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ASU's Delta Center for Economic Development leads study trip 

Sept. 12, 2007 -- T
he Arkansas State University Delta Center for Economic Development recently led a delegation to study the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming for its integrated approach to incorporating land use, transportation, and parks/recreation into a comprehensive plan. The city of Cheyenne was awarded the Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan at the American Planning Association’s national meeting in April, 2007. Cities across the country recognize that to compete for today’s talent and new investment, they must embrace concepts that maximize natural and built resources and address problem areas. Today’s most desirable denizens demand high quality living space, excellent schools, dining and shopping choices, recreational opportunities, and access to cultural events. The basis for creating such an environment begins with a sound comprehensive plan which led the Arkansas delegation to Cheyenne. 

Findings and information from the study will be used to support project ADAPT, a web-based economic development analysis tool that will include a collection of case studies outlining today’s best approaches to economic development. The project is a partnership between the ASU Delta Center for Economic Development, the East Arkansas Planning and Development District, and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock's Institute for Economic Advancement.

Members of the delegation from Jonesboro included Mayor Doug Formon, Otis Spriggs, Erick Woodruff, Betty Shaw, Representative Joan Cash; East Arkansas Planning and Development District staff Richard Spelic, Pam Alexander, and Rob Middleton; and Delta Center staff Alan McVey and Frankie Gilliam.  

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