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ASU-Jonesboro announces Chancellor's, Dean's Lists for spring semester

June 5, 2009 -- More than 1,700 students have been named to the Chancellor’s and Dean’s Lists for the spring 2009 semester at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. The lists were released Friday afternoon.

The two lists recognize undergraduate students who achieved the highest grade point averages while enrolled in 12 or more credit hours of study. The Chancellor’s List (designated as CL) includes students who earned a grade point average of 3.80 to 4.0. The Dean’s List (DL) includes students with a grade point of 3.6 to 3.79.

The lists are recorded alphabetically by county. Non-residents of the U.S. are listed separately.

Albany, Albany, Lauren E. Pulver, DL

Arkansas, Dewitt, Nathan P. Adams, CL

, Dewitt, Thomas G. Brock, CL

Arkansas, Dewitt, William R. Jackson, CL

Arkansas, Dewitt, Jena M. Lockley, CL

Arkansas, Dewitt, Corbin B. Lorick, CL

Arkansas, Dewitt, Hayley E. Lynch, DL

Arkansas, Dewitt, Brittany N. Prislovsky, CL

Arkansas, Dewitt, Scott S. Sheppard, DL

Arkansas, Stuttgart, Laura M. Dickson, CL

Arkansas, Stuttgart, Julia L. Dierks, DL

Arkansas, Stuttgart, Natalie N. Fortune, CL

Arkansas, Stuttgart, Casey W. Jones, CL

Arkansas, Stuttgart, Preston J. Jones, CL

Ashley, Hamburg, William T. Hughes, DL

Ashley, Hamburg, Joshua R. Lovett, DL

Baxter, Calico Rock, Kristie M. Thompson, CL

Baxter, Clarkridge, Norma J. Lillo, CL

Baxter, Gassville, Michelle A. Aaron, CL

Baxter, Gassville, Leah E. Bufford, CL

Baxter, Gassville, Justin T. Gentry, CL

Baxter, Gassville, Tamela L. Harrison, CL

Baxter, Lakeview, Amy F. Koss, DL

Baxter, Midway, Megan N. Garrison, CL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Mattie L. Crawford, CL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Stephanie A. Dement, CL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Amy R. Dobyns, DL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Jennifer A. Drewry, CL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Jennifer E. Elumbaugh, CL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Jourdan E. Henard, CL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Travis M. Ifland, DL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Hayley I. Knight, DL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Jennifer A. Lane, CL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Lindsay M. Malatesta, CL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Nikki L. Mauldin Dillard, CL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Sarah A. Menschik, CL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Nancy E. Morrow, CL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Krystal P. Payne-Castro, CL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Michelle L. Pope, DL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Brandy L. Proctor, CL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Meghan A. Rose, CL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Amber K. Teegarden, CL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Savanna R. Traylor, DL

