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ASU-Jonesboro re-affirms neutral stance in contested political campaigns

Oct. 13, 2008 -- Arkansas State University-Jonesboro today re-affirmed its neutral stance in contested political campaigns, such as those currently underway in the City of Jonesboro.

Chancellor Robert L. Potts released a copy of his memorandum, issued to the ASU-Jonesboro campus on June 24, 2008, in which he emphasized that the university must maintain a neutral position in all political campaigns, including local, state and national contests.

At the same time, he also welcomed employees to personally support the candidates of their choice, as long as they do not use their university position or resources to do so.

The memo provides, in part:
“Faculty and staff should not involve the university name, logo, imagery, mascot or any other form of identification in a way that would suggest a university endorsement of a particular candidate or issue.

“Those who direct or advise student groups and organizations have a particular responsibility to ensure that the students and their university association are not used for political purposes.”

He added that healthy debate about public issues and candidates is an important part of the educational enterprise, and ASU has policies in place about the rental of facilities to any interested group. Speakers and candidates are welcome, as long as it is clear that the university is not supporting one candidate or party.



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