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KASU presents Ireland's Brock McGuire Band at the Forum Nov. 1

Oct. 20, 2009 -- For more than 15 years, radio station KASU has been a trusted source for authentic Celtic music. It is with great pride that KASU presents the Brock McGuire Band live at the Forum Theatre on Sunday, Nov. 1 at 3 p.m. The Forum Theatre is located at 115 E. Monroe in historic downtown Jonesboro.

From left, the members of the Brock McGuire band are Manus McGuire, fiddle, Enda Scahill, banjo, and Paul Brock, button accordion, with Denis Carey, piano, seated at his instrument.

For their upcoming fall tour of the southern United States, co-founders of the group Moving Cloud and two of Ireland's most celebrated traditional musicians, button accordionist Paul Brock and fiddler Manus McGuire, are teaming up with accompanist Denis Carey and fiddler and concertina player Niamh Ni Charra.

Paul Brock, a multiple All-Ireland champion, has been at the forefront of button accordion playing for many years with his solo album "Mo Chairdin" (Gael-Linn, 1992), described in the Rough Guide to Irish Music as a "modern masterpiece of accordion music." His duet recording "Humdinger" with multiple All-Ireland banjo and mandolin champion Enda Scahill, released in 2006, was voted traditional Irish music album of the year by the Irish Times.

Manus McGuire has recorded 10 albums to date, including the self-titled CD with the Brock McGuire Band in 2004, which was accorded instrumental album of that year by Live His solo debut, "Saffron & Blue" was named best album of 2000, and Manus, best male musician of the same year by the Irish American News. His next solo album "Fiddlewings" was similarly honoured in 2006.

Denis Carey is a musician, composer, and arranger with a diverse musical background who has performed and recorded with many well- known artists both in Ireland and Canada and his most recent album, "Moving On," showcases his many wide-ranging compositions.

NiamNiamh Ni Charra will perform with the Brock McGuire band on Sunday, Nov. 1, at the Forum in downtown Jonesboro.h Ni Charra is an All-Ireland Champion on both fiddle and concertina. She toured Europe, Asia, and North America for 8 years as a soloist with Riverdance, performing in more than 2,500 shows, before returning to Ireland where she is now based. She tours these days with the Carlos Nunez band from Galicia, Spain. Her debut album "On Da Thaobh / From Both Sides" was released in 2007 to much critical acclaim and was the only Irish album to make MOJO's Top Ten Folk Albums for 2007. For more information, visit the Niamh Ni Charra website (

Passion and precision, coupled with authenticity and diversity, are the hallmarks of the Brock McGuire Band. Steeped as they are in traditional Irish music, and performing that music with deep and abiding respect and creativity, this band represents the best of traditional Irish musicianship. Audiences everywhere are in for a massive treat. Visit the Brock McGuire Band website ( for a sample of the sound of the Brock McGuire band.

Tickets will be available at the door--tickets for adults are $15, seniors $10, and students/children $5.  For more information, call KASU at 972-2200 or 800-643-8269.

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