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Chancellor's and Dean's Lists
announced for Fall 2007 semester

Jan. 17, 2008 -- The Chancellor's and Dean's Lists for the fall semester at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro have been released by the Registrar's Office.

The two lists recognize undergraduate students who achieved the highest grade point averages while carrying 12 or more credit hours of study. The Chancellor's List (designated below as CL) includes 1,047 students who earned a grade point average of 3.80 to 4.0. The Dean's List (DL) includes 584 students with a grade point of 3.6 to 3.79. Students are listed by geographic origin.

Arkansas: Arkansas through Cross counties

Arkansas: Dallas through Lonoke counties

Arkansas: Marion through Yell counties

Missouri: all counties

Other states



(this column: Arkansas-Greene Counties)

Arkansas, DeWitt, Brandi L. Kemp, CL
Arkansas, Dewitt, Corbin Bennett Lorick, CL
Arkansas, DeWitt, Brittany N. Prislovsky, CL
Arkansas, DeWitt, Britton Alan Strain, CL
Arkansas, Dewitt, Jonathan G. Eggerman, DL
Arkansas, DeWitt, Hayley Elizabeth Lynch, DL
Arkansas, DeWitt, Bobbi Marie Smith, DL
Arkansas, Ethel, Jessica L. Bisswanger, DL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Laura M. Dickson, CL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Preston J. Jones, CL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Natalie C. Lisko, CL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Katie E. Wilhite, CL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Natalie N. Fortune, DL
Ashley, Crossett, Heather D. Coats, DL
Ashley, Crossett, Olivia Janae Gibbs, DL
Ashley, Hamburg, William Todd Hughes, CL
Ashley, Hamburg, Kenton L. Leigh, DL
Ashley, Montrose, Patricia Sue Nelms, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Lisa B. Bennett, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Rebecca L. Finnegan, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Kary M. Goettler, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Jonathan E. Gunsolus, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Tamela Lanette Harrison, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Kayla N. Holland, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Linda S. Smith, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Leah E. Bufford, DL
Baxter, Gassville, Blanton N. Chapman, DL
Baxter, Lakeview, Amy F. Koss, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Ryan K. Adkins, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Nichole R. Butler, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Melanie M. Campos, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Jacqueline M. Carter, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Colleen M. Christensen, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Stephanie D. Cox, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Stephanie A. Dement, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Jennifer Ann Drewry, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Tresa E. Enders, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Jeffrey J. Harris, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Hayley I. Knight, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Jennifer Ann Lane, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Candy Suzanne Lincoln, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Heather R. Loyd, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Lindsay M. Malatesta, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Ashley N. Martin, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Nancy Ellen Morrow, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Jennifer Lynn Niggemann, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Krystal P. Payne-Castro, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Rita M. Plumlee, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Brandy L. Proctor, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Helen Leenette Rezanka, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Rory D. Dunaway, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, David S. Finley, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Katrina Louise Greene, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Emily Kay Hirsch, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Patricia L. Hurst, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Kevin John Oxford, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Desiree L. Thomas, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Savanna R. Traylor, DL
Benton, Bentonville, Ashlie J. Anderson, CL
Benton, Cave Springs, Sara Jane Gay, CL
Benton, Rogers, Tamarah Leigh McGaughey, CL
Benton, Rogers, Staci D. Papageorge, DL
Boone, Harrison, Matthew T. Gass, CL
Boone, Harrison, Elaina N. Wallian, CL
Boone, Harrison, Andrew J. Wilson, CL
Bradley, Warren, Anna L. Callaway, CL
Bradley, Warren, Jessica T. Davis, CL
Bradley, Warren, Daniel Harrelson, CL
Bradley, Warren, Ryan L. Jackson, DL
Chicot, Lake Village, Christopher R. Matthews, CL
Chicot, Lake Village, Michael Brandon Schuk, DL
Chicot, Lake Village, Lindsey Paige Wetzler, DL
Clay, Corning, Bonnie A. Dillon, CL
Clay, Corning, Angela R. Duncan, CL
Clay, Corning, Joshua A. McKinley, DL
Clay, Corning, Heather M. Mitchell, DL
Clay, Corning, Jessica L. Wells, DL
Clay, Piggott, Jarrah D. Jackson, CL
Clay, Piggott, Heather R. Johnson, CL
Clay, Piggott, Alexandra J. Rodery, CL
Clay, Piggott, Tyler H. Scott, CL
Clay, Piggott, Lori L. Sims, CL
Clay, Piggott, Brian L. Duckworth, DL
Clay, Piggott, Kellie Annette Laughlin, DL
Clay, Pollard, Veronica Ann Aguilar, CL
Clay, Pollard, Barry L. Branscum, CL
Clay, Pollard, Kristi M. Lambert, CL
Clay, Pollard, Tanasha C. Householder, DL
Clay, Pollard, Keisha Leean Robertson, DL
Clay, Rector, Jordan Brooke Cornelison, CL
Clay, Rector, Lauren Ramona Faulkner, CL
Clay, Rector, Jessica J. Hill, CL
Clay, Rector, Jessica Nicole Hill, CL
Clay, Rector, Tammy Lee Hughes, CL
Clay, Rector, Jami L. Palmer, CL
Clay, Rector, Alan D. Rabjohn, CL
Clay, Rector, Samantha A. Ray, CL
Clay, Rector, John H. Taylor, CL
Clay, Rector, Joshua A. Vangilder, CL
Clay, Rector, Jerry D. Varner, CL
Clay, Rector, Timothy Adam White, CL
Clay, Rector, Candace Leilyn Brewington, DL
Clay, Rector, Sarah S. Hargrave, DL
Clay, Rector, Elizabeth C. McDermott, DL
Cleburne, Concord, Helen F. Razian, DL
Cleburne, Drasco, Nucole Lynn Bigham, DL
Cleburne, Greers Ferry, Kelsea M. Brewer, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Brittany D. Curton, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Lindsey D. Devine, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Todd Everett Partain, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Tracy Elizabeth Carroll, DL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Kristen Kay Irwin, DL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Alexander Daniel Wyatt, DL
Cleburne, Quitman, Nicole Renee Behrendt, CL
Cleburne, Quitman, Leigh Ann McNew, CL
Cleveland, Rison, Derrick A. Bass, DL
Cleveland, Rison, Lauren E. Vinson, DL
Columbia, Emerson, Ryan L. Ware, CL
Columbia, Magnolia, Jacquelyn M. Thomas, DL
Conway, Morrilton, Aja S. Osler, CL
Conway, Morrilton, Sara Elizabeth Denniston, DL
Conway, Springfield, Lakendra C. Scaife, CL
Craighead, Bay, Matthew C. Avery, CL
Craighead, Bay, Bridgette Daniell Barnes, CL
Craighead, Bay, Lauren G. Denny, CL
Craighead, Bay, Susan Diane Tyree, CL
Craighead, Black Oak, Rachel E. Dunigan, CL
Craighead, Black Oak, Blaine Grisham Tarver, DL
Craighead, Bono, Vanessa Rhynea Engle, CL
Craighead, Bono, Toni W. Inboden, CL
Craighead, Bono, Amanda R. Lyon, CL
Craighead, Bono, Kari Gwen Rickman, CL
Craighead, Bono, Whitney L. Taylor, CL
Craighead, Bono, Jason W. Wagner, CL
Craighead, Bono, Natalie S. Walpole, CL
Craighead, Bono, Kayla D. Whittingham, CL
Craighead, Bono, Storey Williams, CL
Craighead, Bono, Amanda K. Cobb, DL
Craighead, Bono, Rhonda L. Hill, DL
Craighead, Bono, Courtney S. Hoskins, DL
Craighead, Bono, Amber Dawn Lynn, DL
Craighead, Bono, Cody L. McArthur, DL
Craighead, Bono, Patricia D. Reed, DL
Craighead, Bono, Elizabeth A. Spencer, DL
Craighead, Bono, Allison E. Tate, DL
Craighead, Bono, Courtney M. Waymon, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Cherish L. Elder, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Dorothy A. Frederick, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Joni L. Jordan-Taylor, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Mary E. McCorkle, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Andrea Rachelle Montgomery, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Maghen Alayne Nelms, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Matthew Nix, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Whitni B. Weese, CL
Craighead, Brookland, William Alex Whitten, CL
Craighead, Brookland, John R. Campbell, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Ryan C. Foster, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Amy Gail Isbell, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Mandy Lane Lenderman, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Monica N. Meaders, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Rebecca A. Thomas, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Michael Kale Willey, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Nikki Williams, DL
Craighead, Caraway, Jonathan D. McCord, CL
Craighead, Caraway, Samantha D. Dunigan, DL
Craighead, Caraway, Hailey B. Faulkner, DL
Craighead, Caraway, Ashley Rene Foster, DL
Craighead, Cash, Charles Derek Lloyd, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amy E. Andis-Hogue, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sara L. Armstrong, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Barry W. Avery, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Catherine E. Bahn, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Travis W. Bailey, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brian N. Ballew, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kari A. Barker, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Caleb J. Bauer, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Janae Alexandra Beggs, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Colin Edward Beineke, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bobby L. Bennett, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joseph E. Berry, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kenneth B. Beshiers, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cassie L. Black, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anna Elizabeth Boone, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeni Bradberry, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica L. Bradley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Traci M. Brewington, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Melanie D. Brown, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Elizabeth K. Bryant, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kristin C. Burch, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dawn Marie Burns, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Gloria Campos, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Melody M. Cason, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chelsea Chism, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica O. Chivers, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Stephanie F. Collins, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cynthia Darlene Cooper, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tracy D. Cossey, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Natalie N. Cox, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Whitney Lanelle Cox, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kevin Logan Cremeens, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacob C. Daffron, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hilary Chantel Davidson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, John A. Davidson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sherry N. Davis, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mike C. Deatherage, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel A. Denton, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Vikki L. Denton, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kelly A. Deviney, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica Mackenzie Dow, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Candice A. Dunbar, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brian L. Easton, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kevin N. Edwards, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Melanie Jean Farris, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Britney E. Faught, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Daniel F. Felts, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Megan J. Field, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Morgan Leigh Fincher, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Michael J. Fish, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amy D. Fleddermann, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Casey A. Flemon, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Clayborn P. Fletcher, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tillman J. Foster, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Elizabeth Ann Frankum, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Autumn J. Frazier, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kimberly P. Free, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nicole L. Frey, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Gregory K. Fulton, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ritika Gera, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Katie G. Gibson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Renee Graddy, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Virginia C. Gray, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brian P. Greenwood, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Martin A. Greenwood, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda M. Grobmyer, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Kristi Grubbs, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda S. Gunnufsen, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Christina N. Haigwood, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samantha Renee Hale, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Grant W. Harbison, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren T. Harris, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joshua C. Haskin, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nathan R. Hay, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Meredith Carimin Hendrix, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Timothy J. Hendrix, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Delecea M. Hinson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Casey Renee Honeycutt, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tiffany B. Horton, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Atieh S. Hosseini, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Steven Brian House, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cassie N. Huffer, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cassie J. Huskey, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Katie Hutchens, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Laura A. Irby, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Benjamin T. Jenkins, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brian G. Jobe, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Michael Louis Johns, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Donald L. Johnson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Elizabeth J. Johnson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah E. Johnson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, David O. Jordan, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Aaron K. Kimberland, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Laura C. Kniseley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Polina A. Korobova, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Elizabeth