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Dr. Dan Reeves, dean of College of Fine Arts, has solo art show in Florence, Italy

June 12, 2009 -- Dr. Dan Reeves, dean of the College of Fine Arts at ASU-Jonesboro, was invited to exhibit his works in a solo art show, "Simultaneous Perception," at Ganzo Fine Arts Gallery, Florence, Italy. The show opened Thursday, June 11, and will run through Thursday, June 25.

"ColorStorm with Heart" is one of Dr. Dan Reeves' examinations of the relationships between colors and the impact of those relationships upon color perception.

Dean Reeves was invited by the president of Florence University of the Arts and owner of Ganzo, Dr. Gabriella Ganugi, to exhibit his art during the College of Fine Arts Study Abroad trip to Florence. Twelve ASU students enrolled in this summer’s Study Abroad program were among the guests who attended the art opening on Thursday, June 11.

For a number of years, Reeves has been exploring the aesthetic potential of the computer in art. Currently, his ColorStorm Series, part of a painting series on exhibit in Florence, examines the relationship and the impact of the perception of colors as they relate to each other. The series uses dazzling color with sometimes-vivid brush strokes to imply forms to evoke mood, depth, and space.

The exhibition of twenty-four original paintings and photographs was characterized by some at the opening thus: "A very impressive body of work...some pieces actually glow...,"; "Amazing use of contrasting colors and their’s not what you would expect...,"; and "An explosion of color and light."   

The works were all printed in the studios of Florence University of the Arts under the supervision of David Weiss, director of Ganzo Fine Arts Gallery.

For more information on Ganzo Fine Arts Gallery, visit    


"ColorStorm with Heart,"
courtesy of Dr. Dan Reeves.

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