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Dr. Lawler-Prince, Dr. Stillwell, co-author childhood obesity prevention book

Oct. 30, 2008 -- A prevention guide entitled, “Preventing Childhood Obesity: Helping Preschool Children Become Healthy and Fit,” co-authored by Arkansas StateDr. Dianne Lawler-Prince is a co-author of "Preventing Childhood Obesity: Helping Preschool Children Become Healthy and Fit."University professors Dr. Dianne Lawler-Prince and Dr. Jim L. Stillwell has been published (copyright 2008 by Southern Early Childhood Association, Little Rock).

Dr. Lawler-Prince is the chair of the Department of Teacher Education at ASU and professor of Early Childhood Education, and Dr. Stillwell is chair of Health, Physical Education, and Sport Sciences and professor of Physical Education.

“The book is designed for preschool teachers and parents of preschool children,” said Dr. Lawler-Prince. “It is a practitioner’s guide for prevention of childhood obesity. There are chapters on physical activities and fitness, nutrition, serving healthy snacks, and suggestions for working with parents.”

According to the book, statistics reveal that more than 10 percent of two-to-five-year-old children in the United States are overweight, a three-fold increase since 1980. Also, obesity has been identified as the fastest growing health threat in America with childhood obesity reaching epidemic proportions.

The book also addresses the health issues and long-term effects of childhood obesity, as well as the causes of obesity in young children. Lawler-Prince and Stillwell alsoDr. Jim Stillwell is co-author of "Prevention Childhood Obesity: Helping Preschool Children Become Healthy and Fit." offer suggestions and solutions to teachers (through curriculum) and parents (through healthy eating and nutrition) on how to halt trends that place children in a position of being overweight. It also encourages teachers to work together with families to promote wellness.

Lawler-Prince is a former president of the Southern Early Childhood Association and has years of experience in working with preschool teachers. She has previously authored one book, and co-authored a second book. Stillwell is an accomplished author and has been an invited speaker on the topic of movement activities for young children in Canada, China, England, Greece, Israel, Malaysia and Thailand.

To purchase the book, contact the Southern Early Childhood Association (SECA), a non-profit organization through the website,  www.SouthernEarlyChildhood.Org or call (501) 221-1648. The cost is $17.95.           



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