C. Kraus, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica A. Lack, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anna-Marie H. Lawrence, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Elisha D. Lawrence, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sam R. Leahey, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, William R. Little, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anaclaire W. Long, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber D. Luter, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeremy T. Luther, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Michelle M. Manus, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dalton E. Marshall, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Christopher M. Mattiace, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley N. May, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Magen Lea McCrosky, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jenna Nikol McDaniel, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amy E. McKinney, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Edward Lee McMillan, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Heather M. McNamee, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashton Nichole Mead, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda M. Meador, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brandi Leigh Christine Messer, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alan H. Million, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Steven P. Minor, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer E. Mitchell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Derek K. Morgan, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Julia Neilson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, April Elizabeth Nelson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mark W. Newberry, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Beverly S. Newcom, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jon W. Newman, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tara Camille Newman, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jervonne D. Newsome, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brandi M. Nichols, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, April M. Noel, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Trisha Dyanne Oneal, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah M. Orosz, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Karen F. Pace, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Seth T. Parsons, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cody Glenn Patterson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lance G. Patterson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Charles L. Payne, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jaylynn Payne, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew Steven Pearson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer D. Peaster, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Melissa A. Perrin, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joshua Brandon Phillips, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Morgan L. Phillips, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel A. Pierce, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Robert L. Pippinger, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Annalee Mellie Pitcher, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda Leigh Claire Poole, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica L. Pope, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mary H. Pulliam, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Laura M. Purtee, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Arika Qualls, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lacey J. Ray, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Claire E. Richardson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Daniel A. Rickman, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Timothy Glenn Rigsbee, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, John Daron Riley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Steven E. Rockwell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Caleb R. Rogers, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joshua Mitch Rouse, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew N. Ryals, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Christopher A. Saito, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Robyn M. Sanders, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tommy W. Scrape, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jodi D. Shannon, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Megan B. Sharp, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Floyd Shivers, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Elizabeth Claire Shook, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeffrey Mark Sifford, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nancy Siu, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lane K. Smith, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bethany E. Strawn, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, William B. Stroud, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah M. Sumpter, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Friedric K. Tarkington, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kara F. Taylor, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kristen K. Thielemier, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Julianne Elizabeth Thompson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alton Toby Raborn Tounsand, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah L. Tubbs, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jason Carter Turner, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Peyton M. Venter, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Connie E. Veteto, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alyson Vickery, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Elizabeth Wagner, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Karen R. Watson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Thomas Floyd Welch, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Seth E. Weston, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Stephanie Lynne Whitmore, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kathryn Danielle Williford, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lenna E. Woods, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, John A. Yerger, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren R. Young, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Robert Alexander Zachary, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Misty Ann Zaffarano, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew Kenneth Ziegler, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, John D. Adair, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Zachary W. Albert, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Deloris L. Andrews, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, James C. Arender, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Darlene Ward Avery, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Megan M. Bailey, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley Elizabeth Barkley, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Spencer E. Bateman, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Candice N. Baxter, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brynn Elizabeth Beck, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer A. Bednar, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brooke E. Billingsley, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, James H. Bittle, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amy J. Bivens, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Megan E. Blair, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsey B. Blanchard, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cassie D. Blevins, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, William P. Bohrman, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Morgan Lee Bookout, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Megan E. Bradley, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Perry Brightwell, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Louise Britton, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Christina M. Buie, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer D. Burcham, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jesse Burnett, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, David R. Butler, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsey B. Byram, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Trezere Y. Calloway, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chad M. Clayton, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren B. Clayton, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brittni Anette Cocchiara, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, John P. Cooper, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brooke E. Cox, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Steven Anderson Crook, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrew R. Curtis, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Heather N. Davis, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amy Rebecca Deaton, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nancy Dribon, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bryan B. Elder, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Charles William Farley, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mallory L. Flemon, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shawna Renee Gallion, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, David T. Gordy, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Eric Stephen Green, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Justin M. Griffin, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrea M. Grossman, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Melissa L. Groves, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica A. Haire, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alyssa Paige Hardcastle, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrew A. Hargett, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Stacy L. Hargrove, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Natalie Ann Harris, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan C. Hawkins, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda J. Haynes, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Elaine Nikki Hemphill, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Trenton T. Hoggard, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Valarie Leigh Hoke, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brandi N. Hollis, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kimberly Gail Hollis, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tyler M. Hooks, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Patricia L. Hopkins, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew Tyler Isbell, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tiffany N. Jones, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anna Christina Kaloghirou, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brandon S. Kelly, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mallory M. Kibby, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amy L. Lavender, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anita Lawrence, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Richard A. Lemmons, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lark Elizabeth Little, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Elizabeth D. Lovins, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren W. Luster, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeffery L. Mason, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mary E. Massengill, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amy B. Mayes, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, David W. McAvoy, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erin McDuff, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan L. McIntire, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kristin P. McLaughlin, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Morgan L. McMullen, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kyle Fabien Medlin, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tiffani B. Micheli, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jonathan T. Monroe, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsay Poag Moreno, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nicole L. Moss, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, April M. Murphy, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley Nicole Murphy, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kristen N. Murray, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emily S. Pasmore, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley R. Pickering, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kailey J. Pinson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Douglas D. Poteat, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brandon C. Powell, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Britney Nicole Prestidge, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jamie L. Rader, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Danny L. Ricker, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brandy D. Riggan, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Casey R. Robinson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nicole E. Russell, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Latoya R. Sanders, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Caitlin E. Savage, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah C. Shelby, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samantha J. Sims, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Justin B. Smith, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsey K. Smith, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel L. Smith, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Carla Jean Sockey, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Yasheka K. Somlar, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Casey G. Spencer, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, James Michael Steele, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Benjamin D. Stone, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Heather M. Stultz, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsey G. Suitt, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Maria Elena Sullivan, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Willie W. Sullivan, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Gary Wayne Taber, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Candice R. Teeter, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeremy C. Thomas, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Margaret A. Tomlinson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bridget D. Travis, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeffrey R. Tubbs, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Leslie Michelle Turner, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jodi Faye Velazquez, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica Lee Weaver, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Latoya J. Webb, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Crystal L. West, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Antonio D. Williams, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Josh T. Wilson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kimberly Ann Winchester, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Morgan A. Witcher, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Christopher S. Woodard, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, John J. Youngman, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Joshua Adam Ball, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Breigh Anne Dudley, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Thurel J. George, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Bart L. Holden, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Emilee A. Hook, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Von A. McDaniel, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Leah H. McKay, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Leah Michelle Miller, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Dana Marie Smith, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Tiffany S. Timms, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Magan E. Adams, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Trina D. Crigler, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Courtney L. Meier, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Linzey R. Stacy, DL
