whitaker in University East (former Kays Foundation) will commence.  Only residents of University East will be permitted to park on these streets.  University East residents who are faculty, staff, and students must display a current parking permit when parking a vehicle on these streets.  Please be advised that all parking on Banks Street is prohibited, as indicated by the pre-existing signage.

KAYS/UNIVERSITY RESIDENT PARKING.  A work order is in process to install an additional 24 spaces in the resident lot for Kays Hall and University Hall.  This will address the need for overflow parking in that location for the residents of both halls.

Dave McKinney
Associate Dean for Parking Services