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ASU physical therapy professor goes
on summer tour with rock singer

Sept. 25, 2006 -- Dr. Staffan Elgelid, a physical therapy professor at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, traveled with rock musician Beck on his European tour. Elgelid was Beck’s personal physical therapist as well as a massage therapist not only for Beck but also other band members and the road crew.

Dr. Staffan ElgelidElgelid is also a practitioner of feldenkrais, an approach to changing the movements and habits to reduce pain. Although this method is popular in Europe it is unique to Arkansas.

Elgelid said he gained more respect for musicians on the road because of this experience. Between traveling on a bus for about 12 hours at a time to doing physical therapy after the performance, which was typically after midnight, Elgelid said it "threw him off a normal schedule."

After traveling Europe with Beck and visiting cities including London, Amsterdam, Oslo and Copenhagen Elgelid said he will bring this experience into the classroom by making students aware that these opportunities are available. Once a therapist is known to performers, such as athletes and musicians, there are opportunities to travel and perform physical therapy.

Elgelid received his doctorate at University of Central Arkansas and will complete his second semester of teaching at ASU this fall.

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