Craighead, Monette, Casey B. Hammond, DL
Craighead, Monette, Angelyn C. Imler, DL
Craighead, Monette, Letisha Lynette Qualls, DL
Craighead, Monette, Hunter A. Smith, DL
Craighead, Monette, Kimberly M. Wallace, DL
Craighead, State University, Rachel L. Acord, CL
Craighead, State University, James M. Brothers, CL
Craighead, State University, Jamar Tyrone Cunningham, CL
Craighead, State University, Zachary B. James, CL
Craighead, State University, Haley M. Lagasse, CL
Craighead, State University, Russ A. Pierce, CL
Craighead, State University, Emily Nicole Althen, DL
Craighead, State University, RachelleAvelynn G. Cawagdan, DL
Craighead, State University, Anthony T. Davis, DL
Craighead, State University, George Taku, DL
Craighead, State University, Candace R. Watkins, DL
Crawford, Van Buren, Sarah R. Mardanlou, DL
Crittenden, Crawfordsville, David Craig Closs, CL
Crittenden, Crawfordsville, Bradley J. Marotti, CL
Crittenden, Crawfordsville, Lauren C. McAlister, CL
Crittenden, Earle, Myron C. Byles, CL
Crittenden, Earle, Richard M. Rogers, CL
Crittenden, Earle, Michael Anthony Williams, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Tasha L. Ballard, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Richard M. Beggs, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Courtney Nicole Benjamin, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Austin B. Coleman, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Julie Kathryn Henderson, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Elizabeth Erin Lawson, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Matthew B. Lovett, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Brandi Nicole McAlister, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Jonathon Brett McAlister, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Heather Grace O'Donnell, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Cynthia Lynn Ramsey, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Gary Alexander Skoff, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Heather M. Underwood, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Hannah M. Wilson, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Fallon E. Johnson, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Lindsay B. Nelson, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Steven Glenn Nichols, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Matt Thompson, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Zach R. Walker, DL
Crittenden, Marion, April Mae Whittington, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Catelyn Renee Williams, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Kelly Nicole Williams, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Tyler R. Allen, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Jillian C. Brown, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Brittany Burton, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Tina A. Carter, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Candace R. Coker, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Andrea Fisher Hicks, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Mallory J. House, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Jared Hyman, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Amy Teres Mathis, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Laura L. Maxwell, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Dana A. McFarland, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Catherine Elizabeth Naylor, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Kasey N. Catt, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, James Curtis Holt, DL
Cross, Cherry Valley, Sharon Kathryn Harshberger, DL
Cross, Cherry Valley, Tanya Nichole Thompson, DL
Cross, Parkin, Stephanie K. Collier, CL
Cross, Wynne, Lindsay A. Alexander, CL
Cross, Wynne, Melinda C. Baker, CL
Cross, Wynne, Lauren W. Brawner, CL
Cross, Wynne, Rebecca A. Brock, CL
Cross, Wynne, Paula D. Callahan, CL
Cross, Wynne, Kathryn O. Damron, CL
Cross, Wynne, Christi M. Davis, CL
Cross, Wynne, Allison A. Easley, CL
Cross, Wynne, Kyle A. Emerson, CL
Cross, Wynne, Andrew C. Geswein, CL
Cross, Wynne, David R. Johnston, CL
Cross, Wynne, Dorothy Leann Lester, CL
Cross, Wynne, Elizabeth A. Locke, CL
Cross, Wynne, Lashonda Y. Moore, CL
Cross, Wynne, Dharti P. Patel, CL
Cross, Wynne, Sabrina Deloris Simmons-White, CL
Cross, Wynne, Jessica Marie Smith, CL
Cross, Wynne, Whitney S. Tucker, CL
Cross, Wynne, Kurt William Brawner, DL
Cross, Wynne, Leanna J. Burton, DL
Cross, Wynne, Kori Elizabeth Garner, DL
Cross, Wynne, Trent D. Haynes, DL
Cross, Wynne, Elizabeth Leigh Morris, DL
Cross, Wynne, Lana Marie Spain, DL
Cross, Wynne, Laura L. Strange, DL
Dallas, Fordyce, Andrea L. Nichols, CL
Desha, Dumas, Amber Melissa Winford, CL
Desha, Dumas, Sommer N. Kirtley, DL
Desha, Dumas, Quantavius Martell Poole, DL
Desha, McGehee, Audra Kadanae Farmer, CL
Desha, McGehee, Julia R. Montgomery, CL
Desha, McGehee, Andrea N. Smith, DL
Drew, Monticello, Garret William Ferguson, CL
Drew, Monticello, Janet Larance Jamison, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Jessica M. Billman, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Brindy Elizabeth Horton, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Melanie A. Partin, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Bethany Dian Webb, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Todd A. Fogle, DL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Jackie E. Carter, CL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Candace M. Moore, CL
Faulkner, Mount Vernon, Theresa Sue Hawks, DL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Jaime M. Garrett, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Clayton R. Turner, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Lori M. Williams, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Janice A. Hanks, DL
Fulton, Gepp, Kylee M. Shrable, CL
Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Justin Douglas Seeley, CL
Fulton, Salem, Devin L. Bozeman, CL
Fulton, Salem, Zachary T. Branscum, CL
Fulton, Salem, Anna Loriane Crowe, CL
Fulton, Salem, Heather Alaynea Friend, CL
Fulton, Salem, Cori Lynn Long, CL
Fulton, Salem, Brian S. Lund, CL
Fulton, Salem, Sunnie N. McCarty, CL
Fulton, Salem, Ruth M. Skrapates, CL
Fulton, Salem, Brandy A. Willis, CL
Fulton, Salem, Samantha Nicole Garland, DL
Fulton, Salem, Rachel E. Manes, DL
Fulton, Salem, Stanley W. Mitchell, DL
Fulton, Salem, Trey Pleasant, DL
Fulton, Salem, Amanda L. Richmond, DL
Fulton, Salem, Sara J. Tumlison, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Bridget D. Cornett, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Candice M. Crawford, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Torri Ellison, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Ryan C. Ochsner, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Olivia Anne Rurup, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Allison Renee Tadlock, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Matthew L. Vining, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Ruth Ivonne Romero, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Paige N. Waddle, DL
Garland, Hot Springs Village, Kathryn A. Haagenson, CL
Garland, Pearcy, Jeremy D. Willis, DL
Grant, Poyen, Krista L. Watson, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Kayla M. Barnett, CL
Greene, Lafe, Katie M. Blevins, CL
Greene, Lafe, Casey J. Dennis, CL
Greene, Lafe, Kendra L. Street, CL
Greene, Lafe, Jeffrey A. McDonald, DL
Greene, Lafe, Claudette I. Wooten, DL
Greene, Marmaduke, Mandy Jo Ballard, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Lauren E. Bridges, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Kelly A. Drury, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Keena M. Graham, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Nathaniel L. Holland, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Kevin Allen Keen, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Jason Edward Kundert, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Heather C. Pohl, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Sheila M. Prince, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Sandra L. Weatherford, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Lauren N. Wright, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Karen L. Debaun, DL
Greene, Marmaduke, Jessica R. Hale, DL
Greene, Marmaduke, Steven J. Rippy, DL
Greene, Marmaduke, Ariel LaNora Wyatt, DL
Greene, Paragould, Brock J. Bayird, CL
Greene, Paragould, Ryan L. Blankenship, CL
Greene, Paragould, Andrea Lynette Brengard, CL
Greene, Paragould, Alan A. Brown, CL
Greene, Paragould, Stacy Leann Bryant, CL
Greene, Paragould, Neal Burns, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jeanne M. Burnside, CL
Greene, Paragould, Dana R. Butler, CL
Greene, Paragould, Taylor L. Camp, CL
Greene, Paragould, Hilary Elizabeth Campbell, CL
Greene, Paragould, Terri Lynn Campbell, CL
Greene, Paragould, Scott David Carpino, CL
Greene, Paragould, Benjamin P. Charles, CL
Greene, Paragould, Matthew K. Clark, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kasey D. Cobb, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jason A. Cole, CL
Greene, Paragould, Megan S. Collins, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kathy M. Cook, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kimberly D. Dillon, CL
Greene, Paragould, Casey E. Distretti, CL
Greene, Paragould, Chelsea C. Dowler, CL
Greene, Paragould, William D. Dufau, CL
Greene, Paragould, Amanda S. Elliott, CL
Greene, Paragould, Spencer S. Exum, CL
Greene, Paragould, Teresa Marie Fisher, CL
Greene, Paragould, Noah A. Flanrey, CL
Greene, Paragould, Katelyn E. Gibson, CL
Greene, Paragould, Sarah M. Gillmore, CL
Greene, Paragould, Shannon R. Gomer, CL
Greene, Paragould, Teresa Diann Gonzalez, CL
Greene, Paragould, Alexander H. Gramling, CL
Greene, Paragould, Megan E. Hale, CL
Greene, Paragould, John P. Hantke, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jennifer C. Harris, CL
Greene, Paragould, Ronda L. Harvey, CL
Greene, Paragould, Felicia N. Hedge, CL
Greene, Paragould, Dustin C. Henson, CL
Greene, Paragould, Tonya E. Hill, CL
Greene, Paragould, Joshua B. Hopper, CL
Greene, Paragould, Andy Hoskins, CL
Greene, Paragould, Blake M. Howerton, CL
Greene, Paragould, Andrea R. Huffine, CL
Greene, Paragould, Joey M. Jackson, CL
Greene, Paragould, Rebecca S. Johnson, CL
Greene, Paragould, Cecily A. Kennemore, CL
Greene, Paragould, Molly Elizabeth Kinser, CL
Greene, Paragould, Susan E. Kronk, CL
Greene, Paragould, Marcy L. Lawrence, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kristen E. Long, CL
Greene, Paragould, Rebecca A. Massey, CL
Greene, Paragould, Amber Faith McDaniel, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jessica L. McMillan, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jacob A. McMillon, CL
Greene, Paragould, Christy Lynn McSpadden, CL
Greene, Paragould, Michael A. Miller, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jeremy M. Mitchell, CL
Greene, Paragould, Sheena L. Morris, CL
Greene, Paragould, Cassie J. Morrison, CL
Greene, Paragould, Casey R. Mullikin, CL
Greene, Paragould, Lesley Ladawn Newsom, CL
Greene, Paragould, Cassie N. Nunnery, CL
Greene, Paragould, Ashley M. Osborn, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kari M. Panhorst, CL
Greene, Paragould, James Conrad Patterson, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jessica A. Poindexter, CL
Greene, Paragould, Holly L. Pugh, CL
Greene, Paragould, Ashley Lorna Rader, CL
Greene, Paragould, Pam G. Ramirez, CL
Greene, Paragould, Aaron M. Reddick, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kelli M. Reed, CL
Greene, Paragould, Wendy R. Richardson, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jessica B. Ricker, CL
Greene, Paragould, Tommy L. Ricker, CL
Greene, Paragould, Ashley R. Robbins, CL
Greene, Paragould, Brandice A. Rogers, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kelli S. Rollins, CL
Greene, Paragould, Katherine Elizabeth Rondone, CL
Greene, Paragould, Benjamin M. Ross, CL
Greene, Paragould, Elizabeth K. Schug, CL
Greene, Paragould, Mickie S. Shearer, CL
Greene, Paragould, Joshua T. Sickler, CL
Greene, Paragould, Audra F. Smith, CL
Greene, Paragould, Christopher Hamilton Stidham, CL
Greene, Paragould, Sarah M. Stone, CL
Greene, Paragould, Rebecca Lynn Trimm, CL
Greene, Paragould, Felice D. Troutman, CL
Greene, Paragould, Christina J. Washington, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jenna A. Wells, CL
Greene, Paragould, Sandra Dian West, CL
Greene, Paragould, Stefenie N. Weyer, CL
Greene, Paragould, Chelsie L. Whitby, CL
Greene, Paragould, Guianta Richie Williams, CL
Greene, Paragould, Seth F. Williams, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kara M. Wilson, CL
Greene, Paragould, Stephanie N. Worrell, CL
Greene, Paragould, Amy M. Wynn, CL
Greene, Paragould, Renee L. Zimmerman, CL
Greene, Paragould, Samantha Megan Banks, DL
Greene, Paragould, Wendy Sue Beasley, DL
Greene, Paragould, Sally M. Black, DL
Greene, Paragould, Alisha L. Blue, DL
Greene, Paragould, Kristina M. Bolick, DL
Greene, Paragould, Heather Sherie Boling, DL
Greene, Paragould, Noah Porter Brewer, DL
Greene, Paragould, Megan R. Case, DL
Greene, Paragould, Kristin A. Clark, DL
Greene, Paragould, Brittany N. Clifford, DL
Greene, Paragould, Graycen E. Colbert, DL
Greene, Paragould, Brittany D. Copeland, DL
Greene, Paragould, Isha L. Cummings, DL
Greene, Paragould, Katie A. Denton, DL
Greene, Paragould, Dawn M. Dickson, DL
Greene, Paragould, Ashley E. Distretti, DL
Greene, Paragould, Elizabeth A. Flaga, DL
Greene, Paragould, Nichole L. Gardner, DL
Greene, Paragould, Nicholas S. Gaskill, DL
Greene, Paragould, Ashley Nichole Gatlin, DL
Greene, Paragould, Amber DeAnn Gazaway, DL
Greene, Paragould, Ginger L. Grahn, DL
Greene, Paragould, Heather R. Gray, DL
Greene, Paragould, Heather M. Greer, DL
Greene, Paragould, Kyle A. Gunn, DL
Greene, Paragould, Suzie J. Hall, DL
Greene, Paragould, Sarah L. Harris, DL
Greene, Paragould, Whitney L. Hester, DL
Greene, Paragould, Kim L. Hobbs, DL
Greene, Paragould, Elaina M. Holcomb, DL
Greene, Paragould, Timothy Jason Houston, DL
Greene, Paragould, Timothy M. Johnson, DL
Greene, Paragould, Kristopher R. Jones, DL
Greene, Paragould, Brandy N. Lamb, DL
Greene, Paragould, Vanessa J. Long, DL
Greene, Paragould, Lorna S. Macdonald, DL
Greene, Paragould, Angela C. Martin, DL
Greene, Paragould, Bobby A. Moore, DL
Greene, Paragould, Krystle E. Morris, DL
Greene, Paragould, Meggan R. Murphy, DL
Greene, Paragould, Ashley N. Nance, DL
Greene, Paragould, Eli M. Newsom, DL
Greene, Paragould, Meghan D. Nunn, DL
Greene, Paragould, Angela N. Poe, DL
Greene, Paragould, Amber C. Puryear, DL
Greene, Paragould, Lori E. Rawls, DL
Greene, Paragould, Cody A. Rogers, DL
Greene, Paragould, Devon Elizabeth Rogers, DL
Greene, Paragould, Shannon S. Rogers, DL
Greene, Paragould, Samuel A. Rose, DL
Greene, Paragould, Christy G. Smith, DL
Greene, Paragould, Meghan N. Stone, DL
Greene, Paragould, David Anthony Taylor, DL
Greene, Paragould, William Drew Wagner, DL
Greene, Paragould, Ariel K. Walker, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jacob A. Weatherford, DL
Greene, Paragould, Andrew R. Weaver, DL
Greene, Paragould, Alyssa Wells, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jeremy Rondall Wortham, DL
Greene, Paragould, Madison A. Yates, DL
Greene, Walcott, Lindsay E. Newberry, CL

