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Mascot Selection Steering Committee meets, reviews mascot possibilities

Jan. 4, 2008 -
- Arkansas State University’s Mascot Selection Steering Committee met today with Jamie Skiles, principal and creative director of Phoenix Design Works, to review draft designs and imagery for the next steps in the selection of a new mascot. Skiles presented seven iterations of possible mascots and imagery for discussion and evaluation.

The graphics were drawn primarily from the list of 12 names considered by the committee in a previous meeting. At the direction of the committee, Skiles and his team also revisited the list of 700 names received as suggestions previously to ensure that all viable options were considered as the process moved forward.

Skiles noted in his remarks to the group that he had immersed himself in the history of ASU and that some of these concepts were a result of his research.

After viewing Skiles’ work, the committee further narrowed the concepts for additional consideration to imagery that will incorporate the train theme, such as A-Train or Express, the Red Wolves, and the Ridge Riders. Committee chair Jim Pickens stressed several times that these choices are by no means final or definitive, and that the process of choosing a new mascot for ASU has been and remains broad-based, inclusive, and participatory. Pickens further stated, “It is not our job to choose a mascot. It is the charge of this committee to make a recommendation to the Chancellor and administration.”  Additionally, he asked Skiles to continue to explore any possible alternatives that would provide strong branding on behalf of Arkansas State University.

The committee’s next scheduled meeting is set for Wednesday, Jan. 30. At that meeting, Skiles will return with additional design options for consideration by the group.  

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