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Dr. Jennifer Bouldin receives James Bailey Memorial Educator of the Year Award

April 22, 2008 -- Arkansas State University’s Dr. Jennifer Bouldin, director of ASU’sDr. Jennifer Bouldin, director, ASU's Ecotoxicology Research Facility, is this year's recipient of the James Bailey Memorial Educator of the Year Award. Ecotoxicology Research Facility, is this year’s recipient of the James Bailey Memorial Educator of the Year Award. As Dr. Aldemaro Romero, chair and professor of biology in the Department of Biological Sciences at ASU remarks, “This is a very significant accolade that honors not only Dr. Bouldin but our institution as well.”

Dr. Bouldin has served as director of the Ecotoxicology Research Facility since 2006, and she has the distinction of being the first woman to receive a Ph.D. from ASU. As a doctoral student, she was the recipient of the Environmental Sciences Doctoral Research Award.

A native of Paragould, Dr. Bouldin received her Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, with a subdiscipline in ecotoxicology, in 2004. She holds a B.S. in Medical Technology from the University of Arkansas School for Medical Sciences (UAMS). She has also worked as a blood bank specialist and has been certified by the College of American Pathologists. Courses Dr. Bouldin has taught include wetland delineation, wetland evaluation, principles of ecology, and global water issues. She has team-taught aquatic ecotoxicology, agriculture and the environment, and phytoremediation, among others. She has also served as a guest lecturer in many additional courses and currently is among the affiliated faculty in ASU’s Environmental Sciences graduate program. She regularly holds workshops for wastewater treatment managers at the Ecotoxicology Research Facility. These workshops are designed to introduce professionals to the concepts of aquatic toxicity testing as it relates to wastewater treatment.

The James Bailey Memorial Educator of the Year Award was established by the Arkansas Water Environment Association in memory of James Bailey in recognition of his many years of devoted service to the people of the state of Arkansas, the Water Environment Federation, the Arkansas Water Environment Association, and the Arkansas Environmental Academy. James Bailey’s professionalism and passion for the protection of the Natural State and the advancement of environmental education in the State of Arkansas set the standard for all other educators in the state.

This honor is awarded to an Arkansan who strives to inspire fellow Arkansans, young and old, with an enthusiasm and desire to protect the state’s water environment, understand environmental issues, and further environmental education. Award criteria require that the recipient teaches in an accredited Arkansas high school or a two- or four-year college or university, and/or that he or she accepts a leadership role in guiding students and adults in water environment activities, and/or that he or she conducts public outreach activities with Arkansas leaders and with the public to further understanding of the state’s water environment and environmental issues.

"Dr. Bouldin has been an excellent teacher, receiving very high marks in her student evaluations. Her preparation and pedagogical delivery are outstanding. This is a highly deserved honor for her,” said Dr. Aldemaro Romero.

James W. Bailey was the director of the Arkansas Environmental Academy for 22 years.  His main goal as director of the Arkansas Environmental Academy was to make sure that each wastewater operator, solid waste operator, and water operator was educated and trained for the job.

The Arkansas Environmental Academy
is a training division of Southern Arkansas University Tech in Camden, mandated by state and federal agencies to provide environmental education for the licensing and certification of wastewater, water, and solid waste management operators of municipal or industrial facilities in Arkansas. The Environmental Academy also develops and delivers specialized environmental training courses to meet the needs of industrial, commercial, or municipal facilities.

Bailey began working as an adjunct faculty instructor for the academy, teaching wastewater courses. He became director in 1983. During his tenure, the academy increased  wastewater training and became more involved in solid waste and water training as well. The academy then began cross connection backflow certification training. Bailey served on the Arkansas Water Environment Association board for years, in various committee chair slots, and he served as the board’s secretary and treasurer. He retired from the Arkansas Environmental Academy in December of 2005 and died in May of 2006.    




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