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Science teachers, students, counselors
will participate in CSI Summer Institute

Feb. 9, 2007 -- Arkansas State University is seeking 30 science teachers (Grades 7-12), 120 students (Grades 7 -12) and 50 school counselors to participate in CSI: Creating Student (and teacher) Investigators Summer Institute. This project is funded by a grant given to Arkansas State University by the National Science Foundation (NSF 05-621 Information Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers – ITEST).

Using CSI as the theme, teachers will acquire educational strategies to promote student investigation, technology use, and inquiry based on the new science frameworks. Scientists, teachers, and students will team up to investigate a rash of events disturbing the quiet make-believe community of Proximity Parish.

"We think everyone loves a mystery! This summer institute provides an opportunity for students and teachers learn new science skills and concepts while having fun exploring a series of mysterious events," stated Dr. Karen Yanowitz, grant director. "We’re also excited about bringing in professionals from various forensic and professional fields to talk with institute participants."

Teachers will attend the week of June 18-22 and will learn how to integrate basic science concepts and investigative techniques using a forensics perspective.

During June 26-30, teachers will pilot the new ideas and concepts by working with students in the program. School counselors will attend a one-day workshop on June 28th, designed to help provide them with resources for counseling students who are interested in careers in science.

Evening sessions for teachers and students will include career development where professionals (crime labs, research labs, biotech companies, etc) will give talks on future careers in science and technology, and forensics.

Meals and residence hall lodging will be provided. Teachers will be given a stipend of $100 per day, plus tuition if graduate credit is desired.  Participating teachers can earn three credit hours of graduate level class work at ASU or earn professional development hours. Students will receive $40/day for attending and participating in all activities. School counselors will receive continuing education credits.

In addition to working the program June 18-30, teachers are required to participate in supporting activities during the school year and the 2008 summer program.

Applications will be looked at starting Thursday, Feb. 15, for teachers and school counselors and March 15 for students. Application materials may be downloaded from For more information, send email to, or call NEA Rural and Delta Institutes for Math/Science Education, 870-972-3436.

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