(this column: Hot Spring-Woodruff Counties, Arkansas; Missouri; Other States; and International)


Hot Spring, Donaldson, Shana Marie Barker, CL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Lanie B. Allen, CL
Hot Spring, Malvern, David M. Colananni, CL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Erin V. Crumby, CL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Mallory L. Meyers, CL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Mark Elliott Parsley, CL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Jon Truman Skinner, CL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Jace M. Roberts, DL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Cassandra Lynn Scott, DL
Howard, Nashville, Shaun D. Clark, CL
Independence, Batesville, Carrie D. Barnett, CL
Independence, Batesville, Sarah E. Coe, CL
Independence, Batesville, Mary Elizabeth Dunlap, CL
Independence, Batesville, Mary M. Fox, CL
Independence, Batesville, Amy D. Gipson, CL
Independence, Batesville, Jermey Randall Jones, CL
Independence, Batesville, Kaylea N. Kallsnick, CL
Independence, Batesville, April J. Kramer, CL
Independence, Batesville, Justin K. Martin, CL
Independence, Batesville, Sharanda C. Okolo, CL
Independence, Batesville, Miranda R. Perkey, CL
Independence, Batesville, Lyndsey Denise Rush, CL
Independence, Batesville, Rusty Wayne Staggs, CL
Independence, Batesville, Britney M. Warner, CL
Independence, Batesville, Kendra Michelle Willis, CL
Independence, Batesville, Amber D. Woods, CL
Independence, Batesville, Whitney Diane Childress, DL
Independence, Batesville, Meagan D. Cockrill, DL
Independence, Batesville, Lindsey M. Davidson, DL
Independence, Batesville, Justin C. Dugger, DL
Independence, Batesville, Courtney L. Finnie, DL
Independence, Batesville, Emily Faye Haas, DL
Independence, Batesville, Ginger Beth Hill, DL
Independence, Batesville, Jason L. Martin, DL
Independence, Batesville, Dorajo N. McDonald, DL
Independence, Batesville, Jacob A. Mitchell, DL
Independence, Desha, Clayton McWilliams, CL
Independence, Desha, Tiffany Lynn Jones, DL
Independence, Desha, Amanda Rebecca Le, DL
Independence, Floral, Holly R. Ramsey, CL
Independence, Floral, Barbara Anne Iglehart, DL
Independence, Newark, Kathryn E. McCaa, CL
Independence, Newark, Jill K. Runsick, DL
Independence, Salado, Nancy N. Smith, CL
Independence, Sulphur Rock, Jon E. Carter, CL
Independence, Sulphur Rock, Jeremy L. Colton, CL
Independence, Sulphur Rock, Kassi Diane Southern, DL
Izard, Calico Rock, Jonathan R. Belken, CL
Izard, Calico Rock, Kristie D. Brewer, CL
Izard, Calico Rock, Gena L. Goggans, CL
Izard, Dolph, Sandra Marlene Dockins, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Kristin M. Hamby, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Hannah C. Miller, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Crystal L. Shipman, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Eric J. Teague, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Timothy J. Duckson, DL
Izard, Melbourne, Michael H. Vest, DL
Izard, Oxford, Amy E. Stevenson, CL
Izard, Oxford, Jana M. Barnes, DL
Izard, Pineville, April L. Killian, CL
Izard, Pineville, Bailey D. Sanders, CL
Jackson, Grubbs, Robert W. Jewell, CL
Jackson, Grubbs, Amanda N. Davis, DL
Jackson, Jacksonport, Brandon K. Fergerson, CL
Jackson, Newport, Sheena M. Allen, CL
Jackson, Newport, Lisa M. Baguley, CL
Jackson, Newport, Amanda K. Comer, CL
Jackson, Newport, Ami Lea Driver, CL
Jackson, Newport, Michael A. Glidewell, CL
Jackson, Newport, Ross Eleton Granberry, CL
Jackson, Newport, Bradley Johnson, CL
Jackson, Newport, Ashley D. Lucas, CL
Jackson, Newport, Amber N. Mullins, CL
Jackson, Newport, Rachel M. Snyder, CL
Jackson, Newport, Brittany Nicole Wilson, CL
Jackson, Newport, Maegan L. Clark, DL
Jackson, Newport, Jonathon S. Davis, DL
Jackson, Newport, Stephen J. Graham, DL
Jackson, Newport, April Dawn Howard, DL
Jackson, Newport, Jessica L. McClendon, DL
Jackson, Newport, Maggie M. Monday, DL
Jackson, Newport, Brittany R. Wixson, DL
Jackson, Swifton, Jordan T. Baughn, CL
Jackson, Swifton, Dena Michelle Decker, CL
Jackson, Swifton, Tanya Jene Wood, DL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Robert E. Clausen, CL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Andrew Joshua Rowlett, CL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Hattie J. Gardner, DL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Jody A. Morris, DL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Karen Sue Washington, DL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Ikemba O. Balogu, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Tara Danielle Bond, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Jordan Cody Cantwell, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Ebeny L. Davis, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Eleny Lasha Davis, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Paula R. Parham, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, John Travis Rushing, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, James Tyrone Shelton, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Carol Anne Walker, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Haley Susanne Worthen, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Maegan R. Inzer, DL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Jessica J. Stevens, DL
Jefferson, Redfield, Matthew Alan Devers, CL
Jefferson, Redfield, Allison K. Oates, DL
Jefferson, White Hall, Michael B. Belt, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Robyn Leann De La Hunt, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Lee Alan Lloyd, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Ashleigh E. Green, DL
Jefferson, White Hall, Heather D. Harris, DL
Jefferson, White Hall, Jamie Lee Stout, DL
Johnson, Clarksville, Mary Linda Kaylor, CL
Lafayette, Stamps, Amelia A. Russell, CL
Lawrence, Alicia, Stephanie R. Dorris, CL
Lawrence, Black Rock, Sara R. Clark, DL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Maegan Elizabeth Bullard, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Tiffany N. Bullard, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Derek H. Hancock, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Cassie R. Hodge, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Amy E. King, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Amanda L. Sanchez, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Jade C. Segraves, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Lauren D. Weitkamp, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Kelsie Danielle Jones, DL
Lawrence, Imboden, Kristina A. Stephens, CL
Lawrence, Imboden, Dana L. Winters, CL
Lawrence, Imboden, Tabitha L. Young, CL
Lawrence, Imboden, Tristan O. Young, CL
Lawrence, Imboden, Sarah L. Holland, DL
Lawrence, Lynn, Lindsey N. Deeter, CL
Lawrence, Lynn, Cassie L. Glenn, CL
Lawrence, Lynn, Rick J. Hunter, CL
Lawrence, Powhatan, Cameron O. Priest, CL
Lawrence, Powhatan, Marissa E. Baltz, DL
Lawrence, Powhatan, Vanessa J. Tyson, DL
Lawrence, Ravenden, Elizabeth C. Adams, DL
Lawrence, Smithville, Donna R. Crossno, CL
Lawrence, Smithville, Magen D. Perkins, CL
Lawrence, Smithville, Thomas J. Polston, DL
Lawrence, Strawberry, Natasha F. Turner, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Robert D. Anderson, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Andrew R. Duckworth, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Benjamin A. Engelken, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Tara J. Gentry, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Jennifer E. Hackworth, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Emily M. Hathcock, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Christie N. Hudson, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Cody Lewis Jarrett, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, James R. Jumper, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Weston C. Little, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Eric B. Oliver, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Leslie Diane Reed, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Natalie F. Rickey, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Leigh M. Rorex, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Penny K. Sloan, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Edwin E. Wallace, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Matthew D. Watson, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Rachel Morgan Fultner, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Thomas M. Jackson, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Matthew Thomas Moore, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Brianna L. Segraves, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Candice M. Sparks, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Mark E. Taylor, DL
Lee, Marianna, Jennifer L. Carlow, DL
Lee, Marianna, Harvey Thomas Nash, DL
Lee, Moro, Brandy M. Traylor, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Lacey Nichelle Ball, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Megan L. Hamric, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Melissa Renae Scalf, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Stacy R. Turner, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Amber N. Whalin, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Joy Abshure, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Farrah N. Austin, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Teresa L. Bledsoe, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Miranda J. Bogard, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Bridgette D. Cardona, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Adam Joseph Clark, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Meaghan B. Dunn, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Philip Anthony Gilbert, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Amber N. Gordon, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Michelle L. Metheny, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Gregory L. Parris, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Herschel L. Siebert, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Tanya L. Thomas, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Jessica Lenae Todd, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Maria Antonia Walker, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Angela D. Williams, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Carol Ann Brown, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Colton C. Crump, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Ericka Lynn Hill, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Kevin D. Howard, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Misty Joy Leubner, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Victoria Lovellette, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Julie K. McCool, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Elizabeth Mae Obal, DL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Lonnie M. Davis, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Ryan E. Hobson, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Dana L. Horton, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Jessica A. Lynch, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Kristy N. Smith, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Lourie N. Webb-Stivers, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Crystal J. Chilldres, DL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Melaney A. Hedrick, DL
Lonoke, Ward, Ima Ilene Greer, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Cassandra Lea Montgomery, CL
Lonoke, Ward, April Christine Sturdy, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Candace E. Anselmi, DL
Marion, Bull Shoals, Julie K. Johnson, CL
Marion, Flippin, Farrah L. Byerly, CL
Marion, Flippin, Cindy Y. Perrin, CL
Marion, Flippin, Patricia K. Smith, CL
Marion, Flippin, Crystal Y. Eldridge, DL
Marion, Yellville, Megan L. Gibson, CL
Marion, Yellville, Amy Jo Phillips, CL
