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Doctoral degree approved for Center for Excellence in Education

August 17, 2010 -- The Center for Excellence in Education at Arkansas State University-Jonesboro has been approved for a Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.), center director Dr. George Foldesy announced Tuesday. Dr. Foldesy received the news from the approving body, the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board (AHECB).

“The Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership, approved by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education as submitted by ASU, provides an academic program that meets directly an educational and professional need raised by many prospective students,” said Dr. Dan Howard, interim Chancellor at Arkansas State. “This degree complements the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership which is more practitioner-oriented for individuals seeking positions such as school principals and superintendents. 

“The Ph.D. program adds a more extensive research component that is more frequently expected by individuals who intend to be faculty members at colleges and universities and will appeal more globally to a wider array of professionals.”
Howard went on to state that he is “appreciative of the thoughtful and extensive work that the ASU faculty members associated with the center invested in the development of this outstanding new doctoral program at the university.”

In seeking approval for the Ph.D. program, Dr. Foldesy said members of ASU’s faculty drafted a proposal which focused on the program’s composition, including program-related issues, budget, available resources, and a rationale for having the program.|

“We are extremely proud,” said Dr. Foldesy. “We presently have the Doctor of Education degree (Ed.D.), and it is a very successful program. ASU has had four national dissertation winners and approximately 100 graduates. It was the first doctoral degree approved for Arkansas State University. The Ph.D. gives the Ed.D. a whole new dimension for preparing educators and producing researchers.”

The Center for Excellence in Education was established in 1992 to provide a program of academic preparation of educational leaders.

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