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Dr. Robyn Hannigan inducted as Geological Society of America Fellow

July 25, 2008 -- Dr. Robyn Hannigan, director and Judd Hill chair of Environmental Science at Arkansas State University, was recently inducted as a Fellow in the Geological Society of America.

Dr. Robyn Hannigan was recently inducted as a Fellow of the Geological Society of America."It is indeed an incredible honor to be recognized by my peers for my contributions to our discipline,” said Dr. Hannigan. “This award is not only in honor of my work but that of many exceptional students who I have had the pleasure of working with over the years.  That is the true honor, to work with great students, have a blast in the lab and simultaneously contribute to the advancement of science.”

Dr. Hannigan was honored for her contribution as a geochemist-hydrologist, organometallic biogeochemist, and environmental scientist, who has also made major breakthroughs in analytical instrumentation for speciation of organometals.

She has also taken a leadership role in furthering diversity by training underrepresented minority students from across the nation in environmental science research.

"This is a great honor for Dr. Hannigan and for ASU,” said Dr. John M. Pratte, chair of the chemistry and physics department.  “She has done a tremendous job over the years of integrating different disciplines in her research and of exciting young minds in science. It is good to see her work recognized by such a prestigious organization."

The Geological Society is the preeminent professional organization for Earth Sciences, and Fellow status is the highest honor a member may be awarded. GSA members are elected to Fellowship in recognition of distinguished contributions to the geosciences. Nominations may only be made by a Fellow of the Society.

The Geological Society brings earth scientists from throughout the world to unite in a common purpose to study and share scientific findings of the planet. The Society provides access to those elements essential to the professional growth of earth scientists at all levels of expertise from academic, government, business, and industry.




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