Marion, Yellville, Caren C. Photides, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Sharon D. Brown, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Kathryn E. Buckley, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, William Lee Chapman, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Heather W. Daniels, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Jocelyn E. Davey, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Mollie L. Edwards, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Pamela K. Femera, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Jenny L. Flock, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Stephanie N. Hancock, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Rebecca M. Holland, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Adam D. Jackson, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Melinda D. Judah, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Teri Lynn Long, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Bobbie J. McLean, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Justin B. Meatte, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Jeremy W. Merrick, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Shannon D. Miller, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Ina K. Neiser, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Margaret J. Parish, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Lindsay Nicole Phillips, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Jessi D. Riggs, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Valerie Ranae Ross, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Sarah J. Seibert, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Mary E. Tyler, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Chad Houston Whatley, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Danica R. Widdicombe, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Amy L. Wingard, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Shawn M. Austin, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Madaline V. Ball, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Shunqetta Cunningham, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, David J. Gordon, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Douglas B. Harlan, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Nicole Marie Jackson, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Timothy R. Kirk, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Joshua Q. Martinez, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Adam C. Rigney, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Melissa Ann Siegler, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Samantha Lynn Street, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Leslie F. Wells, DL
Mississippi, Burdette, Gina N. Parks, CL
Mississippi, Dyess, Samantha J. Smith, CL
Mississippi, Dyess, Miranda D. Wheeler, CL
Mississippi, Frenchmans Bayou, Autumn Marie Pruitt, CL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Crystal S. Toombs, CL
Mississippi, Gosnell, David Lee Blount, DL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Megan Dianne Davis, DL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Dawn S. Robinson, DL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Cristina Marie Sellers, DL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Jessica R. Smith, DL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Amy G. Warren, DL
Mississippi, Joiner, Adrian D. Lockhart, CL
Mississippi, Leachville, Sarah E. Miller, CL
Mississippi, Leachville, Morgan Whitney Stout, CL
Mississippi, Leachville, Nan L. Bridges, DL
Mississippi, Leachville, Magan Elizabeth Duffel, DL
Mississippi, Leachville, Amber N. Overfield, DL
Mississippi, Leachville, Kellen T. Pierce, DL
Mississippi, Leachville, Tammy G. Stockton, DL
Mississippi, Leachville, Brian E. Welch, DL
Mississippi, Luxora, Sonda Quanette Jones, DL
Mississippi, Luxora, Crystal Denise Morris, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Jodie Morgan Cherry, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Michele D. Eden, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Jason W. Evers, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Madonna G. Minton, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Melinda J. Chipman, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Jennifer R. Ellis, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Whitney N. Veach, DL
Mississippi, Osceola, Nanci Nicole Hutton, CL
Mississippi, Osceola, Derek Jacobs, CL
Mississippi, Osceola, Debra F. Moore, CL
Mississippi, Osceola, Amanda C. Slaughter, CL
Mississippi, Osceola, Rebekah Danielle Landry, DL
Mississippi, Osceola, Sara G. Meurer, DL
Mississippi, Osceola, Katherine E. Richards, DL
Mississippi, Osceola, Kristen Kay Richmond, DL
Mississippi, Osceola, Unika N. Washington, DL
Mississippi, Wilson, Frederick Mnazryn Rebojio Felizco, CL
Mississippi, Wilson, Elizabeth L. Ryals, CL
Monroe, Brinkley, Susanna Joy Curry, CL
Monroe, Brinkley, Megan Maureen Farwick, CL
Monroe, Brinkley, Kacey D. Henard, DL
Newton, Western Grove, Michael J. Horn, CL
Phillips, Lexa, Jonathan Neal Bagley, CL
Phillips, Lexa, Sarah D. Holloway, CL
Phillips, Lexa, Jonathan D. Bailey, DL
Phillips, Turner, Jimmie I. Puckett, DL
Phillips, West Helena, Knikiah A. Banks, DL
Phillips, West Helena, Jaime A. Holland, DL
Phillips, West Helena, Megan L. Tharp, DL
Poinsett, Fisher, Lauren B. Dale, CL
Poinsett, Fisher, Taylor L. Greeno, CL
Poinsett, Fisher, Deidre Danielle Smith, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Nickolas A. Alsup, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Stuart M. Cooper, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Leah R. Gardner, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Alyssa Jorden Hillis, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Natalie M. Hobbs, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Wesley D. Hooper, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Matthew C. Loggins, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Kristy J. Owens, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Derek A. Parnell, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Toni R. Wake, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Nikki Nicole Wright, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Amber Danielle Young, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Megan V. Carter, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Sabrina M. Cravens, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Robert S. Dorman, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Broderick G. Eaton, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Robin Michelle Hall, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Jennifer Beth Holland, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Tiffany Ann Manuel, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Janna N. Massey, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Travis S. Moody, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Tambre D. Roush, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Kimberly Ann Stepp, DL
Poinsett, Lepanto, Haley Ann Hale, DL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Gregory L. Adams, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Micah A. Ballard, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Misty C. Evans, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Ashley M. Gean, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Shelby Nicole Johnson, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Desha L. Marquis, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Meghan S. Parker, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Amy M. Tacker, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Marcus A. Ballard, DL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Tori Beth Horton, DL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Rachel J. Loomis, DL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Renee Pearson Price, DL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Jessica Michelle Teague, DL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Matthew Lewis Woods, DL
Poinsett, Rivervale, Betsy L. Fires, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Zahwa Abdul Alhumaidan, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Whitney Daree Beard, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Jason E. Craig, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Joseph A. Curtis, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Karri R. Green, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Debra L. Hall, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Clay G. McClung, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Hannah B. Miller, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Zachary H. Qualls, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Janet Marie Rooney, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Wendy Dawn Smith, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Starla Trenea Toddy, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Patrick H. Byerly, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Sarah K. Cooper, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Karrie L. Dowdy, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, John A. Haag, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Charlotte R. Hammond, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Duston Seth Jones, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Lindsay C. Miller, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Eric S. Mullins, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Tera Renea Ramsay, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Leah M. Smith, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Sarah Lindsay Whitton, DL
Poinsett, Tyronza, Jennifer L. London, CL
Poinsett, Tyronza, Rachel A. Routon, CL
Poinsett, Tyronza, Rebekah J. Routon, CL
Poinsett, Tyronza, Daniel Wood, CL
Poinsett, Tyronza, Megan L. Cato, DL
Poinsett, Weiner, Carol J. Little, CL
Poinsett, Weiner, Brandon D. Reid, DL
Prairie, Biscoe, Tamara Neshawn Owens, DL
Prairie, Des Arc, Ryan J. Bell, CL
Prairie, Des Arc, Laney M. Berry, CL
Prairie, Des Arc, Preston C. Campbell, CL
Prairie, Des Arc, Emily A. Holloway, CL
Prairie, Des Arc, Elisabeth A. Mullen, CL
Prairie, Des Arc, Catherine S. Berry, DL
Prairie, Des Arc, Kelcie E. Huffstickler, DL
Prairie, DeValls Bluff, Amber L. Owens, CL
Prairie, Hazen, Jenna M. Ciganek, CL
Prairie, Hazen, Teddie Marshall Hamilton, CL
Prairie, Hazen, Brian P. Lisko, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Sarah C. Campbell, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Kathryn M. Fischer, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Kristina M. Hankins, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Whitney L. Hurley, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Jessica A. Myrick, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Mandy R. Terhune, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Katie Rebecca White, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Earl D. Bowman, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Jamie L. Newburg, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Jessica R. Ray, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Elizabeth A. Asbury, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Chad Bell, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, William T. Campbell, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Stephanie L. Clayton, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Melanie A. Cook, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Bryah S. Copeland, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Kandace R. Dyson, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Ashton P. Gilstrap, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Anthea Marie Horn, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Melody A. Houk, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Brittany L. McCollum, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Yana-Janell L. Scott, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Michelle A. Shearer, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Kayla Marie Sullivan, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Rebecca A. Danforth, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Matthew J. Deramus, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Andrew W. Fuller, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, James L. Lepine, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Rachael V. McCaleb, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Robin Deann Neal, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Josue Carlos Pollnow, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Mattie Lynn Rogers, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Christina Noel Sakevicius, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Nicole K. Slayton, DL