Baxter, Mountain Home, Ashton B. Williams, CL

Baxter, Norfork, Jacob M. May, CL

Baxter, Norfork, Sarah E. Shedenhelm, CL

Benton, Bella Vista, Alicia Dryden, CL

Benton, Bella Vista, Keisha S. Nash, DL

Benton, Bentonville, Brady J. Stoddard, DL

Benton, Bentonville, Steven C. Wehmeyer, CL

Benton, Rogers, Gloria J. Hoover, CL

Benton, Rogers, Tamarah L. McGaughey, CL

Benton, Rogers, Staci D. Papageorge, CL

Benton, Siloam Springs, Jackie L. Hadel, CL

Benton, Springdale, Sydney L. Foreman, CL

Boone, Harrison, Guy O. Brown, DL

Boone, Harrison, Becky L. Dodson, CL

Boone, Harrison, Stephen E. Emerson III, CL

Boone, Harrison, Matthew T. Gass, CL

Bradley, Warren, Ashton E. Callaway, CL

Bradley, Warren, Anna L. Callaway, DL

Bradley, Warren, Mark D. Cuthbertson, CL

Bradley, Warren, Ryan L. Jackson, DL

Bradley, Warren, Robert G. Reep Jr, DL

Butler, Poplar Bluff, Sierra N. Faughn, CL

Butler, Poplar Bluff, Melanie N. Grady, DL

Butler, Poplar Bluff, Catherine E. Hancock, DL

Butler, Poplar Bluff, Shannon N. Hutson, CL

Butler, Poplar Bluff, Scott M. McBroom, CL

Butler, Poplar Bluff, John T. Steele, DL

Butler, Poplar Bluff, Ashley C. Taylor, DL

Calhoun, Derma, Melvin D. Jennings, DL

Carroll, Alpena, Shelly R. Fultz, CL

Chicot, Lake Village, Ashley E. Pieroni, DL

Chicot, Lake Village, Lauren A. Willmer, CL

Christian, Nixa, Bradley W. Hughes, DL

Christian, Ozark, Nathan A. Herrold CL

Clark, Arkadelphia, Mallory D. Gosnell, DL

Clark, Arkadelphia, Carey E. Harrington, CL

Clay, Corning, Brydon R. Anders, DL

Clay, Corning, Kylie R. Benton, DL

Clay, Corning, Jon C. Calhoun, CL

Clay, Corning, Rachel A. Janes, DL

Clay, Corning, Justin C. Jones, DL

Clay, Corning, Leslie M. Lunsford, CL

Clay, Corning, Michael W. Malone, CL

Clay, Corning, Richard J. Martin, CL

Clay, Corning, Sarah K. Mathis, DL

Clay, Corning, Magen N. McGrew, DL

Clay, Corning, Robin C. McKinley, CL

Clay, Corning, Jessica L. Wells, CL

Clay, Corning, Courtney A. Williams, DL

Clay, Knobel, Logan B. Arnold, CL

Clay, Knobel, Matthew L. Holt, CL

Clay, Lafe, Ryan C. Adams, CL

Clay, Orange Park, Ryan G. Aplin, DL

Clay, Peach Orchard, Brittnay D. Curtis, DL

Clay, Piggott, Andrew D. Brown, CL

Clay, Piggott, Natalie R. Brown, CL

Clay, Piggott, Sierra E. Burris, CL

Clay, Piggott, Morgan B. Crittenden, CL

Clay, Piggott, Melloney F. Dunlap, CL

Clay, Piggott, Christa H. Ermert, CL

Clay, Piggott, Mary M. Graves, CL

Clay, Piggott, Kalee R. Haywood, CL

Clay, Piggott, Lauren N. Henderson, DL

Clay, Piggott, Aaron P. Householder, CL

Clay, Piggott, Haley A. Lambert, CL

Clay, Piggott, Tara R. Militoni, CL

Clay, Piggott, Alexandra J. Rodery, CL

Clay, Piggott, Jamie L. Vavak, CL

Clay, Rector, Jordan B. Cornelison, CL

Clay, Rector, Lauren R. Faulkner, CL

Clay, Rector, Racheal W. Gipson, DL

Clay, Rector, Jessica N. Hill, CL

Clay, Rector, Seth A. Matheney, CL

Clay, Rector, Stephanie M. Newman, CL

Clay, Rector, Jessica N. Robertson, CL

Clay, Rector, Natalie J. Sigsby, DL

Clay, Rector, William D. Steen, DL

Clay, Rector, John H. Taylor, CL

Clay, Rector, Joshua A. Vangilder, CL

Clay, Rector, Timothy A. White, CL

Clay, Rector, Lisa R. White, DL

Cleburne, Concord, Kelli D. White, CL

Cleburne, Greers Ferry, Kelsea M. Brewer, DL

Cleburne, Heber Springs, Jennifer L. Blaney, DL

Cleburne, Heber Springs, Lisa M. Bly, CL

Cleburne, Heber Springs, Lindsey D. Devine, CL

Cleburne, Heber Springs, Charles E. Martin, DL

Cleburne, Heber Springs, Helen L. Rezanka, CL

Cleburne, Quitman, Nicole R. Behrendt, CL

Cleburne, Quitman, Leigh A. McNew, CL

Cleburne, Rose Bud, Andrew H. Bell, DL

Cleburne, Tumbling Shoals, Ronda M. Cornett, DL

Cleburne, Wilburn, Amy E. Dollar, DL

Cleveland, Rison, Derrick A. Bass, CL

Cleveland, Rison, Jacob S. Jacks, DL

Cleveland, Rison, Jonathan T. McCoy, DL

Cleveland, Rison, Lauren E. Vinson, DL

Collin, McKinney, Mary E. Geels, CL

Collin, McKinney, Jordan D. Torr, DL

Columbia, Magnolia, Sarah M. Jones, CL

Columbia, Mc Neil, Shannon T. Robinson, CL

Columbia, Waldo, Ariel S. Burge, CL

Conway, Menifee, Shantell L. McCray, CL

Cook, Burr Ridge, Marianne R. Paul, DL

Cook, Elgin, Elizabeth M. Niles, DL

Cook, Harvey, Sharice L. Nash, DL

Copiah, Wesson, Jerry W. Hood, CL

Craighead, Bay, Bridgette D. Barnes, CL

Craighead, Bay, Angela D. Burgess, CL

Craighead, Bay, Jessie M. Harris, CL

Craighead, Bay, Rachel N. Lynn, CL

Craighead, Bay, Meghon L. Mink, CL

Craighead, Bay, Kacie M. Richardson, CL

Craighead, Bay, Ronda K. Roberts, CL

Craighead, Black Oak, Blaine G. Tarver, CL

Craighead, Bono, Allen J. Adcock, CL

Craighead, Bono, Ronalee M. Ballee, CL

Craighead, Bono, Jessica M. Blevins, CL

Craighead, Bono, Elizabeth B. Combs, CL

Craighead, Bono, Alyssa G. Gibson, DL

Craighead, Bono, Holly J. Haynes, DL

Craighead, Bono, Rhonda L. Hill, DL

Craighead, Bono, Hannah L. Holloway, CL

Craighead, Bono, Phillisha N. Holloway, CL

Craighead, Bono, Anna E. Howard, DL

Craighead, Bono, Jordan M. Huggins, DL

Craighead, Bono, Joshua M. Hurd, CL

Craighead, Bono, Lori E. Kercheval, CL

Craighead, Bono, Meagan N. Lloyd, DL

Craighead, Bono, Tiffany C. Lueallen, DL

Craighead, Bono, Bradley A. Martin, DL

Craighead, Bono, Elizabeth L. Morris, DL

Craighead, Bono, Hannah N. Mosley, DL

Craighead, Bono, Philip C. Painter, CL

Craighead, Bono, Kevin M. Pohl, DL

Craighead, Bono, Patricia D. Reed, DL

Craighead, Bono, Kari G. Rickman, DL

Craighead, Bono, Samuel A. Sullivan, CL

Craighead, Bono, Whitney L. Taylor, CL

Craighead, Bono, Jenny L. Veal, DL

Craighead, Bono, Courtney M. Waymon, DL

Craighead, Bono, Kayla D. Whittingham, DL

Craighead, Bono, Marty L. Williford, CL

Craighead, Brookland, Andrea K. Alley, DL

Craighead, Brookland, Karen H. Brown, DL

Craighead, Brookland, Troy J. Cline, CL

Craighead, Brookland, Eric W. Dacus, DL

Craighead, Brookland, Cherish L. Elder, DL

Craighead, Brookland, Dorothy A. Frederick, CL

Craighead, Brookland, Ashley N. Gatlin, CL

Craighead, Brookland, Kiann L. Gilley, DL

Craighead, Brookland, Rodney B. Henry, DL

Craighead, Brookland, Gene D. Herzig, CL

Craighead, Brookland, Heather L. Hopkins, CL

Craighead, Brookland, Benjamin R. Johns, DL

Craighead, Brookland, Kevin A. Keen, CL

Craighead, Brookland, Mark B. Kingston, CL

Craighead, Brookland, Toni M. Lammers, DL

Craighead, Brookland, Mandy L. Lenderman, CL

Craighead, Brookland, Jessie M. Mann, CL

Craighead, Brookland, Randy C. Mayfield, DL

Craighead, Brookland, Monica N. Meaders, CL

Craighead, Brookland, Andrea R. Montgomery, CL

Craighead, Brookland, Stephanie G. Nall, CL

Craighead, Brookland, Shane M. Smith, DL

Craighead, Brookland, Christina A. Stotts, CL

Craighead, Brookland, Rebecca A. Thomas, CL

Craighead, Brookland, Brandy M. Traylor, CL

Craighead, Brookland, Whitni B. Weese, CL

Craighead, Brookland, William A. Whitten, CL

Craighead, Caraway, Kaesha D. Koons, DL

Craighead, Caraway, Kara D. Stevens, CL

Craighead, Cash, Amy R. Dunman, CL

Craighead, Cash, Jennifer R. Tubbs, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Md. Ahnaf. Abid, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, John D. Adair, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jerry Alexander, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Bassam. Almulahem, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacob K. Anderson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Amy E. Andis-Hogue, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Deloris L. Andrews, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica L. Appleby, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Broc H. Arender, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Brant N. Arender, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsey E. Ashburn, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Vickie D. Avery, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Nadia Z. Awar, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lena Z. Awar, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsey E. Babcock, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Travis W. Bailey, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Brittany D. Bailey, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer E. Ball, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Madaline V. Ball, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Marcus A. Ballard, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Michelle S. Banks, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Kiffany A. Banks, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jana M. Barnes, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber M. Barnett, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Laura H. Barnhill, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Randy D. Barymon, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Caleb J. Bauer, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, John P. Bean, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Emily E. Becker, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Natalie A. Beggs, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Colin E. Beineke, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Janie D. Best, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lisa M. Black, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, James R. Blackburn, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsey B. Blanchard, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, William P. Bohrman, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Morgan L. Bookout, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Anna E. Boone, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda A. Bradley, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Traci M. Brewington, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Holly H. Bridger, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Mary A. Brooks, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Drew T. Brown, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Angela L. Brown, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Melanie D. Brown, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Mallory S. Brown, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Elizabeth K. Bryant, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Kevin D. Burgi, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Courtney N. Caldwell, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Shellie L. Callan, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Trezere Y. Calloway, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, William T. Campbell, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Charles L. Carnahan, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Michael C. Carnes, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jamie K. Carpenter, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Madelyn C. Carson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Adrienne D. Carter, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Derek J. Cashmer, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Christa G. Chastain, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Haley E. Childers, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Chelsea  Chism, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrew H. Clark, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Charles G. Clines, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Daniel C. Coker, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Bryah S. Copeland, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren O. Copenhaver, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jonathan P. Cottingham, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew S. Coulter, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Joshua E. Covert, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Whitney L. Cox, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Hope N. Cox, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Amy R. Cox, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Meagan A. Cremeens, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Trina D. Crigler, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Meredith A. Daniel, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, John A. Davidson, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Hilary C. Davidson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Briana S. Davis, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Natalie P. Davis, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Sherry N. Davis, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Meagan A. Davis, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber J. Denton, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Mary Claire F. Depriest, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, James A. Despain, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Preston L. Despain, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Sara Beth DeVazier, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Stacey L. Diggs, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Trent S. Duff, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah E. Duke, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Angela R. Duncan, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, William W. Dunnam, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Kevin N. Edwards, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Kimberly D. Eidson, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley R. Ellis, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren L. Emerson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Vanessa R. Engle, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachael S. Epps, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Eric S. Escue, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel C. Evans, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Mallory E. Everett, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Audra K. Farmer, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Melanie J. Farris, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel C. Farris, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Morgan L. Fincher, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Dylan E. Fisher, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Casey A. Flemon, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Emily A. Fletcher, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Mollie M. Flint, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley R. Flory, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsay C. Formon, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Megan E. Fowler, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Autumn J. Frazier, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Kimberly P. Free, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Nicole L. Frey, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Sara D. Garland, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Ethan M. Gautreau, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Katie G. Gibson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber N. Gibson Bean, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel C. Gilliam, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Emily K. Gnagey, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley C. Gonzalez, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Cecia A. Gonzalez, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, David T. Gordy, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah J. Gore, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Larry A. Gore, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah R. Graddy, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jason T. Grady, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Kathleen E. Graham, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Robert D. Gray, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Virginia C. Gray, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Cynthia G. Green, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Brian P. Greenwood, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Martin A. Greenwood, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Cortney D. Greer, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer L. Griffin, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah K. Grubbs, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Brett R. Gschwend, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Caleb L. Guthrey, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Christina N. Haigwood, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica A. Haire, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Megan N. Hall, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda P. Hall, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Vanessa M. Hall, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Aaron P. Hammonds, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Tiffany N. Haney, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Erikson C. Hardesty, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Sherrie G. Hardin, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren T. Harris, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Amy L. Harris, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsay M. Harrison, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Joshua C. Haskin, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica M. Hausman, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan C. Hawkins, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda J. Haynes, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Julie