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ASU offers in-state tuition to residents of the contiguous counties bordering Arkansas

Arkansas State University in Jonesboro now offers in-state tuition to persons living in all the contiguous counties bordering the state of Arkansas. This represents a savings in the amount of $2,364 per semester based on 12 hours.

The estimated cost (per semester, based on 12 hours) for in-state tuition and fees is $1,931 as opposed to $4,295 for out-of-state tuition. The new rates will be effective for the 2004 fall term.

The counties being offered in-state tuition includes bordering areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas. In addition to the students residing in the contiguous counties being offered in-state tuition, the residents of the cities of Jackson, Tenn., Cape Girardeau and Joplin, Mo., and Shreveport and Monroe, La., will also be offered in-state tuition rates. 

Until now, ASU has only offered out-of-state students the in-state tuition if they live within 75 miles of the university. 

Greg Gayle, ASU’s assistant dean of student affairs and associate director of admissions, said, “We’re creating incentives for students to come to Arkansas State. At one time, we were known as a low cost provider of education. Now, we provide so much more. Just look at our buildings – we’re one of only two hard-wired and wireless campuses in the state.”

“In addition, we graduate more teachers, superintendents and principals than any other school. We’re known for our nursing and communications program. And, companies tell us they prefer to interview our business graduates.

“Ninety percent of our faculty at ASU has a terminal degree. And, there are 121 academic degrees with 160 clubs and organizations to join. We are a Division I institution (the NCAA highest level). All of this tells of the quality of our educational experience,” he said.

For more information, persons are asked to call the admissions office at 800-382-3030 or visit online at

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