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Increased interest in on-campus living affects housing availability

Aug. 11, 2008 -- While Arkansas State University’s student population is expected to increase because of higher retention rates and an influx of incoming freshmen, university officials are preparing to deal with one challenge arising from that success —a shortage of available housing.

“Based upon housing applications for the 2008-09 academic year, there is a strong interest in attending Arkansas State,” said Dr. Rick Stripling, ASU’s vice chancellor for Student Affairs.  “There is also a higher demand by students to live on campus. Because of retention and demand and the fact that students are pleased with available housing, more and more are wanting to live on campus.”

Patrick Dixon, director for residence life, said housing assignments are made based on the date the applications are received. “We already have people applying for housing for fall 2009,” said Dixon. “The issues we are encountering right now are with the people who waited until July 2008 to apply.”

Dixon stated that Residence Life officials announced at the most recent student orientation session the office will accept housing applications for first year male students but cannot guarantee housing. The office has stopped accepting housing applications for first-year female students because female spaces are full. Representatives of off-campus apartment complexes were invited to student orientation Aug. 6 to assist students who might be interested in living off-campus.

Groundbreaking for a new student complex and a new honors hall were held in May. Both facilities, under construction, are expected to open in the fall of 2009. ASU officials said the addition of these new housing units will address the recent surplus of students who prefer to live on campus.

Freshmen are required to live on campus, but Dr. Stripling noted there is a high demand for on-campus housing from second-, third-, and fourth-year students, primarily for ASU’s apartment dwellings. In addition to Arkansas Hall, University Hall, and Kays Hall, other residence areas include Northpark Quads apartment complexes, The Village (family housing), and Collegiate Park.

For more information, contact Dr. Rick Stripling at 870-972-2048.



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