K. Henderson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Timothy J. Hendrix, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Meredith C. Hendrix, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Dominique A. Hilliard, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley D. Hofmann, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Trenton T. Hoggard, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, John D. Hogue, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Valarie L. Hoke, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Mark C. Holden, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Tracy M. Holladay, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Tiffany A. Hollinger, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jason B. Hollis, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Stephen B. Hook, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Tyler M. Hooks, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Steven B. House, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Christie N. Hudson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Cassie N. Huffer, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Stephanie L. Hunter, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Laura A. Irby, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Kristen K. Irwin, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Genie L. Jackson, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Daniel T. Jackson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Trevor W. Jines, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Brian G. Jobe, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jade A. Johnson, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Elizabeth J. Johnson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Kristen L. Johnson, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Audrea L. Johnson, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah E. Johnson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Brandon S. Jones, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Tiffany N. Jones, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer L. Jones, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah N. Jones, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda L. Kary, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren L. Keith, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsey A. Kelley, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Crystal G. Kent, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Elizabeth L. Kibbons, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Mallory M. Kibby, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Mark E. Killingsworth, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lori V. Kimbrow, DL

Craighead, jonesboro, Brandon D. King, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Gabriel J. Knight, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Polina A. Korobova, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Corey M. Krenn, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica A. Lack, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Shannon N. Lamb, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Michelle N. Lamb, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Anna-Marie H. Lawrence, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer L. Lawrence, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Charity N. Lawrence, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, David E. Lawson, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Brent Lea, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Shannon R. Lenoard, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Nathan D. Lewis, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Johnie M. Linsman, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, William R. Little, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew C. Loggins, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Elizabeth D. Lovins, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Leif M. Lovins, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeremy T. Luther, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Tiffanie M. Manes, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Navin Mangroo, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Michelle M. Manus, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Kimberly A. Marshall, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Dalton E. Marshall, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Nekekia N. Martin, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Megan E. Mask, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeffery L. Mason, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Eric W. Maxwell, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley N. May, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Dylan B. McAlister, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Luke W. McCartney, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Ellen M. McCauley, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah E. McCone, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Magen L. McCrosky, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren B. McDaniel, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Crystal L. McDaniel, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Angela D. McLeod, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Timothy D. McNatt, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah D. McQuay, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Shatedra L. McQueen, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashton N. Mead, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Richard G. Meadows, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Susanna J. Medlin, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Brian P. Meier, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Winn A. Meredith, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Kellie L. Merideth, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Brandi L. Messer, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachael M. Miller, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Leah M. Miller, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Brittany S. Milligan, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer E. Mitchell, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Pamela M. Morgan, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew T. Morgan, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Derek K. Morgan, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Charissa A. Morris, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jody A. Morris, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Rebecka B. Morrison, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Donald R. Mullenix, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, James W. Neal Jr, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Kevin L. Neisler, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Natalie A. Nelson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsay B. Nelson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Rebecca A. Newcomb, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Tara C. Newman, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jon W. Newman, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jervonne D. Newsome, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Brandi M. Nichols, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Mary R. Noles, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Deja T. Nooner, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Emilee T. Odom, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Alison M. Ogletree, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Tina Ojdanic, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Elizabeth J. O'Neil, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah M. Orosz, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Christopher J. Orr, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Whitney K. Owens, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Kayla S. Owens, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Daniel C. Pace, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Brian O. Pagan, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Luther R. Pagan, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Shannon M. Pahlas, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Seth T. Parsons, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Heather N. Pate, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lance G. Patterson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Roosevelt  Patterson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Cody G. Patterson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jaylynn Payne, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew S. Pearson, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Crystopher A. Phillips, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Russ A. Pierce, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Kailey J. Pinson, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Robert L. Pippinger, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Krystal D. Poole, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica L. Pope, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrew B. Posey, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Cody L. Prater, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Corrine M. Price, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Danny E. Price, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel E. Purtee, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jamie L. Rader, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, William B. Rambin, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Katherine D. Ramey, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Michael A. Raney, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley M. Range, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Daniel C. Rasnic, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lacey J. Ray, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Chelsey A. Reeves, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Kelli M. Reynolds, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Krista K. Rice, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Claire E. Richardson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Brandy D. Riggan, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Timothy G. Rigsbee, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Terrance L. Riley, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Kimberly D. Roberts, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Sharon Roebuck, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Caleb R. Rogers, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Joshua M. Rouse, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Olivia A. Rurup, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Crissy L. Russell, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Nicole E. Russell, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew N. Ryals, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Seth R. Schader, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Samuel . Schratz, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Whitney D. Schreck , DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Richard K. Shafer, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jodi D. Shannon, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, William D. Shannon, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Molly Ann G. Shaver, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Latonja M. Sheard, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Ryan P. Shelton, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Tara M. Shepard, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, John F. Sherwood, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jillian R. Shrable, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeffrey M. Sifford, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Dustin C. Simpkins, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Johnathan C. Simpson, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Samantha J. Sims, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley E. Slayton, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew L. Sloan, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jamie L. Smith, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Justin B. Smith, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Krisner L. Smith, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lane K. Smith, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Stacy L. Smith, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Sydney D. Smith, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Ross S. Smith, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Abby L. Smith, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica M. Smith, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Deidre D. Smith, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Bradley A. Snider, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Carla J. Sockey, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Erica E. Sockwell, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Yasheka K. Somlar, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Katherine J. Spencer, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Casey G. Spencer, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Linzey R. Stacy, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Heather S. Stallings, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Hope E. Starks, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Megan L. Steed, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Tim L. Steed, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Marki A. Steele, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda N. Stephens, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Adam G. Steuart, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah E. Stone, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsey R. Stoner, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Ali K. Stracener, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew A. Strawbridge, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsey G. Suitt, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Maria E. Sullivan, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, William A. Summers, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer B. Swindle, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Erica E. Tadlock, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jasmine M. Tagupa, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Helen M. Talbot, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Kristen K. Thielemier, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacquelyn M. Thomas, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Stephanie L. Tidwell, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Genna R. Tounsand, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, William L. Travis, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Ryan P. Trevathan, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Danial N. Trotter, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah L. Tubbs, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber E. Tucker, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Deyan P. Vassilev, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Yevgenia . Vinokurova, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah E. Wakefield, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Amanda L. Walker, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Dominique S. Walker, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Craig T. Walker, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Joshua K. Walker, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Melissa L. Wallace, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Tyler R. Watkins, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Krista L. Watson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Murray R. Watts, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Marisa Wawrzyniak, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Nicholas E. Weeks, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Chad A. Weir, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Tory D. Wells, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jenna A. Wells, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Michael L. West, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica L. White, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lance M. Wiggins, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew R. Williams, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Megan L. Williamson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, George B. Williamson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Josh T. Wilson, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jenna C. Wilson, DL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer N. Winchester, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Morgan A. Witcher, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Valerie J. Wolfe, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Christine M. Wright, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Chelsea R. Wyatt, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, John A. Yerger II, CL

Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren R. Young, CL

Craighead, Lake City, Magan E. Adams, CL

Craighead, Lake City, Breigh A. Dudley, CL

Craighead, Lake City, Bart L. Holden, CL

Craighead, Lake City, Daniel J. Holt, CL

Craighead, Lake City, Emilee A. Hook, CL

Craighead, Lake City, Mary L. Robbins, CL

Craighead, Lake City, Janet M. Rooney, CL

Craighead, Lake City, Megan A. Short, CL

Craighead, Lake City, Tiffany S. Timms, CL

Craighead, Lake City, Aubrey G. Weaver, DL

Craighead, Monette, Kimberly S. Howard, CL

Craighead, Monette, Melissa Pendergrass, CL

Craighead, Monette, Lucas A. Qualls, DL

Craighead, Monette, Hunter A. Smith, CL

Craighead, Monette, Savanah L. Stewart, CL

Craighead, State University, Jamie E. Adams, CL

Craighead, State University, Jessica A. Aherin, DL

Craighead, State University, Richard W. Allen II, DL

Craighead, State University, Ashlie J. Anderson, DL

Craighead, State University, Elizabeth A. Asbury, CL

Craighead, State University, Jeri D. Austin, CL

Craighead, State University, Austin L. Avery, CL

Craighead, State University, Jamie L. Beck, CL

Craighead, State University, Michael W. Brown, DL

Craighead, State University, Sarah C. Campbell, DL

Craighead, State University, Rachelle G. Cawagdan, DL

Craighead, State University, Paula Chelminska, CL

Craighead, State University, Codey A. Davis, CL

Craighead, State University, Brittney M. Donaldson, DL

Craighead, State University, Connie L. Dubwig, CL

Craighead, State University, Kenya N. Duncan, DL

Craighead, State University, Walker D. Dyer, CL

Craighead, State University, David S. Finley, CL

Craighead, State University, Brian C. Flagg, CL

Craighead, State University, Todd A. Fogle, DL

Craighead, State University, Gary W. Goodrich, CL

Craighead, State University, Tahnee L. Green, CL

Craighead, State University, Lesly E. Hale, DL

Craighead, State University, Jovan E. Hartley, DL

Craighead, State University, Amanda C. Harvey, DL

Craighead, State University, Callie A. Hissam, CL

Craighead, State University, Ryan E. Hobson, CL

Craighead, State University, Jaime A. Holland, CL

Craighead, State University, Liying Huang, CL

Craighead, State University, Kelcie E. Huffstickler, CL

Craighead, State University, Matthew T. Isbell, CL

Craighead, State University, Leslie N. James, CL

Craighead, State University, Morgan R. Johnson, DL

Craighead, State University, Jermey R. Jones, CL

Craighead, State University, Caleb G. Lewis, CL

Craighead, State University, Jessica M. Lindsey, DL

Craighead, State University, Sylvia M. Lloyd, DL

Craighead, State University, Jeremy C. McCallister, CL

Craighead, State University, Latrice L. McClinton, CL

Craighead, State University, Amy E. McKinney, CL

Craighead, State University, Kai C. Miao, CL

Craighead, State University, Carmen A. Miller, DL

Craighead, State University, Erica M. Naeger, CL

Craighead, State University, Patricia S. Nelms, DL

Craighead, State University, April E. Nelson, CL

Craighead, State University, Tara A. Nelson, CL

Craighead, State University, Will L. Newberry, CL

Craighead, State University, Shannon L. Onale, CL

Craighead, State University, Maria Oprea, DL

Craighead, State University, Kalup M. Phillips, DL

Craighead, State University, Rachel A. Pierce, CL

Craighead, State University, J J. Pitt, CL

Craighead, State University, Jimmie I. Puckett, CL

Craighead, State University, Tommie A. Qualls, CL

Craighead, State University, Bridget D. Reyes, CL

Craighead, State University, Jeremiah M. Salinger, DL

Craighead, State University, Michael B. Schuk, DL

Craighead, State University, Daniel J. Shults, CL

Craighead, State University, Destin L. Sims, DL

Craighead, State University, Samuel G. Smith, CL

Craighead, State University, Matthew R. Smith, CL

Craighead, State University, Hannah M. Sneed, DL

Craighead, State University, Farah N. Spanier, CL

Craighead, State University, Samantha R. Stuart, CL

Craighead, State University, U Yin, Tan, CL

Craighead, State University, Jennifer E. Teeter, DL

Craighead, State University, Summer L. Townsend, CL

Craighead, State University, Sara J. Tumlison, CL

Craighead, State University, Amy M. Van Slyke, CL

Craighead, State University, Rone Van Wyk, DL

Craighead, State University, Paige N. Waddle, CL

Craighead, State University, Michael A. Williams, CL

Craighead, State University, Candence M. Williams, DL

Craighead, State University, Branden K. Woods, CL

Crawford, Van Buren, Taylor A. Stockemer, C

Crittenden, Earle, Tabitha L. Newingham, CL

Crittenden, Heth, Sara S. Rogers, DL

Crittenden, Marion, Chance C. Brown, CL

Crittenden, Marion, Jennifer L. Caldwell, DL

Crittenden, Marion, Kimberly D. Leonard , CL

Crittenden, Marion, Matthew B. Lovett, CL

Crittenden, Marion, Brandi N. McAlister, CL

Crittenden, Marion, Karen E. Meyers, CL

Crittenden, Marion, Christy N. Miller, CL

Crittenden, Marion, Lance D. Morgan, CL

Crittenden, Marion, Garrett J. Morphis, DL

Crittenden, Marion, Steven G. Nichols Jr, DL

Crittenden, Marion, Tina M. Nolley, DL

Crittenden, Marion, Andrew K. Peters, CL

Crittenden, Marion, Brianna  Roe, DL

Crittenden, Marion, Natalie M. Snyder, CL

Crittenden, Marion, Leslie P. Snyder CL

Crittenden, Marion, Holly C. Wallace, DL

Crittenden, Marion, Joshua C. Wheeler, CL

Crittenden, Marion, Catelyn R. Williams, CL

Crittenden, Turrell, Sunne L. Moore, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Tyler R. Allen, CL