Pulaski, Mabelvale, Quatecia L. Liggins, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Katie Asbell, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Brandon D. Harris, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Caitlin E. Berry, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Whitney Alyssa Bowen, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Stephanie Denise Garrett, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Ashley Kate Hall, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Spencer R. Jeu, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Carrie H. Screeton, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Kristin Ann Walker, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Bradley A. Fisher, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Demaron V. Hammock, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Rachel K. Horton, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Tamara Latrice Phillips, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Drew D. Speer, DL
Pulaski, Roland, Chloe E. Eggers, CL
Pulaski, Roland, Andrea C. Mary, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Brandon J. Eller, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Kendra L. Sauheaver, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Lauren Ashley Sykes, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Leah Catherine Vest, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Lauren Ann Theis, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Brian Lee Wilson, DL
Randolph, Maynard, Sarah M. Griggs, CL
Randolph, Maynard, Caleb R. Harris, CL
Randolph, Maynard, Ashley N. Simmons, CL
Randolph, O'Kean, Katie J. Compton, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Nicholas A. Adkins, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Jordan W. Baker, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Nicholas Baker, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Austin M. Baltz, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Tonna Jean Bickers, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Alexander Stephen Bigger, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Andrea Gayle Brech, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Alex Burns, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Vicky Lee Carter, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Jimmy Wayne Clark, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Brent Earley, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Theresa Ann Espy, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Roger B. Everett, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Travis M. Harris, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Abbey M. Hausman, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Lindsay B. Ingram, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Brandon W. Kazzee, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Leslie Ann Lewallen, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Blaire E. O'Donnell, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Melissa A. Schaechtel, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Brin A. Seagraves, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Emily C. Todd, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Coralynne F. Turner, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Brian A. Weatherford, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Katelyn R. Baltz, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Sarah A. Declerk, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Lisa L. DeYoung, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Brennon K. Dickson, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Tahnee L. Green, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Miranda B. Hudson, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Miranda L. Jarrett, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Cameron Joe Johnson, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Jessica Marie Moore, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Leslie D. Moore, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Laura A. Presley, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Sarah M. Rounds, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Kathryn Ann Smith, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Amy L. Stockwell, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Candace Marie Throesch, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Julie Ann Williams, DL
Randolph, Ravenden Springs, Jacob E. Towell, CL
Saint Francis, Colt, Anna Jean Turner, CL
Saint Francis, Colt, Jamie L. Frederick, DL
Saint Francis, Forrest City, Alyssa Rae Aldridge, CL
Saint Francis, Forrest City, Lauren Collier Brookman, CL
Saint Francis, Forrest City, Sarah Criss, CL
Saint Francis, Forrest City, Adam M. Hillis, CL
Saint Francis, Forrest City, Wendy L. McCluskey, CL
Saint Francis, Forrest City, Mary Jordan Nelson, CL
Saint Francis, Forrest City, Shericka Shanta Williams, CL
Saint Francis, Heth, Sharon R. Shepherd, CL
Saint Francis, Heth, Laura A. Meador, DL
Saint Francis, Palestine, Leonard McKissick, CL
Saint Francis, Wheatley, Noelle D. Haynes, CL
Saint Francis, Wheatley, Jennifer L. Loewer, CL
Saline, Benton, Andrew K. Ferguson, CL
Saline, Benton, Kelsey R. Fields, CL
Saline, Benton, Tiffanie M. Holland, CL
Saline, Benton, Kristyn E. Johnson, CL
Saline, Benton, Leslie Kaye Larsen, CL
Saline, Benton, Kristen V. Shelton, CL
Saline, Benton, Caroline G. Starr, CL
Saline, Benton, Kelsey M. Mitchell, DL
Saline, Bryant, Jessica R. Battisto, CL
Saline, Bryant, Anne M. Cason, CL
Saline, Bryant, Candice R. James, CL
Saline, Bryant, Alyssa C. Johnson, CL
Saline, Bryant, William P. Manes, CL
Saline, Bryant, Jamey L. Mazurek, CL
Saline, Bryant, Shannon Dawne Patrick, CL
Scott, Waldron, Jeremy Andrew Heath, CL
Scott, Waldron, Charles Donald Owens, DL
Searcy, Marshall, Marinda R. Hutchison, CL
Searcy, Marshall, Stephen Kyle West, CL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Edmond P. Hampton, CL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Kristyn Renee Willis, CL
Sharp, Ash Flat, Zachary Scott Rikard, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Shana Roshell Bailey, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Kimberly D. Beams, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Caleb Jeremiah Conyers, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Lana L. Elkins, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Megan N. Hall, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Daniel Timothy Jackson, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Robert L. Myers, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Wendee BreAnn Saffell, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Fern Dreama Green, DL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Angie Jean Duncan, CL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Ashley Rhea Flory, CL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Skyler W. Mays, CL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Roy Seth Tanksley, CL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Shayeeda G. Beard, DL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Robin M. Chambers, DL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Amber D. Smith, DL
Sharp, Evening Shade, Miranda L. Arnold, CL
Sharp, Evening Shade, Megan A. Spurlock, CL
Sharp, Evening Shade, Aaron Ray Estes, DL
Sharp, Hardy, Stephanie E. Myal, CL
Sharp, Hardy, Lulisa D. Harris, DL
Sharp, Hardy, Charlotte Rebecca Pearson, DL
Sharp, Poughkeepsie, Timothy Gerald Palmer, CL
Sharp, Williford, Crystal Coble, CL
Stone, Mountain View, Kacie M. Richardson, CL
Stone, Mountain View, Erika J. Shelton, CL
Stone, Mountain View, Megan N. Watters, CL
Stone, Mountain View, Summer P. West, DL
Union, El Dorado, Meagan Renee Collins, CL
Union, El Dorado, Dillon A. Davis, CL
Union, El Dorado, Morgan J. Hudson, CL
Union, El Dorado, Amee R. Martin, CL
Union, El Dorado, James Wade Miller, CL
Union, El Dorado, Steven Reid Morris, CL
Union, El Dorado, Gregory Williams, CL
Van Buren, Clinton, Chelsea M. Bostwick, DL
Washington, Springdale, Chaz S. Allen, CL
Washington, Springdale, Dawn N. L'Heureux, CL
Washington, Springdale, Kenneth Michael Sage, DL
Washington, Springdale, Allyson Brooke Sall, DL
White, Bald Knob, Stephanie Dana Anderson, CL
White, Bald Knob, William K. Cox, CL
White, Bald Knob, Brittany R. Richards, CL
White, Bald Knob, Autumn B. Sullivan, CL
White, Bald Knob, Mychal S. Burgess, DL
White, Bald Knob, Steven James, DL
White, Bald Knob, Marietta Renee Reed, DL
White, Bald Knob, Jason D. Sinks, DL
White, Beebe, Meghan B. Allen, CL
White, Beebe, Drew A. Bullock, CL
White, Beebe, Deitra Leigh Hardin, CL
White, Beebe, Pamela R. Hendrix, CL
White, Beebe, Lauren Paige Kemp, CL
White, Beebe, Jamie N. Langer, CL
White, Beebe, Katrina M. Mills, CL
White, Beebe, Stephanie L. Watkins, CL
White, Bradford, Tambra E. Herman, DL
White, Bradford, Alinna M. Imhoof, DL
White, Bradford, Natasha D. Mabry, DL
White, Griffithville, Bradley K. Watkins, CL
White, Judsonia, Jennifer Krystal Coyle, CL
White, Judsonia, Tamara Lynn Gillham, CL
White, Judsonia, Rachel Christine Wolford, CL
White, Judsonia, Edward R. Hendrix, DL
White, Judsonia, Whitney L. Sansoucie, DL
White, Kensett, Jazmine K. S. Washington, DL
White, McRae, Dana K. Johnston, CL
White, McRae, Jay Scott Jones, CL
White, McRae, Kathy R. Lunsford, CL
White, McRae, Montana S. Price, CL
White, Pangburn, Alisa Brooke Higgs, CL
White, Pangburn, Nanette R. Peckman, CL
White, Rose Bud, Brandi R. McAfee, CL
White, Searcy, Amy M. Alberson, CL
White, Searcy, Amanda Berberian, CL
White, Searcy, Dana D. Bowden, CL
White, Searcy, Anita Kathryn Carden, CL
White, Searcy, Karen S. Cherry, CL
White, Searcy, Terrian Crow, CL
White, Searcy, Stephanie N. Daniel, CL
White, Searcy, Angela Nicole Kindrex, CL
White, Searcy, Lindsey Landis, CL
White, Searcy, Samantha A. Lynn, CL
White, Searcy, Brittney L. Martin, CL
White, Searcy, Gary Morgan Overstreet, CL
White, Searcy, Shaina L. Pearrow, CL
White, Searcy, Jennifer M. Pruitt, CL
White, Searcy, Fallon A. Sandine, CL
White, Searcy, Tara Leigh Scott, CL
White, Searcy, Abram W. Skarda, CL
White, Searcy, Adam L. Skarda, CL
White, Searcy, Tiffaney J. Turturro, CL
White, Searcy, Bryant P. Dugger, DL
White, Searcy, Kayla R. Hendrix, DL
White, Searcy, Tara R. Hill, DL
White, Searcy, Brandy Lee Sellers, DL
White, Searcy, Lindsey N. Walker, DL
White, Searcy, Felicia A. Whaley, DL
White, Searcy, Shanae Denise Williams, DL
Woodruff, Augusta, Lana N. Flowers, CL
Woodruff, Augusta, Monica L. Russenberger, CL
Woodruff, Cotton Plant, Brooke S. Hoggatt, CL
Woodruff, Cotton Plant, Donna Gean Moore, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Star Lynn Hall, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Dana Denise Jones, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Mark E. Killingsworth, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Charles A. Knight, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Teah L. Robertson, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Kristin L. Rudick, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Dana L. Duncan, DL
Woodruff, McCrory, Candis N. Froman, DL
Woodruff, McCrory, Brent Gossett, DL
Woodruff, McCrory, Ashley D. Jackson, DL
Yell, Belleville, Jonathan H. Willard, CL
Yell, Dardanelle, Andrew P. Hill, CL
Yell, Plainview, Amber M. Barnett, CL

