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ASU honors Distinguished Performance Award winners

April 17, 2009 -- On Tuesday, April 21, at 2 p.m. in the Student Union Auditorium, ASU's Distinguished Performance Award recipients were recognized for their contributions to the university. These recipients, along with retirees, and individuals who have given many years of service to ASU, were honored at this ceremony and the  reception following it. 

This year's Distinguished Performance Award winners are listed below by category, by name, and by division, department, or unit.

Technical/Paraprofessional Category:
Mary Williams
Creative Services

Secretary/Clerical Category:
Jane Coburn
Disability Services

Service/Maintenance Category:
Ed Ponder
Residence Life

Skilled Trades
Tony Bittle
Facilities Management

Paula Miles
Delta Heritage Initiatives

Customer Service
Shawn Blanchard
Residence Life

Wayne Swartzlander
Facilities Management; Freda Harris Sponsored Programs; Larry Southard Facilities Management; Sandra Whitmire Library; William Gann Facilities Management; Ed Ponder Residence Life.

Employees honored for years of service
30 years of service:
Clinton Halcom
Ruth Hawkins
Donna Kirksey
Kathy Lambie
Carol Smith
Mary Tolley

25 years of service
Lynn Cook
Victor Hill
Don Neldon
Sylvia Strawbridge

20 years of service
Kathy Bacigalupo
N. Bradley
Bobby Burton
Kevin Chambers
Tracy Finch
Robert Hobbs
Billy Hogue
Curtis Miller
Hope Phillips
Patti Reed
Jerry Smith
Rebecca Spicer
Katrina Watson

10 years of service
Cynthia Beason
Tracie Blake
Tawnya Boughner
Dena Bolar
Esther Boyd
Clayton Browning
Diana Corder
Tommie Crawford
Julia Dunlap
Robert Evans
Vicki Fletcher
Lori Hutchinson
Lisa Lyons
Melvin Morris
Teresa Mosley
Greg Olson
Christine Perry
Kimberly Price
Daniel Reeves
Ernie Rice
Karen Rinehart
Wesley Runyan
Cassey Tune
Holly Van Wagener
Deanna Warren
Sharon Webb
Beverly Weems
Gregory Williamson
Cynthia Wolfe




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