Crittenden, West Memphis, Matthew A. Boston, DL

Crittenden, West Memphis, Kristy D. Bowden, DL

Crittenden, West Memphis, Kasey N. Catt, DL

Crittenden, West Memphis, Kelley A. Champion, CL

Crittenden, West Memphis, Mary M. Dauksch, CL

Crittenden, West Memphis, Scott A. Dunkin, DL

Crittenden, West Memphis, Heather N. Gean, CL

Crittenden, West Memphis, Angela D. Hamill, DL

Crittenden, West Memphis, Shakeisha G. Harris, CL

Crittenden, West Memphis, Joshua L. House, DL

Crittenden, West Memphis, Thomas G. Lux, DL

Crittenden, West Memphis, Elizabeth A. Miller, CL

Crittenden, West Memphis, Michael B. Oswalt, DL

Crittenden, West Memphis, Adam L. Patterson, DL

Crittenden, West Memphis, Jessica N. Steed, CL

Crittenden, West Memphis, Keochi M. Wright, DL

Cross, Cherry Valley, Jeremy P. Coats, CL

Cross, Cherry Valley, Sharon K. Harshberger, DL

Cross, Cherry Valley, Merideth L. Johnson, DL

Cross, Cherry Valley, Krystin R. Phillips, CL

Cross, Cherry Valley, Tanya N. Thompson, CL

Cross, Colt, Miranda D. Stanbery, CL

Cross, Wynne, Kayla M. Anderson, CL

Cross, Wynne, Tiffany N. Beasley, DL

Cross, Wynne, Melissa F. Belcher, DL

Cross, Wynne, Jessica E. Cantrell, CL

Cross, Wynne, Daniel T. Dallas, DL

Cross, Wynne, Whitney A. Davis, CL

Cross, Wynne, Christi M. Davis, DL

Cross, Wynne, Laura J. Diebold, CL

Cross, Wynne, Ashley L. Foltz, CL

Cross, Wynne, Daniel C. Grantham, CL

Cross, Wynne, Darius J. Haggans, CL

Cross, Wynne, Brianna D. Hess, DL

Cross, Wynne, Timothy J. Houston, CL

Cross, Wynne, Susan A. Kelley, CL

Cross, Wynne, Cassandra D. McKissack, CL

Cross, Wynne, Matthew F. McLendon, DL

Cross, Wynne, Chintan P. Patel, DL

Cross, Wynne, Sabrina D. Simmons-White, CL

Cross, Wynne, Lana M. Spain, DL

Cross, Wynne, Whitney S. Tucker, DL

Cross, Wynne, Bethany K. Williams, DL

Cross, Wynne, Jamie L. Wilson, CL

Dallas, Fordyce, Andrea L. Nichols, CL

Davidson, Nashville, Sara E. Bedingfield, CL

Denton, Flower Mound, Thomas M. Castilaw, DL

Desha, Dumas, Sommer N. Kirtley, DL

Desha, Dumas, Quantavius M. Poole, CL

Desha, Dumas, Kathleen A. Walters, CL

Desoto, Hernando, Shauna J. Leonard, CL

Desoto, Hernando, Sara K. Oakley, CL

Douglas, Lawrence, Rebecca L. Craft, DL

Drew, Monticello, Ben P. Barton, DL

Drew, Monticello, Janet L. Jamison, CL

Drew, Monticello, Kristin K. McCone, CL

Drew, Monticello, Chelsea M. Weaver, CL

Dunklin, Campbell, Lindy N. Rodery, CL

Dunklin, Cardwell, Heather M. Gillion, CL

Dunklin, Cardwell, Shelly D. Watkins, CL

Dunklin, Holcomb, Laura A. Watson, CL

Dunklin, Holcomb, Tiffani D. Weaver, CL

Dunklin, Hornersville, Katie E. Hutchison, CL

Dunklin, Hornersville, Emily B. Jamerson, CL

Dunklin, Kennett, Leah P. Brock, DL

Dunklin, Kennett, Julie A. Burton, DL

Dunklin, Kennett, Martin L. Fowler, DL

Dunklin, Kennett, Elizabeth I. McCrackin, DL

Dunklin, Kennett, Brittani S. Nash, CL

Dunklin, Kennett, Stephen T. Rooney, CL

Dunklin, Kennett, Lauren E. Shipman, CL

Dunklin, Kennett, Christy L. Smallmon, DL

Dunklin, Kennett, Susan D. Statler, CL

Dunklin, Malden, Dana L. Christian, CL

Dyer, Dyersburg, John W. Hall, CL

Ellis, Red Oak, Corwin R. Pace, CL

Erath, Bluff Dale, Courtney J. Blevins, DL

Faulkner, Conway, Muriel S. Aston, CL

Faulkner, Conway, Kim V. Bartlett, CL

Faulkner, Conway, Jessica M. Billman, CL

Faulkner, Conway, Mary C. Cox, DL

Faulkner, Conway, Cameron T. Deem, DL

Faulkner, Conway, Brindy E. Horton, CL

Faulkner, Conway, Grant W. Newkirk, DL

Faulkner, Conway, Willa D. Parker, CL

Faulkner, Conway, Erin F. Roland Haynes, CL

Faulkner, Conway, Sherle M. Stroud, CL

Faulkner, Greenbrier, Jackie E. Carter, CL

Faulkner, Greenbrier, Cassie A. Jenkins, DL

Faulkner, Greenbrier, Candace M. Moore, CL

Faulkner, Vilonia, Shelley L. Carson, CL

Faulkner, Vilonia, Tina M. Sellers, CL

Faulkner, Vilonia, Carol R. Smith, CL

Faulkner, Vilonia, Bethany D. Webb, CL

Faulkner, Vilonia, Lori M. Williams Mrs., CL

Franklin, Ozark, Meghan D. Edgington, CL

Fulton, Ash Flat, Stewart A. Smart, CL

Fulton, Cherokee Village, Jeffrey L. Stevens, DL

Fulton, Hardy, Stephanie E. Myal, CL

Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Crystal G. Dusatko, CL

Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Tabitha G. Hall, DL

Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Helen K. Vest, CL

Fulton, Salem, Devin L. Bozeman, DL

Fulton, Salem, Zachary T. Branscum, DL

Fulton, Salem, Garrett D. Brickey, CL

Fulton, Salem, Heather A. Friend, CL

Fulton, Salem, Annis L. Layne, CL

Fulton, Salem, Cori L. Long, CL

Fulton, Salem, Clifford H. Pleasant III, DL

Fulton, Salem, Abbigail L. Robinson, CL

Fulton, Salem, Keith E. Smith, CL

Fulton, Salem, Shawn L. Travelstead, CL

Fulton, Salem, Brandy A. Willis, CL

Gage, Beatrice, Samantha C. Berke, DL

Garland, Hot Springs, David M. Colananni, CL

Garland, Hot Springs, Candice M. Crawford, CL

Garland, Hot Springs, Kayla A. Duvall, DL

Garland, Hot Springs, Victoria R. Ellison, CL

Garland, Hot Springs, Stephanie D. Foreman, DL

Garland, Hot Springs, Victoria J. Jentz, CL

Garland, Hot Springs, Christina F. Johnson, CL

Garland, Hot Springs, Rachael M. Kaylo, CL

Garland, Hot Springs, Nicholas W. Lorigan, CL

Garland, Hot Springs, Ryan C. Ochsner, CL

Garland, Hot Springs, Elizabeth J. Rountree, CL

Garland, Hot Springs, Tiffany J. Taylor, CL

Garland, Hot Springs, Trevor K. Utley, CL

Garland, Jessieville, Justin O. Bean, DL

Garland, Jessieville, Cody N. Phillips, CL

Garland, Pearcy, Aaron T. Landis, DL

Grant, Grapevine, Kendra N. Litzsey, CL

Grant, Pine Bluff, Patricia L. Drake, DL

Greene, Beech Grove, Sheena M. Alls, CL

Greene, Beech Grove, Alyson A. Morrow, DL

Greene, Beech Grove, Julia A. Rowe, CL

Greene, Delaplaine, Ashley King, CL

Greene, Jonesboro, Mark-David K. Pirtle, CL

Greene, Marmaduke, Lauren E. Bridges, CL

Greene, Marmaduke, Kelly A. Drury, DL

Greene, Marmaduke, Amber D. Gazaway, DL

Greene, Marmaduke, Taylor R. Grayham, CL

Greene, Marmaduke, Logan D. Hawley, DL

Greene, Marmaduke, Amber L. Haynes, CL

Greene, Marmaduke, Sheila M. Prince, DL

Greene, Marmaduke, Susan E. Spence, DL

Greene, Paragould, Joseph K. Adams, DL

Greene, Paragould, Lori L. Anderson, CL

Greene, Paragould, Susan M. Baird, DL

Greene, Paragould, John L. Baldwin, CL

Greene, Paragould, Lesli M. Ballard, DL

Greene, Paragould, Mandy J. Ballard McConnaughhay, CL

Greene, Paragould, Sonni M. Black, CL

Greene, Paragould, Kayci B. Blake, DL

Greene, Paragould, Tiffany A. Blan, CL

Greene, Paragould, Justin L. Blankenship, DL

Greene, Paragould, Crystal F. Blankenship, CL

Greene, Paragould, Alisha L. Blue, DL

Greene, Paragould, Marshia J. Bobo, CL

Greene, Paragould, Lindsey M. Box, CL

Greene, Paragould, Zachary B. Breckenridge, CL

Greene, Paragould, Jonathan E. Bricker, DL

Greene, Paragould, Jeanne M. Burnside, CL

Greene, Paragould, Bryan N. Burroughs, CL

Greene, Paragould, Taylor L. Camp, CL

Greene, Paragould, Jeremy S. Carter, CL

Greene, Paragould, Megan R. Case, CL

Greene, Paragould, Matthew K. Clark, CL

Greene, Paragould, Kristy L. Clark, CL

Greene, Paragould, Brittany N. Clifford, DL

Greene, Paragould, Graycen E. Colbert, CL

Greene, Paragould, Megan S. Collins, CL

Greene, Paragould, Brittney A. Collins, CL

Greene, Paragould, Jeremy L. Colton, CL

Greene, Paragould, Matthew R. Combs, CL

Greene, Paragould, Kathy M. Cook, CL

Greene, Paragould, Rebecca K. Cooper, CL

Greene, Paragould, Brittany D. Copeland, DL

Greene, Paragould, Pamela E. Cox, CL

Greene, Paragould, Shawn Y. Crawford, DL

Greene, Paragould, Mary A. Dabbs, CL

Greene, Paragould, Joy D. Dachs, DL

Greene, Paragould, Justin N. Davis, DL

Greene, Paragould, Casey E. Distretti, CL

Greene, Paragould, Kaitlin A. Dollars, CL

Greene, Paragould, Nathaniel D. Downs, CL

Greene, Paragould, William D. Dufau, DL

Greene, Paragould, Stephanie L. Dye, DL

Greene, Paragould, Kingston L. Edgar, DL

Greene, Paragould, Roger B. Everett, CL

Greene, Paragould, Amanda L. Finch, CL

Greene, Paragould, Garry L. Finn, DL

Greene, Paragould, Noah A. Flanrey, CL

Greene, Paragould, Crystal L. Forkum, DL

Greene, Paragould, Codi R. Forkum, CL

Greene, Paragould, Christopher D. Foster, DL

Greene, Paragould, Nicholas S. Gaskill, CL

Greene, Paragould, Sarah M. Gillmore, CL

Greene, Paragould, Kayla L. Gramling, CL

Greene, Paragould, Kelsey B. Gramling, DL

Greene, Paragould, Alexander H. Gramling, CL

Greene, Paragould, Jessica L. Griffin, CL

Greene, Paragould, Tonya K. Guthrie, DL

Greene, Paragould, Stephanie K. Hale, CL

Greene, Paragould, Marlena J. Hale, CL

Greene, Paragould, Kayla L. Hammersley, CL

Greene, Paragould, John P. Hantke, CL

Greene, Paragould, Matthew P. Hardin Jr, DL

Greene, Paragould, Jennifer C. Harris, DL

Greene, Paragould, Kenneth C. Harris, CL

Greene, Paragould, Ronda L. Harvey, CL

Greene, Paragould, Laura B. Henry, DL

Greene, Paragould, Dustin C. Henson, DL

Greene, Paragould, James D. Henson, CL

Greene, Paragould, Judith B. Hicks, DL

Greene, Paragould, Amy M. Highfill, DL

Greene, Paragould, Tonya E. Hill, CL

Greene, Paragould, Jennifer A. Hobbs, DL

Greene, Paragould, Seth T. Holifield, CL

Greene, Paragould, Joshua B. Hopper, CL

Greene, Paragould, Casey E. Hosman, DL

Greene, Paragould, Shandelle M. Hyde, CL

Greene, Paragould, Joe L. Hyde, CL

Greene, Paragould, Jason D. Inman, CL

Greene, Paragould, Amanda R. Jeter, DL

Greene, Paragould, Rebecca S. Johnson, CL

Greene, Paragould, Traci D. Johnson, CL

Greene, Paragould, Haley B. Johnson, DL

Greene, Paragould, Melissa L. Kelley, DL

Greene, Paragould, Justin D. Kemp, DL

Greene, Paragould, Cecily A. Kennemore, DL

Greene, Paragould, James C. Kjorlaug, CL

Greene, Paragould, Rachell A. Langston, DL

Greene, Paragould, Tracy A. Leone, CL

Greene, Paragould, Krystal D. Levine, CL

Greene, Paragould, Kristen E. Long, CL

Greene, Paragould, Sydney D. Lyerly, CL

Greene, Paragould, Jordan E. Mallard, CL

Greene, Paragould, Sara D. Mangrum, CL

Greene, Paragould, Amber F. McDaniel, CL

Greene, Paragould, Brandy L. McDaniel, CL

Greene, Paragould, Jacob A. McMillon, CL

Greene, Paragould, Christy L. McSpadden, CL

Greene, Paragould, Krystle E. Morris, DL

Greene, Paragould, Jennifer M. Morris, DL

Greene, Paragould, Aaron L. Morris, CL

Greene, Paragould, Cassie J. Morrison, DL

Greene, Paragould, Matthew M. Mullins, CL

Greene, Paragould, Jordan L. Mullins, DL

Greene, Paragould, Ashley N. Nance, CL

Greene, Paragould, Andrew D. Neighbors, DL

Greene, Paragould, Stefenie N. Newberry, CL

Greene, Paragould, Eli M. Newsom, CL

Greene, Paragould, Ashley K. Nicolle, CL

Greene, Paragould, Blake A. Pepper, CL

Greene, Paragould, Harley J. Phillips, DL

Greene, Paragould, Magan A. Pillow, DL

Greene, Paragould, Annalee M. Pitcher, CL

Greene, Paragould, Angela N. Poe, CL

Greene, Paragould, Holly L. Pugh, CL

Greene, Paragould, Victoria L. Purser, CL

Greene, Paragould, Ashley L. Rader, CL

Greene, Paragould, Evan M. Ratliff, DL

Greene, Paragould, Aaron M. Reddick, CL

Greene, Paragould, Tiffany L. Reddick, DL

Greene, Paragould, Charity H. Reddick, CL

Greene, Paragould, Jessica N. Reed, CL

Greene, Paragould, Brittany K. Reeves, CL

Greene, Paragould, Robert J. Rhodes, DL

Greene, Paragould, Wendy R. Richardson, CL

Greene, Paragould, Ashley R. Robbins, CL

Greene, Paragould, Shannon S. Rogers, DL

Greene, Paragould, Devon E. Rogers, CL

Greene, Paragould, Cody A. Rogers, CL

Greene, Paragould, Tyler L. Rollings, DL

Greene, Paragould, Kelli S. Rollins, CL

Greene, Paragould, Samuel A. Rose, DL

Greene, Paragould, Benjamin M. Ross, CL

Greene, Paragould, Whitney B. Ryan, DL

Greene, Paragould, Sara A. Salehi, CL

Greene, Paragould, Daniel J. Sanders, DL

Greene, Paragould, Elizabeth K. Schug, CL

Greene, Paragould, Brianna L. Segraves, DL

Greene, Paragould, Mickie S. Shearer, CL

Greene, Paragould, Sheila A. Smith, DL

Greene, Paragould, Audra F. Smith, DL

Greene, Paragould, Meghan N. Stone, CL

Greene, Paragould, Michael N. Sullivan, CL

Greene, Paragould, Julie L. Taylor, CL

Greene, Paragould, Jarrett R. Tedder, CL

Greene, Paragould, Lauren A. Thurman, DL

Greene, Paragould, Ginger R. Todd, CL

Greene, Paragould, Jonathan N. Trail, CL

Greene, Paragould, Brianna C. Wallis, CL

Greene, Paragould, Kevin B. Ward, DL

Greene, Paragould, Christina J. Washington, CL

Greene, Paragould, Andrew R. Weaver, CL

Greene, Paragould, Dessira D. Wegner, CL

Greene, Paragould, Whitney N. Wells, CL

Greene, Paragould, Sandra D. West, CL

Greene, Paragould, Chelsie L. Whitby, DL

Greene, Paragould, Savanna J. Willcockson, DL

Greene, Paragould, Stephanie N. Williams, CL

Greene, Paragould, Kimberly I. Williams, CL

Greene, Paragould, Seth F. Williams, CL

Greene, Paragould, Gary M. Wilson, CL

Greene, Paragould, Mackenzie D. Wineland, CL

Greene, Paragould, Julie A. Wisby, DL

Greene, Paragould, Stephanie N. Worrell, CL

Greene, Paragould, Destiny D. Wray, DL

