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Ingram Hill to perform at ASU's Springfest 2008: Party in Paradise, April 16

April 8, 2008 -- The Student Activities Board at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro will host a free concert featuring recording artists Ingram Hill. The band will beFrom left, Phil Bogard, Matt Chambless, and Justin Moore of Ingram Hill, performing at ASU Wednesday, April 16, as part of Springfest 2008. performing on Wednesday, April 16, at 7 p.m. on the Heritage Plaza Lawn of the Student Union.

Native to Memphis, Tenn., Ingram Hill has, since forming in 2000, toured non-stop, averaging about 200 shows a year. Their strategy: to play well and have a good time doing it. They operate under the philosophy “When you're out supporting other bands the audience has no idea who you are, but if they see you having fun, then suddenly it’s fun for them. We don't take ourselves too seriously. Life isn't that bad," says the band’s singer/guitarist Justin Moore. Matt Chambless is the group’s drummer and vocalist, and Phil Bogard is lead guitarist. Chris Johnson tours with Ingram Hill on bass and vocals.

Ingram Hill’s rise to fame and its rock-pop-alternative crossover appeal can be attributed to their grassroots efforts and their desire to remain a true rock-and-roll band. According to Justin Moore “If there was one conscious decision we made, it was just be a rock ‘n' roll band, no matter what happens with the trends. People will always like it.

In August 2007, this chart-topping group released its second full-length album, “Cold in California.”  This album features such songs as “I Hear Goodnight,” “Four Letter Word,” and “Cold in California.” In 2002, Ingram Hill recorded a debut indie EP, “Until Now,” and then entered the studio to record the full-length album, “June’s Picture Show.

This event is free and open to the public ages 16 and older.

Other Springfest 2008: Party in Paradise events include: A-State Idol, sponsored by Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority on Tuesday, April 15, 7 p.m., Centennial Ballroom, Student Union (contact Katherine Smith,; and Welcome to Paradise Extravaganza, Thursday, April 17, 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Student Union center court area and Heritage Plaza Lawn.   

For more information, call Jerrod O. Lockhart, ASU Tribal Leadership Center, at (870) 972-2055, or contact Lockhart via e-mail at         



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