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Alumni Center hosts Abernathy book signing August 1

July 15, 2009 -- Dr. Steven Abernathy of Jonesboro presents a book signing for his new novel, A Question of Character, at ASU's Cooper Alumni Center on Saturday, Aug. 1, from 1-3 p.m. It is his first Jonesboro signing, and the event is free and open to the public.

Dr. Abernathy is a dentist who lives and works both in Jonesboro and Clearwater, Florida. He graduated from Arkansas State University in 1973. His political interest developed in the 1980s when he was a candidate for United States Congress from Arkansas.

His son John Abernathy, formerly of Jonesboro, now lives in Los Angeles where he is a freelance artist who writes and works in the movie industry. John has written, directed, produced, or otherwise been involved in several short films, some of which have won industry awards. He has written many short stories and screenplays.

The father and son authors pooled their talents for the novel A Question of Character,  a political action thriller that was released last month and which has generated strong interest among readers.

Copies of the book will be available for purchase at the Aug. 1 event at ASU. Previous book signings by the Abernathys include bookstores in Blytheville; Sarasota, Florida; and Seattle, Washington.

The novel poses the question: What if the President of the United States was also a murderer? A Washington D.C. police detective must deal with that question as his investigation into a body found in a local park leads him to the nation’s highest office. With the assistance of a conspiracy theorist and a Secret Service agent, the detective follows the trail of political intrigue and murder all the way to the White House. Along the way he discovers corruption, dissention, an assassination plot, and a treasure trove of historical artifacts hidden since the Civil War. According to Dr. Abernathy, the fast-moving novel demonstrates that in the world of politics, it all comes down to 'A Question of Character.'

ASU's Cooper Alumni Center is adjacent to the Stadium and the Convocation Center. For more information about the book signing, contact Dr. Nancy Hendricks, director of alumni communications, at 870-972-2451 or e-mail



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