MISSOURI (by county)

MO, Butler, Fisk, Scott Evan Kirkman, DL
MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff, Sondra Lee Ajasin, CL
MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff, Randall Alvin Barklow, CL
MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff, Stacy Jo Campbell, CL
MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff, Russell R. Fields, CL
MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff, Jacob Luke Frank, CL
MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff, Shannon Hutson, CL
MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff, Kenneth M. Lance, CL
MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff, Zuleika Danielle Matlock, CL
MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff, Brittney Michelle Cowan, DL
MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff, Ashley Elizabeth Patty, DL
MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff, Sarah M. Seawel, DL
MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff, John T. Steele, DL
MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff, Brooke N. Talkington, DL
MO, Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau, Tara W. Raddle, CL
MO, Cape Girardeau, Jackson, Kathleen E. Graham, DL
MO, Christian, Nixa, Melinda B. Watts, CL
MO, Dunklin, Arbyrd, Brook A. Holden, CL
MO, Dunklin, Arbyrd, Jessica R. Zolman, CL
MO, Dunklin, Campbell, Heather M. Deken, CL
MO, Dunklin, Campbell, Nicole J. Noall, CL
MO, Dunklin, Campbell, Lindy N. Rodery, CL
MO, Dunklin, Campbell, Dustin Daniel Lynn, DL
MO, Dunklin, Campbell, Jamie Eileen Noall, DL
MO, Dunklin, Cardwell, Jonna S. Clark, CL
MO, Dunklin, Cardwell, Robert Bradley Ellington, CL
MO, Dunklin, Cardwell, Heather M. Gillion, CL
MO, Dunklin, Cardwell, Shelly D. Watkins, CL
MO, Dunklin, Cardwell, Crystal M. Davidson, DL
MO, Dunklin, Hornersville, Katie Elizabeth Hutchison, CL
MO, Dunklin, Hornersville, Rachel K. McFarland, CL
MO, Dunklin, Hornersville, Emily B. Jamerson, DL
MO, Dunklin, Kennett, Ashley M. Bruce, CL
MO, Dunklin, Kennett, Samantha R. Dunivan, DL
MO, Dunklin, Senath, Cecia A. Gonzalez, DL
MO, Greene, Republic, Hannah Marie Sneed, CL
MO, Howell, Caulfield, Leila M. Loven, DL
MO, New Madrid, Gideon, Ben B. Buchanan, CL
MO, New Madrid, Gideon, Erika D. Hatley, CL
MO, New Madrid, New Madrid, Brittany S. Gist, DL
MO, New Madrid, Portageville, Jordan D. Bidewell, DL
MO, New Madrid, Portageville, Patrick L. Morton, DL
MO, Oregon, Myrtle, Rodney Allen Honeycutt, CL
MO, Ozark, Bakersfield, Wanda Janel Cotter, CL
MO, Pemiscot, Caruthersville, Robyn Michelle Frost, CL
MO, Pemiscot, Caruthersville, Nenisa Nicole Hundhausen, CL
MO, Pemiscot, Caruthersville, Chad M. McClain, CL
MO, Pemiscot, Caruthersville, Latonja M. Sheard, CL
MO, Pemiscot, Caruthersville, Amanda S. Wallace, CL
MO, Pemiscot, Caruthersville, Anna E. Lansdale, DL
MO, Pemiscot, Cooter, Jennifer Leigh Lynn, CL
MO, Pemiscot, Hayti, Betty J. Gawthrop, CL
MO, Pemiscot, Hayti, Maria A. Gonzalez, CL
MO, Pemiscot, Steele, Anna R. Berry, CL
MO, Pemiscot, Steele, Laura S. Dorsey, CL
MO, Pemiscot, Steele, Erin M. Hancock, CL
MO, Pemiscot, Steele, Brittany Laine Jarred, CL
MO, Pemiscot, Steele, Jared Michael Shubert, DL
MO, Ripley, Doniphan, Summer Aldrich, CL
MO, Ripley, Doniphan, Steven L. Austin, CL
MO, Ripley, Doniphan, Terra P. Milner, CL
MO, Ripley, Doniphan, Jessea M. Rhames, CL
MO, Ripley, Doniphan, Matthew David Rowland, DL
MO, Ripley, Naylor, Angela J. Jackson, CL
MO, Ripley, Naylor, Amanda M. Preslar, DL
MO, Saint Louis, Ballwin, Noelle L. Franke, DL
MO, Saint Louis, Chesterfield, Joseph Michael Hoffman, CL
MO, Saint Louis, Chesterfield, Katharine J. Krekeler, CL
MO, Saint Louis City, Saint Louis, Andrew C. Benes, DL
MO, Scott, Sikeston, James R. Beaird, CL
MO, St. Louis, St. Louis, Kelly K. Bretz, CL
MO, St. Louis, St. Louis, Kelly K. Fitzwilliam, DL
MO, Stoddard, Dexter, Whitney L. Hyten, CL
MO, Stoddard, Dexter, Bailey K. Scism, CL
MO, Stoddard, Dexter, Darci N. Sneed, CL
MO, Stoddard, Dexter, Hannah M. Stickles, CL
MO, Stoddard, Dudley, Jonathan M. Guite, DL
MO, Stoddard, Essex, Kristin Suzanne Wheeler, CL
MO, Stoddard, Essex, Erica K. Dewitt, DL


