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ASU Math/Stats faculty, alumni, students, attend, present at conference

April 10, 2007 -- A group of students and faculty from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics recently traveled to Tahlequah, Okla., for the annual meeting of the Oklahoma-Arkansas Section of the Mathematical Association of America (OK-AR MAA). Attending the meeting were undergraduate students Pamela Cox and Alison Wiley (co-presidents of the ASU Student Chapter of the MAA) and Bilal Khokar; graduate students Matthew Franklin and Carrie Thielemier; and faculty members Kent Gibson, Sarah Gore, Dr. Mike Hall, and Dr. Debra Ingram (MAA faculty mentor).  Wiley presented a paper in collaboration with Ingram titled “Uncovering the Complex Aliasing Patterns of Some Nonregular Designs.” 

Several individuals from ASU were recognized at the conference. Dr. Jerry Linnstaedter, chair of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, received special recognition for 50 years of service to the MAA. ASU alumnus Cynthia Lynn Logan (BSE 1980, MSE 1983), of Walnut Ridge School District, received the OK-AR MAA Award for Arkansas Middle School Teacher of the Year. ASU alumnus Lisa Davis Honey (BSE 1991, MSE 2007), of Gibbs Albright Elementary School in Newport, received the OK-AR MAA Award for Arkansas Elementary School Teacher of the Year. Logan and Honey were both recognized for excellence in mathematics teaching, innovative teaching strategies, and high standards in the classroom. They both participate in ASU workshops for mathematics teachers, funded by No Child Left Behind grants in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the College of Education.  Congratulations to Dr. Linnstaedter, Ms. Logan, and Ms. Honey on their awards and recognitions.

The ASU Student Chapter of the MAA will hold its biannual Graduating Seniors Reception and Ice Cream Social on Wednesday, April 18, at 2pm in CSM 133. All are invited to attend. Contact Dr. Ingram for more information.



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