Greene, Walcott, Ryan F. Boozer, CL

Greene, Walcott, Zachary C. Campbell, CL

Greene, Walcott, Lindsay E. Newberry, CL

Greene, Walnut Ridge, Melissa L. Rice, CL

Greene, Walnut Ridge, Natalie F. Rickey, CL

Guadalupe, New Braunfels, Samantha L. Morrison, DL

Hamilton, Doniphan, Amber . Pokorney, DL

Harris, Crosby, Brittany S. Hoag, CL

Harris, Kingwood, Sara E. Krimm, DL

Harris, Tomball, Emily D. Fravel, DL

Hempstead, Hope, Carlton D. Graves, CL

Hempstead, Hope, William R. Merck, DL

Hot Spring, Amity, Maranda S. Gilliland, CL

Hot Spring, Malvern, Lanie B. Allen, CL

Hot Spring, Malvern, Erin V. Crumby, DL

Hot Spring, Malvern, Amanda B. Draper, CL

Hot Spring, Malvern, Kimberly E. Head, CL

Hot Spring, Malvern, Mallory L. Meyers, DL

Hot Spring, Malvern, Mark E. Parsley, CL

Hot Spring, Malvern, Asa W. Shnaekel, DL

Howard, Columbia, Abayomi . Ajasin, CL

Independence, Batesville, Chaney B. Allen, DL

Independence, Batesville, Brittany L. Biggers, DL

Independence, Batesville, Allison E. Brewer, CL

Independence, Batesville, Nancy S. Chadwick, CL

Independence, Batesville, Jeanie M. Clements, CL

Independence, Batesville, Joseph C. Cross, CL

Independence, Batesville, Angie M. Gay, CL

Independence, Batesville, Kaylea N. Kallsnick, CL

Independence, Batesville, Amanda R. Le, CL

Independence, Batesville, Dorajo N. McDonald, CL

Independence, Batesville, Chris B. Milum, DL

Independence, Batesville, Katherine W. Mitchell, DL

Independence, Batesville, Arielle R. Moss, CL

Independence, Batesville, Taylor M. Mynatt, CL

Independence, Batesville, Lyndsey D. Rush, DL

Independence, Batesville, Dale L. Thornton, DL

Independence, Batesville, Penny L. Treadway, CL

Independence, Batesville, Kendra M. Willis, CL

Independence, Batesville, Amber D. Woods, CL

Independence, Bradford, Andrea E. Nelson, DL

Independence, Cave City, Laura E. Landers, DL

Independence, Cave City, Colten S. Marlin, DL

Independence, Charlotte, Morgan N. Sharp, CL

Independence, Cord, John D. Franks, DL

Independence, Cord, Nicole D. Johnson, CL

Independence, Cushman, Catherine L. Hurley, DL

Independence, Desha, Tiffany L. Jones, CL

Independence, Desha, Clayton . McWilliams, CL

Independence, Floral, Megan B. Morris, DL

Independence, Newark, Pamela J. Robinett, CL

Independence, Sulphur Rock, Trasie L. Cervantes, DL

Izard, Calico Rock, Jonathan R. Belken, DL

Izard, Calico Rock, Bryan R. Fountain, DL

Izard, Calico Rock, Jennifer L. Smay, DL

Izard, Melbourne, Kristin M. Hamby, CL

Izard, Melbourne, Jeffery S. Moser, CL

Izard, Mt Pleasant, Jonathan P. Edwards, DL

Izard, Pineville, Bailey D. Sanders Ms, CL

Izard, Pineville, Kehea S. Sexton, CL

Izard, Violet Hill, Tanya . Moore, CL

Jackson, Bradford, Joshua L. Pippenger, CL

Jackson, Grubbs, Robert W. Jewell, CL

Jackson, Grubbs, Secily L. Nicholson, CL

Jackson, Newport, Sheena M. Allen, CL

Jackson, Newport, Mindalyn M. Breckenridge, CL

Jackson, Newport, James H. Chaplain, DL

Jackson, Newport, Russell F. Cooper, DL

Jackson, Newport, Amy E. Davis, DL

Jackson, Newport, Lauren S. Felts, DL

Jackson, Newport, Michael A. Glidewell, DL

Jackson, Newport, Stephen J. Graham, DL

Jackson, Newport, Natalie B. Hutchinson, CL

Jackson, Newport, Kelli R. Kelley, CL

Jackson, Newport, Natasha D. Mabry, CL

Jackson, Newport, Ami L. Medford-Driver, CL

Jackson, Newport, Ashley N. Raby, DL

Jackson, Newport, Elizabeth M. Snow, DL

Jackson, Newport, Kathryn E. Warren, CL

Jackson, Newport, Brittany N. Wilson, CL

Jackson, Newport, Brittany R. Wixson, CL

Jackson, Swifton, Jordan T. Baughn, CL

Jackson, Swifton, Tera L. Blevins, CL

Jackson, Swifton, Lyndsey R. Bowen, CL

Jackson, Swifton, Dena M. Decker, CL

Jackson, Swifton, Tanya J. Wood, CL

Jackson, Tuckerman, Johnathan L. Bridgeman, DL

Jackson, Tuckerman, Amber D. Calendar, CL

Jackson, Tuckerman, Robert E. Clausen, CL

Jackson, Tuckerman, Hattie J. Gardner, CL

Jackson, Tuckerman, Krystyn C. Lancaster, DL

Jackson, Tuckerman, Andrew J. Rowlett, CL

Jackson, Tuckerman, Deanna M. Smith, CL

Jackson, Tuckerman, Karen S. Washington, CL

Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Ikemba O. Balogu, DL

Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Tara D. Bond, CL

Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Janice J. Collins, DL

Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Eleny L. Davis, CL

Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Kanesha M. Hicks, CL

Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Shenetta A. Payne, CL

Jefferson, Pine Bluff, James T. Shelton, CL

Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Benjamin R. Stevens, CL

Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Jessica J. Stevens, DL

Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Haley S. Worthen, DL

Jefferson, Redfield, Matthew A. Devers, CL

Jefferson, White Hall, Michael B. Belt, CL

Jefferson, White Hall, Nissa M. Hughes, DL

Jefferson, White Hall, Lee A. Lloyd, CL

Jefferson, White Hall, Clayton J. Preston, CL

Jefferson, White Hall, Larry R. Robertson, CL

Jefferson, White Hall, David K. Rowland, CL

Jefferson, White Hall, Jamie L. Stout, DL

Lamar, Hattiesburg, Amanda S. Gunnufsen, DL

Lamar, Purvis, Robert A. Gaston, CL

Laramie, Cheyenne, Michelle L. Alexander, CL

Lawrence, Alicia, Stephanie R. Dorris, CL

Lawrence, Black Rock, Tim Burgess, CL

Lawrence, Hoxie, Tracy L. Bailey, CL

Lawrence, Hoxie, Mary E. Davis, DL

Lawrence, Hoxie, Kelsie D. Jones Ms, DL

Lawrence, Hoxie, Daniel M. Kopp, CL

Lawrence, Imboden, Tabitha L. Young, CL

Lawrence, Lynn, Lindsey N. Deeter, CL

Lawrence, Lynn, Cassie L. Glenn, CL

Lawrence, Lynn, Beau C. Simpson, CL

Lawrence, Powhatan, Marissa E. Baltz, DL

Lawrence, Powhatan, Jordan L. Fore, DL

Lawrence, Ravenden, Elizabeth C. Adams, DL

Lawrence, Sedgwick, Toni L. Scott, DL

Lawrence, Smithville, Magen D. Perkins, CL

Lawrence, Strawberry, Tanesha L. Jones, CL

Lawrence, Strawberry, Lori L. Massey, CL

Lawrence, Strawberry, Natasha F. Turner, CL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Jessica M. Bailey, DL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Brandon R. Barnhill, CL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Maegan E. Boyd, DL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Katelin B. Cavenaugh, CL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Kevin M. Downum, DL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Benjamin A. Engelken, DL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Tara J. Gentry, CL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Jennifer E. Hackworth, CL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Johnathon P. Hampton, CL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Susan R. Harper, CL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Emily M. Hathcock, DL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Thomas M. Jackson, CL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, James R. Jumper, CL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Melodie J. Murray, CL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Keelen D. Newsom, CL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Chelsea L. Treadway, DL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Matthew D. Watson, DL

Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Kelley R. Whitmire, DL

Lee, Marianna, Kimberly L. Sims, CL

Little River, Ashdown, Jamie E. Fleming, CL

Lonoke, Austin, Crystal A. Carranco, CL

Lonoke, Austin, Brianna C. Cook, CL

Lonoke, Austin, Jill N. Fike, CL

Lonoke, Austin, Danielle R. Gacek, CL

Lonoke, Austin, Clayton W. Goshien, CL

Lonoke, Austin, Holly N. Logan, CL

Lonoke, Austin, Nathan W. Robbins, DL

Lonoke, Austin, Melissa R. Scalf, CL

Lonoke, Austin, Tamela A. Smith, DL

Lonoke, Austin, Samantha J. Sowell, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Farrah N. Austin, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Lisa C. Brickell, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Hope L. Brooks, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Angela M. Brown, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Heather N. Buchman, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Christopher B. Cockrell, DL

Lonoke, Cabot, Lori R. Crace, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Meaghan B. Dunn, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Michelle L. Freck, DL

Lonoke, Cabot, Amber N. Gordon, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Tracy J. Hart, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Jeana S. Heagerty, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Ericka L. Hill, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Ryan N. Hill, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Kevin D. Howard, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Patricia A. Loraditch, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Sarra S. McCullar, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Natalie K. Moore, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Gregory L. Parris, DL

Lonoke, Cabot, Cesiley F. Sullivan, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Tanya L. Thomas, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Jennifer L. Tumbleson, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Maria A. Walker, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Cassandra L. Whitley, CL

Lonoke, Cabot, Sarah N. Woodard, CL

Lonoke, Carlisle, Dani E. Fields, CL

Lonoke, Carlisle, Preston H. Hawkins, DL

Lonoke, Carlisle, Melaney A. Hedrick, CL

Lonoke, Carlisle, Lourie N. Webb-Stivers, CL

Lonoke, England, Elizabeth D. Cloninger, CL

Lonoke, Lonoke, Allison M. Gibbs, CL

Lonoke, Lonoke, Kelly D. Haley, CL

Lonoke, Lonoke, Dana L. Horton, CL

Lonoke, Lonoke, Jessica A. Lynch, CL

Lonoke, Lonoke, Luke T. Mitchell, DL

Lonoke, Lonoke, John F. Mooney, CL

Lonoke, Lonoke, Kristy N. Smith, CL

Lonoke, Ward, Candace E. Anselmi, CL

Lonoke, Ward, April C. Berry, CL

Lonoke, Ward, Joshua B. Colvin, DL

Lonoke, Ward, Chelsea J. Gastineau, CL

Lonoke, Ward, Mary L. Kaylor, CL

Lonoke, Ward, Dusty L. Key, CL

Lonoke, Ward, Meagan N. Smith, CL

Lonoke, Ward, Kimberly D. Webster, CL

Madison, Kingston, Amber L. Murray, CL

Marion, Flippin, Jena D. Adams, CL

Marion, Flippin, Andrea L. Benedict, CL

Marion, Flippin, Crystal Y. Eldridge, CL

Marion, Flippin, Karen A. Parrish, CL

Marion, Flippin, Amy N. Ragsdale, CL

Marion, Flippin, Courtney L. Topf, CL

Marion, Summit, Sarah J. Gunn, CL

Marion, Yellville, Ashley D. Casey, CL

Marion, Yellville, Tammy J. Heim, DL

Marion, Yellville, Sacha R. McGee, CL

Marion, Yellville, Amy J. Phillips, CL

Marion, Yellville, Crystal L. Pruitt, DL

Miller, Texarkana, Jassmine C. Bruce, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Amy B. Bailey, DL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Christopher E. Brown, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Sharon D. Brown, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, William L. Chapman, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Pamela K. Femera, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Cassandra R. Floyd, DL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Candice N. Groves, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, James P. Hoskins Jr, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Mary G. Hughes, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Adam D. Jackson, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Melinda D. Judah, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Jade L. Lafferty, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Teri L. Long, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Bobbie J. McLean, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Taylor B. Meador, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Jeremy W. Merrick, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Katheryn M. Nelson, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Brittany L. Parish, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Kia R. Pay, DL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Lindsay N. Phillips, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Robin M. Pruett, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Nicole L. Raper, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Jessi D. Riggs, DL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Melissa A. Siegler, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Houston T. Talmage, DL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Rachel R. Washington, DL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Ruby S. Washington Mrs., CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Chad H. Whatley, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Lindsey J. White, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Jordan A. Wilson, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Danica R. Widdicombe, CL