AL,Florence, Hollye A Munz, DL
AL, Foley, Matthew D Snowden, CL
AL, Thomasville, Dean A Dunn, DL
CA, Riverside, Leah Jane Chunestudy, CL
FL, Homestead, Pamela Ann Masterson, CL
FL, Pensacola, Angela J. Harrison, CL
IL, Belleville, Katharine M. Peil, CL
IL, Marion, Bradley R. Reach, DL
IL, Mount Carmel, Tara R. Cole, DL
IL, Rockford, Kaitlyn Marie Nehring, CL
KS, DeSoto, Seth M. Rhodes, DL
KS, Lawrence, Rebecca Lauren Craft, CL
LA, Bastrop, Sean A. Nichols, CL
LA, Monroe, Emily A. Odom, DL
MI, Montrose, Sondra K. Hulsether, CL
MI, Pinckney, Courtney Ann Kassab, CL
MI, Shelby TWP, Kristen Casey, CL
MN, Burnsville, Caitlin Rose Winey, DL
MN, Minneapolis, Donald R. Almquist, DL
MS, Ackerman, Chance Q. Taylor, CL
MS, Belden, Christopher Neal Rosamond, CL
MS, Hattiesburg, Ashley D. Jaggers, DL
MS, Hernando, Shauna J. Leonard, CL
MS, Meridian, Tanecia Rochelle Gray, CL
MS, Purvis, Robert Adam Gaston, CL
MS, Tupelo, Alex T. Carrington, DL
MS, Tupelo, Elisha R. Newcomb, DL
MT, Butte, Nichole N. Wixsten, CL
NC, Durham, Casey Charles Thomson, DL
NC, Kernersville, Leah M. Ammons, CL
ND, Bridgeton, Bryan J. Eckert, DL
NE, Lincoln, Joseph Chunestudy, DL
NM, Lovington, Ciara N. Cunningham, CL
NY, Albany, Marissa Kristine Martinek, DL
NY, Lansing, John A. Duthie, CL
OH, Cincinnati, Anthony J. Prickel, CL
OK, Oologah, Jessica L. Zingo, DL
OK, Tulsa, Cynthia L. Davis, CL
TN, Bartlett, Amanda M. Morris, CL
TN, Brighton, Stephanie R. West, CL
TN, Collierville, Katie Leigh Scully, DL
TN, Cordova, Lauren N. Dexter, CL
TN, Cordova, Laura Jeanette Keath, CL
TN, Covington, Audrey L. McClain, CL
TN, Dyersburg, Lindsey N. Newman, CL
TN, Germantown, Allyn S. Cohen, CL
TN, Germantown, Grey Avant, DL
TN, Memphis, Ellen E. Stewart, CL
TN, Memphis, Tiffany A. Anderson, DL
TN, Memphis, April M. Coleman, DL
TN, Memphis, Charles Scott Williams, DL
TX, Aledo, Jonathan C. Hissam, CL
TX, Aledo, Callie A. Hissam, DL
TX, College Station, Tyler Dan Thompson, DL
TX, Fort Worth, Vanessa Nicole Williams, CL
TX, Kingwood, Renee Louise Porter, DL
TX, Lewisville, Rebekah L. McDaniel, CL
TX, McKinney, Sarah Nicole Reed, CL
TX, New Braunfels, Samantha Lynn Morrison, DL
TX, Spring, Joseph Parker Zimmerman, CL
TX, Tomball, Emily Dawn Fravel, DL
VA, Christiansberg, Rachel Caitlin Farris, CL
WA, Seattle, Laura Elise Harrison, DL
WI, Oshkosh, Brett T. Himmler, DL


Austria, Claudia Ammerer-Willibald, CL
Canada, Brielan Smiechowski, CL
Columbia, Francisco J. Orozco-Ruiz, CL
Finland, Janne Marko Hirvisaari, CL
Finland, Antti Joonas Ohisalo, DL
France, Clotilde Desagulier, CL
France, Aude Mounier, CL
France, Stephanie Marmion-Zinetti, DL
Germany, Marisa Wawrzyniak, CL
Germany, Daniel Westerkamp, CL
Germany, Carmen Ann Miller, DL
India, Ashlesha Lokhande, CL
Japan, Marino Toyokura, DL
Korea, Hyun-Jai Rhee, CL
Korea, Jung-Ae Park, DL
Kenya, Magdaline Wanjiru Kimani, CL
Netherlands, Sjors Nelissen, DL
New Zealand, John B. Griffith, DL
Poland, Paula Chelminska, DL
Sweden, Tina Ojdanic, CL
Taiwan, Che Yu Lee, CL
Trinidad & Tobago, Renee Branker, CL
Venezuela, Luisa Christina Lopez, CL

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