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College of Agriculture and Technology offers industrial materials workshop April 8

March 9, 2010 -- Arkansas State University-Jonesboro’s College of Agriculture and Technology is offering a one-day workshop, “Industrial Materials,” on Thursday, April 8, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. at the Delta Center for Economic Development, 319 University Loop West, Jonesboro.

Sponsored by ASU’s College of Agriculture and Technology and the Delta Center for Economic Development, this workshop is designed to accommodate manufacturing personnel, including those working in areas such as Quality, Purchasing, Human Resources, Sales, Production, Management, Accounting, and Shipping, from across Arkansas and from the neighboring states.

This is an introductory basic materials course that addresses common materials used in industry. This one- day short course is designed to give the participants a snapshot of industrial materials as a whole. The course discusses the fundamentals of industrial materials, including basic selection, properties and performance, important characterization techniques and basic fundamental heat treatment processes, selection and benefits.

After completing this course, participants with little or no materials experience will understand basic materials used in various industries, whether the participants have little or no past experience in materials. Participants will understand material selection for structural design and application, including material properties and performance; they will understand the relationship between the mechanical properties of materials and their chemical compositions. Participants will also explore basic aspects of electron microscopy, as well as new developments, capabilities and applications of electron microscopy and other analytical tools. Participants will learn the fundamentals of basic heat treatment principles, including distinguishing between various heat treatment techniques and identifying types of furnaces used to heat treat.

The course coordinator and primary instructor is Dr. Zariff (Zac) Chaudhury, associate professor of Metallurgical Technology in the College of Agriculture and Technology. Two invited experts from outside the college will also lecture with Dr. Chaudhury.
Dr. Glen Jones, senior associate vice chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research,  and Dr. Gregory Phillips, dean of the College of Agriculture and Technology, will address the participants during the opening and closing ceremonies.

For more information, contact the
Delta Center for Economic Development (, at (870) 972-3850, or Dr. Zac Chaudhury ( at (870) 972-2263. 


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