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Educational Leadership Doctoral Cohort XVI makes final presentation May 2

April 30, 2009 -- The Education Leadership Doctoral Cohort XVI invites the ASU community to its final presentation: an examination on the various aspects of education as related to developing the whole learner. An open-discussion panel format will allow the audience to participate in this in-depth study of the various aspects of holistic education. Topics will address learners at all educational levels. The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 2, from 1-3:30 p.m. in the Student Union Chickasaw Room. A brief reception will begin at 12:30 p.m. For details, contact the Educational Leadership Department at (870) 972-3943. A program summary follows below.

Program Summary:
In an effort to best prepare students for the ever-changing, multi-cultural society, it is more vital than ever for students to receive a holistic education. Students' cognitive growth potential is maximized when attention is also given to other facets of personal development. This presentation is designed around the holistic development of these elements.  

Mind and Head:  As students begin to develop their intellectual capabilities, special attention is needed for intellectual growth. Critical thinking skills are imperative for students to be able to connect classroom lessons to real-world applications.

Heart and Spirit: The emotional, moral, spiritual, and social development of a student is critical to the student's holistic education. Building relationships, expressing emotions, and working cohesively with a group are a few of the needed skills students develop throughout the P-16 educational process. 

Hand and Body:  Personal physical wellness and a student’s learning environment contribute to the overall education of the student. Students learn best in secure and safe environments. In addition, the accessibility of technical training continues to remain an valid option for students.




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