Lecture~Concert Committee Pool Projects Guidelines


The Lecture~Concert Committee will set aside a substantial portion of its university budget which will be used to provide support for public programs sponsored and organized by academic units, student organizations and societies, staff groups, and other campus organizations which are officially recognized by the university.  An eligible public program‑‑such as lecture, concert, play, or dance performance‑‑which supports the cultural, scientific, and intellectual interests of the university community may benefit from Lecture~Concert funds up to 50% but, except in extraordinary cases, not to exceed $1,000. 




!        Programs must be free and open to all members of the university community and should normally be similarly available to members of the general community;  


!        Programs should be of relatively broad interest, rather than pitched to very narrow constituencies; 


!        Sponsors of programs receiving support will be responsible for contracting work, logistics, and promotion, and will be required to provide appropriate documentation;


!        Because Lecture~Concert pool funds originate in the committee's university budget, transfers in support of pool projects can only be made to other university accounts (and not to ASU Foundation or external accounts);


!        The Lecture~Concert Series must be appropriately credited for its support; and


!        All relevant university policies will apply.



Arkansas State University's Lecture~Concert Series presents diverse programs to enrich the cultural life of the campus, community, and region.



Adopted by the Lecture~Concert Committee, 8 May 1997 (revised 6 March 2002)