Mississippi, Blytheville, Amy L. Wingard, CL

Mississippi, Frenchmans Bayou, Autumn M. Pruitt, CL

Mississippi, Gosnell, Robert D. Despain Jr, DL

Mississippi, Gosnell, Shana D. Miller, DL

Mississippi, Leachville, Mirna . Castaneda, CL

Mississippi, Leachville, Magan E. Duffel, CL

Mississippi, Leachville, Jessica L. Smith, DL

Mississippi, Leachville, Nancy J. Spencer, CL

Mississippi, Leachville, Cortney E. Thomas, DL

Mississippi, Manila, Tracy A. Bohannan, CL

Mississippi, Manila, Kyle M. Cherry, CL

Mississippi, Manila, Michele D. Eden, CL

Mississippi, Manila, Jennifer R. Ellis, CL

Mississippi, Manila, Whitney E. Jackson, CL

Mississippi, Manila, Danna R. Mattingly, CL

Mississippi, Manila, Jerry . Maupin II, CL

Mississippi, Manila, Codie A. Moore, CL

Mississippi, Manila, Stephanie L. Owens, CL

Mississippi, Manila, Eva M. Shotwell, DL

Mississippi, Manila, Katie I. Studebaker, CL

Mississippi, Osceola, Meagan A. Conley, CL

Mississippi, Osceola, Katherine E. Richards, CL

Mississippi, Osceola, Kristen K. Richmond, CL

Mississippi, Osceola, Amanda C. Slaughter, CL

Mississippi, Tyronza, Jason D. Holmes, CL

Mississippi, West Ridge, Ben E. Light II, CL

Mississippi, Wilson, Elizabeth L. Ryals, CL

Mississippi, Wilson, Beau L. Smith, DL

Monroe, Brinkley, Ashdon B. Floyd, DL

Monroe, Brinkley, Anthony C. Frein III, CL

Monroe, Brinkley, Racqel A. Hardin, CL

Monroe, Brinkley, Tiffany N. Howton, DL

Monroe, Brinkley, Nanci E. Jarrett, CL

Monroe, Brinkley, Donna G. Moore, CL

Monroe, Brinkley, Zhou W. Ni, CL

Monroe, Brinkley, Veda L. Severe, CL

Monroe, Clarendon, Leah E. Lewert , CL

Monroe, Clarendon, Darious R. Rutling, DL

Morehouse, Bastrop, Latasha R. Fenceroy, DL

Nevada, Emmet, Jessica L. Allen, DL

New Madrid, Gideon, Bobbie J. Phillips, CL

New Madrid, New Madrid, Amelia J. Porter, DL

New Madrid, Portageville, Rebecca L. Cayton, DL

New Madrid, Portageville, Spencer S. Martin, DL

Newton, Deer, Rebecca L. Carney, CL

Newton, Marble Falls, Thomas F. Welch, CL

North Slope, Barrow, Whitney A. Bowen, DL

Oklahoma, Edmond, Christin J. Baker, CL

Ouachita, Camden, Kelsey L. Lum, CL

Ozark, Gainesville, Amy L. Broderick, CL

Pemiscot, Caruthersville, Chad M. McClain, CL

Pemiscot, Caruthersville, John W. Pylate, DL

Pemiscot, Caruthersvlle, Robyn M. Frost, CL

Pemiscot, Caruthersvlle, Nenisa N. Hundhausen, DL

Pemiscot, Cooter, Jennifer L. Lynn, CL

Pemiscot, Hayti, Betty J. Gawthrop, CL

Pemiscot, Holland, Pamela D. Leathers, CL

Pemiscot, Steele, Brittany L. Jarred, CL

Pemiscot, Steele, Valerie R. Ross, CL

Poinsett, Fisher, Keely S. Maynard, DL

Poinsett, Harrisburg, William J. Beasley, CL

Poinsett, Harrisburg, Emily L. Behrens, CL

Poinsett, Harrisburg, Alice W. Behrens, CL

Poinsett, Harrisburg, Will J. Bonham, DL

Poinsett, Harrisburg, Robert S. Dorman, CL

Poinsett, Harrisburg, Jordan A. Gentry, CL

Poinsett, Harrisburg, Kaitlyn R. Graves, CL

Poinsett, Harrisburg, Zachary T. Mooney, CL

Poinsett, Harrisburg, Tambre D. Roush, CL

Poinsett, Harrisburg, Arleen B. Smith, DL

Poinsett, Harrisburg, Toni R. Wake, CL

Poinsett, Harrisburg, Whitney E. Winters, CL

Poinsett, Harrisburg, Tonya J. Witt, CL

Poinsett, Harrisburg, Nikki N. Wright, CL

Poinsett, Harrisburg, Amber D. Young, CL

Poinsett, Lepanto, Michelle L. Jones, CL

Poinsett, Lepanto, Hannah F. Lacy, CL

Poinsett, Lepanto, Melissa J. Morris, CL

Poinsett, Marked Tree, Micah A. Ballard, CL

Poinsett, Marked Tree, Millie D. Easley, CL

Poinsett, Marked Tree, Shelby N. Johnson, CL

Poinsett, Marked Tree, Amanda E. Rinehart, DL

Poinsett, Marked Tree, Matthew L. Woods, CL

Poinsett, Trumann, Zahwa A. Alhumaidan, CL

Poinsett, Trumann, Terry L. Burgess, CL

Poinsett, Trumann, Sarah K. Cooper, DL

Poinsett, Trumann, Joseph A. Curtis, DL

Poinsett, Trumann, Tisha M. Duboise, CL

Poinsett, Trumann, Shalom M. Dunn, CL

Poinsett, Trumann, Debra L. Hall, CL

Poinsett, Trumann, Charlotte R. Hammond, CL

Poinsett, Trumann, Jesslyn R. Harris, DL

Poinsett, Trumann, Kristi M. Houchin, CL

Poinsett, Trumann, Duston S. Jones, CL

Poinsett, Trumann, Jamie L. Kain, DL

Poinsett, Trumann, Dustin S. Knight, DL

Poinsett, Trumann, Clay G. McClung, CL

Poinsett, Trumann, Hannah B. Miller, CL

Poinsett, Trumann, Tara N. Pearson, CL

Poinsett, Trumann, Jessica N. Robertson, DL

Poinsett, Trumann, Tonya R. Rodgers, DL

Poinsett, Trumann, Justin D. Seeley, DL

Poinsett, Trumann, Nicole M. Stahl, DL

Poinsett, Trumann, Audra L. Wilson, DL

Poinsett, Tyronza, Jennifer L. Hall, CL

Poinsett, Tyronza, Whitney D. Ruiz, CL

Poinsett, Tyronza, Jacqueline M. Stacy, CL

Poinsett, Tyronza, Robert D. Wood, CL

Poinsett, Weiner, Daniel B. Chatman, DL

Poinsett, Weiner, Bryson B. Gardner, DL

Pope, Dover, Richard A. Young, CL

Pope, Hector, LaDonna L. Voss, CL

Pope, Pottsville, Mark C. White, CL

Pope, Russellville, Melanie Coble, DL

Pope, Russellville, Ryan Z. Johnson, DL

Pope, Russellville, William B. Schrepfer, CL

Prairie, Biscoe, Tamara N. Owens, DL

Prairie, De Valls Bluff, Amber L. Owens, CL

Prairie, Des Arc, Preston C. Campbell, CL

Prairie, Des Arc, Joanie M. Ferguson, CL

Prairie, Des Arc, Jordan S. Harvey, CL

Prairie, Des Arc, Frankie L. Jones, CL

Prairie, Des Arc, Kimberly A. McMullan, CL

Prairie, Des Arc, Patricia L. Mullen, DL

Prairie, Des Arc, Abram W. Skarda, CL

Prairie, Des Arc, Adam L. Skarda, DL

Prairie, Hazen, Holly C. Boothe, CL

Prairie, Hazen, Teddie M. Hamilton, CL

Prairie, Hazen, Brian P. Lisko, DL

Prairie, Hazen, Monica L. McCullough, DL

Prairie, Hazen, Jaime E. Skarda, CL

Prairie, Ulm, Justin J. Dupree, DL

Pulaski, Cabot, Xavier J. Brown, DL

Pulaski, Cabot, Shekanah S. Palmer, CL

Pulaski, Jacksonville, Kathryn M. Fischer, CL

Pulaski, Jacksonville, Lora E. Hargis, CL

Pulaski, Jacksonville, Lizabeth J. Savage, CL

Pulaski, Jacksonville, Harry K. White, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Joshua M. Allen, DL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Emma S. Allison, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Jeremy M. Bolden, DL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Whitney M. Broadway, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Charmaine L. Conner, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Rebecca A. Danforth, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Kandace R. Dyson, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Colton L. Gilbert, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Ashton P. Gilstrap, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, LaTise S. Harris, DL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Nora E. Horton, DL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Melody A. Houk, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Lynntia P. Jones, DL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Catherine A. Lee, DL

Pulaski, Little Rock, James L. Lepine, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Rachael V. McCaleb, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Bryant L. Miller, DL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Alexa C. Nation, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Farren E. Norwood, DL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Trishia K. Phillips, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Sarah B. Pizzolatto, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Alaina R. Ragland, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Veronica K. Reed, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Brittany S. Reynolds, DL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Michelle A. Shearer, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Kayla M. Sullivan, CL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Samantha C. Swierenga, DL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Brittney N. Taylor, DL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Jennifer B. Welch, DL

Pulaski, Little Rock, Claire E. Woosley, DL

Pulaski, Maumelle, Kenneth C. Clement, CL

Pulaski, Maumelle, Elizabeth S. Robinson, DL

Pulaski, N Little Rock, JoNece B. Carter, CL

Pulaski, North Little Rock, Greg E. Crumley, CL

Pulaski, North Little Rock, Laura E. Eubank, CL

Pulaski, North Little Rock, Stephanie D. Garrett, CL

Pulaski, Roland, Chloe E. Eggers, CL

Pulaski, Saint Robert, Lucas C. Bateman, CL

Pulaski, Sherwood, Caitlin E. Berry, CL

Pulaski, Sherwood, Brandon J. Eller, CL

Pulaski, Sherwood, Rebecca V. Garrison, CL

Pulaski, Sherwood, Kelsey F. Lancaster, CL

Pulaski, Sherwood, Victoria N. McFadden, CL

Randolph, Biggers, Samantha A. Hogard, CL

Randolph, Imboden, Konswlia L. Ivy, CL

Randolph, Imboden, Christie D. Ring, DL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Nicholas A. Adkins, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Jordan K. Andrews, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Jeremy C. Andrews, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Jordan W. Baker, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Katelyn R. Baltz, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Samantha E. Baltz, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Tonna J. Bickers, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Tashina D. Brown, DL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Teka D. Burgess, DL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Vicky L. Carter, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Jimmy W. Clark, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Michael E. Creason, DL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Bryan R. DeClerk, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Amy E. Downs, DL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Hal B. Earley, DL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Zachary L. Elledge, DL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Shelby A. Elledge, DL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Travis M. Harris, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Leslie A. Lewallen, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Jacklyn K. Martin, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Laura A. Presley, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Sheri N. Ross, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Sarah M. Rounds, DL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Melissa A. Schaechtel, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Brin A. Seagraves, DL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Ashlyn K. Shipley, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Lindsay B. Smith, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Marcianne C. Stanger, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, John M. Throesch, DL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Lauren B. Tyler, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Natasha M. Wantulok, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Tracy A. Ward, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Brian A. Weatherford, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Megan L. Wilbanks, CL

Randolph, Pocahontas, Autumn K. Wren, DL

Randolph, Ravenden Springs, Deondra J. Earles, CL

Randolph, Ravenden Springs, Jacob E. Towell, CL

Ripley, Doniphan, Summer Aldrich, CL

Ripley, Doniphan, Keshia J. Berrong, CL

Ripley, Doniphan, Brandon L. Burns, DL

Ripley, Doniphan, Jessea M. Rhames, CL

Ripley, Doniphan, Miranda K. Wilson, CL

Ripley, Naylor, Angela J. Jackson, CL

Saint Charles, O Fallon, Justin T. O'Brien, CL

Saint Francis, Colt, Kimberly S. Newcomb, CL

Saint Francis, Colt, Anna J. Turner, CL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, April R. Barger, DL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, Quintella L. Barton, DL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, Eric W. Brookman, DL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, Cynthia L. Gaines, CL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, Byron M. Gaskin, DL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, Cherika S. Golatt, DL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, Walter C. Hambrick, DL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, Katie R. Hornbeak, CL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, Josie L. Patterson, DL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, Kevin L. Ratton, CL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, Kristin D. Reyes, CL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, Kara L. Southerland, CL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, Leigh A. Taylor, CL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, Kristi N. Truitt, DL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, Mary C. Vardaman, CL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, Haley D. Widby, CL

