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ASU Board of Trustees recommends faculty members for tenure, promotion

May 15, 2009 -- Today, the ASU Board of Trustees approved the recommendations of the following faculty members for tenure and/or promotion for the 2009-2010 academic year. Those tenured and promoted will be designated with an asterisk, and their promotional rank listed.

Tenured Faculty
College of Agriculture and Technology
Steven Green, *associate professor, Agriculture.

College of Education
Brian Church, *associate professor, Health, Physical Education, and Sport Sciences
Tonja Fillippino, *associate professor, Teacher Education
Irina Khramtsova, *associate professor, Psychology and Counseling

College of Fine Arts
Stacy Alley, *associate professor, Theatre
Alyson Gill, *associate professor, Art
Shelley Gipson, *associate professor, Art
Lauren Schack Clark, *associate professor, Music

College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Cherisse Jones-Branch, *associate professor, History
Joseph Key, *associate professor, History

College of Nursing and Health Professions
Sherri Lovelace, *associate professor, Communication Disorders

College of Sciences and Mathematics
Hai Jiang, *associate professor, Computer Science
Tanja McKay, *associate professor, Biological Sciences
Fabricio Medina-Bolivar, *associate professor, Biological Sciences/ABI

Promoted Faculty
College of Agriculture and Technology
David Agnew, professor, Agriculture

College of Business
Terry Roach, professor, Management and Marketing
Gauri Shankar Guha, associate professor, Economics and Finance

College of Communications
Lillie Fears, professor, Journalism

College of Education
Amy Claxton, associate professor, Psychology and Counseling

College of Fine Arts
Timothy Crist, professor, Music

College of Sciences and Mathematics
Argelia Lorance, associate professor, Chemistry and Physics




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