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ASU officials, Jonesboro police, students meet to address off-campus incident

Nov. 14, 2008 -- Arkansas State University officials and the Jonesboro Police Department are working together to answer concerns about student involvement in an election night off-campus apartment complex incident, and to reassure the campus population and parents that the university and Jonesboro are safe environments.

ASU administrators and students met with Jonesboro Police Chief Mike Yates Thursday, Nov. 13, to discuss the incident.

Dr. Glen Jones, senior associate vice chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research, and executive assistant to the chancellor for diversity, noted the incident did not occur on university property; however, several students present were arrested. Dr. Jones said Chief Yates met with students and administrators after concerns were expressed by students in regard to the episode.

“The university's interest in the welfare of our students extends beyond the boundaries of our campus. We would like to make sure our students’ voices are heard,” said Dr. Jones.

Dr. Rick Stripling, vice chancellor for Student Affairs, added, “Arkansas State University has had a good working relationship with the Jonesboro Police Department in the past, and this meeting reinforces that continued relationship.”

“Both Arkansas State University administrators and the chief of Jonesboro Police have extended an open door for students to provide any pertinent information surrounding the incident,” said Dr. Lonnie Williams, associate vice chancellor of Student Affairs.           



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