Saint Francis, Forrest City, Nicole Wright, DL

Saint Francis, Hughes, Ashton H. Taylor, DL

Saint Francis, Palestine, Jennifer L. Dover, DL

Saint Francis, Palestine, Leonard  McKissick Jr, CL

Saint Francis, Wheatley, Kellye M. Long, DL

Saint Johns, Ponte Vedra Beach, Graham W. Bates, DL

Saint Louis, Des Peres, Lyndsey E. Patterson, CL

Saint Louis, Ellisville, Aaron D. Raidt, DL

Saline, Benton, Mollie E. Black, CL

Saline, Benton, Kelsey L. Hill, CL

Saline, Benton, Kristyn E. Johnson, DL

Saline, Benton, Kelsey M. Mitchell, CL

Saline, Benton, Allison E. Poteet, CL

Saline, Benton, Caroline G. Starr, DL

Saline, Bryant, Anne M. Cason, CL

Saline, Bryant, Kristen M. Dorsey, DL

Saline, Bryant, Benjamin A. Higgs, DL

Saline, Bryant, Devin D. Hunt, DL

Saline, Bryant, Jamey L. Mazurek, CL

Saline, Bryant, Shannon D. Patrick, CL

Saline, Bryant, Jonathan W. Rinehart, DL

Saline, Hensley, Jamye M. Miller, CL

Saline, Mabelvale, Amanda J. Barrett, DL

Saline, Mabelvale, Christopher A. Echols, DL

Scott, Sikeston, James R. Beaird, CL

Scott, Sikeston, Jennifer L. DeWitt, CL

Scott, Sikeston, Fleming A. Silverthorn, CL

Searcy, Marshall, Stephen K. West, CL

Searcy, Saint Joe, Candace N. Arnold, CL

Searcy, Saint Joe, Vanessa M. Eddings, CL

Sebastian, Fort Smith, Margeaux E. Baker, DL

Sebastian, Fort Smith, Matthew R. Sindelar, CL

Sebastian, Fort Smith, Kristyn R. Willis, DL

Sharp, Cave City, Shana R. Bailey, CL

Sharp, Cave City, Kimberly D. Beams, CL

Sharp, Cave City, Cassie D. Bradley, CL

Sharp, Cave City, Paige N. Canard, CL

Sharp, Cave City, Brandon R. Milligan, CL

Sharp, Cave City, Scottie J. Napier, CL

Sharp, Cave City, Wendee B. Saffell, CL

Sharp, Cave City, Lauren E. Smith, DL

Sharp, Cherokee Village, Shayeeda G. Beard, CL

Sharp, Cherokee Village, Martha E. Flores, CL

Sharp, Cherokee Village, Evette A. Weiand, CL

Sharp, Cherokee Village, Audrey L. Wolverton, CL

Sharp, Evening Shade, Nancy F. Barnett, CL

Sharp, Hardy, Lulisa D. Harris, CL

Sharp, Hardy, Zachary S. Rikard, CL

Sharp, Highland, Ashley S. Crider, CL

Sharp, Highland, Tommy L. Williams, DL

Sharp, Mammoth Spring, Glena L. Romans, CL

Sharp, Sidney, Rebecca D. Kennedy, DL

Sharp, Sulphur Rock, Aaron D. Ragsdell, CL

Sharp, Williford, Barbara C. Coble, CL

Sharp, Williford, Lanny D. Richmond, CL

Shelby, Collierville, Ashley L. Chasteen, CL

Shelby, Cordova, Laura J. Keath, CL

Shelby, Germantown, Joseph G. Avant, DL

Shelby, Germantown, Allyn S. Cohen, CL

Shelby, Germantown, Ellen E. Stewart, CL

Shelby, Germantown, Amy E. Wilson, CL

Shelby, Memphis, Tiffany A. Anderson S, DL

Shelby, Memphis, Michael Barkley, CL

Shelby, Memphis, Brandon C. Davis, CL

Stoddard, Bernie, Jeremy M. Weeks, DL

Stoddard, Bloomfield, Terry L. Bryeans, DL

Stoddard, Dexter, Jessie B. Philpot, DL

Stoddard, Essex, Kristin S. Wheeler, DL

Stoddard, Puxico, Stephanie A. Chapman, DL

Stoddard, Puxico, Nathan W. Clark, DL

Stone, Drasco, Megan D. Gates, DL

Stone, Mountain View, Matthew F. Dobbins, DL

Stone, Mountain View, Kimberly A. Mullins, CL

Stone, Mountain View, Megan N. Watters, CL

Stone, Pleasant Grove, Bryan K. Davis, CL

Stone, Timbo, Zane Mealer, CL

Tompkins, Lansing, John A. Duthie, DL

Union, Anna, Todd Fahlberg, DL

Union, El Dorado, Cara E. Brown, DL

Union, El Dorado, Meagan R. Collins, DL

Union, El Dorado, Amee R. Martin, DL

Union, El Dorado, Tabitha C. Reynolds, CL

Union, El Dorado, Katherine I. Willeford, CL

Van Buren, Clinton, Janita A. Overstreet, CL

Van Buren, Clinton, Seth H. Parish, DL

Van Buren, Clinton, Christopher M. Pickle, DL

Van Buren, Clinton, Karen E. Pickle, CL

Washington, Fayetteville, Robert S. Radler, DL

Washington, Fayetteville, Shellie M. Walker, CL

Washington, Fayetteville, Stacy L. Willis, CL

Washington, Springdale, Chaz S. Allen, CL

Washington, Springdale, Heather L. Gonzalez, CL

Washington, Springdale, Dawn N. L'Heureux, CL

Washington, Springdale, Marili  Rangel, CL

White, Bald Knob, Stephanie D. Anderson, CL

White, Bald Knob, Monique A. Ball, CL

White, Bald Knob, Bryant P. Dugger, DL

White, Bald Knob, Amanda C. Monday, CL

White, Bald Knob, Brandi G. Roberts, CL

White, Bald Knob, Caitlin N. Sammons, DL

White, Bald Knob, Autumn B. Sullivan, CL

White, Beebe, Meghan B. Allen, CL

White, Beebe, Patrisha J. Blackstock, CL

White, Beebe, Tammy L. Drake, CL

White, Beebe, Megan D. Hilger, CL

White, Beebe, Lauren P. Kemp Ms, CL

White, Beebe, Aimee R. Lankford, DL

White, Beebe, Kevin D. Linson, CL

White, Beebe, Kimberly M. Marlin, CL

White, Beebe, Aleigha M. Morton, CL

White, Beebe, Damara D. Price, CL

White, Beebe, Chelsey E. Shelton, DL

White, Beebe, Lisa J. Smith, DL

White, Beebe, Fumiko. Stinnett, CL

White, Bradford, Ashley M. Dunn, CL

White, Bradford, Tonya N. Hancock, CL

White, Garner, William C. Smith, DL

White, Judsonia, Jennifer K. Batts, CL

White, Judsonia, Bryce J. Bennett, CL

White, Judsonia, Jeremy D. Capps, DL

White, Judsonia, Lauren C. Crace, CL

White, Judsonia, Ashley P. Gatewood, CL

White, Judsonia, Morgan N. Harrell, DL

White, Judsonia, Cassandra E. Newkirk, CL

White, Judsonia, Whitney L. Sansoucie, DL

White, Judsonia, Rachel C. Wolford, CL

White, Kensett, Tara N. Luttrell, CL

White, Mc Rae, Lacey N. Ball, CL

White, Mc Rae, Patricia D. Bramlett, CL

White, Mc Rae, Hollye A. Griffith, CL

White, Mc Rae, Alisha N. Inman, CL

White, Mc Rae, Amanda L. Johnson, CL

White, Mc Rae, Jennifer P. Novarese, CL

White, Mc Rae, Montana S. Price, CL

White, Mount Vernon, Theresa S. Hawks, CL

White, Pangburn, Timothy L. Altom, CL

White, Pangburn, Ashley M. Covington, CL

White, Pangburn, Alisa B. Higgs, CL

White, Pangburn, Shaina L. Pearrow, CL

White, Pangburn, Nanette R. Peckman, CL

White, Rose Bud, Whitney L. Barger, CL

White, Rose Bud, Dawn E. Wendel, CL

White, Russell, Jo A. White, CL

White, Searcy, Catherine D. Barnhart, CL

White, Searcy, Anita K. Carden, CL

White, Searcy, Karen S. Cherry, CL

White, Searcy, Rodney N. Claxton, CL

White, Searcy, Letticia J. Covington, CL

White, Searcy, Brooke L. DeGroat, DL

White, Searcy, Trevor C. George, CL

White, Searcy, Keith A. Hatfield, DL

White, Searcy, Angela N. Kindrex, CL

White, Searcy, Brittney L. Martin, CL

White, Searcy, Joshua R. McFalls, CL

White, Searcy, Gary M. Overstreet, CL

White, Searcy, Jennifer M. Pruitt, CL

White, Searcy, Whitney L. Ramsey, DL

White, Searcy, Melonie R. Roden, CL

White, Searcy, Kristen L. Shafer, CL

White, Searcy, Kayla I. Shown, DL

White, Searcy, Amber A. Sliter, DL

White, Searcy, Rhonda R. Weeks, CL

White, Searcy, Felicia A. Whaley, DL

White, Searcy, Ryan B. Wilbourn, DL

Williamson, Marion, Nathan S. Mattox, CL

Winnebago, Rockford, Kaitlyn M. Nehring, CL

Woodruff, Augusta, Jerrica J. Dannar, CL

Woodruff, Augusta, Rebecca G. Glover, CL

Woodruff, Augusta, Monica L. Russenberger, CL

Woodruff, McCrory, Sandra N. Broughton, CL

Woodruff, McCrory, Star L. Hall, DL

Woodruff, McCrory, Charles A. Knight, CL

Woodruff, McCrory, Kristin L. Rudick, CL

Woodruff, McCrory, Lauren E. Wampler, DL

Yell, Belleville, Jonathan H. Willard, CL

Floridablanca, Leydi T. Zora, DL

Shan S. Ai, DL

Badr S. Alghanmi, DL

Qianwen Chen, CL

Tracy E. Coots, DL

Lekshmi. Hymavathy, CL

Kristopher R. Jones, DL

Emily J. Laing, CL

Katherine E. Lipscomb, CL

Hang. Lu, CL

Ai. Miyazawa, CL

Ned G. Webb, DL

Ling . Zhang, DL

Yuese . Zheng, CL



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