United Way
Choose to Care!

In every community there is a core of caring, dedicated people working to make Northeast Arkansas a better place to live. By giving to the United Way, you can join this special group of people. The attached brochure will provide information about the 2002 United Way campaign. As you can see, the United Way touches the lives of every person living in Jonesboro, Craighead County and Northeast Arkansas. Please join me and other citizens as we strive to make out part of the world a better place to live by supporting the United Way.

Please take a few moments to complete the contribution page of the brochure. You may choose to make a one-time gift by cash, check or credit card. If you would like, your gift may be made using payroll deduction. Payroll deduction will begin January of 2003. The United Way will also bill you for your gift. Giving has never been easier!

Once you have decided the amount of your gift and your method of payment, simply sign your name under the label on the contribution page of the brochure, detach the page, place it and your contribution (if paying by cash, check or credit card) into an envelope and return the envelope to me on or before November 1, 2002. When computing your contribution please keep in mind that there are 24 pay periods in a calendar year.

Thank you for considering contributing to the United Way.

Campaign Incentives

Your name will be included in a drawing when you give at the following levels:

First Time Contributor:

Cheer on the Indians! 4 Tickets to a Menís Basketball Game

Increased Contributor (5% or more increase):

Dinner and the Theatre! Dinner for 4 provided by Sodexho and 4 Tickets to the Glen Miller Orchestra


ASU Mug and Koozies
ASU Golf Towel and Golf Ball Set
ASU Travel Mug


ASU Umbrella
ASU Polo Shirt
ASU Apparel Compliments of the Bookstore

$71.00 and up:

Free Parking Spot for 1 Year
ASU Pen and Desk Set
ASU Canvas Briefcase

Prizes will be awarded at a reception on December 9. Please return all campaign contributions to Dawn Tucker, Office of University Advancement, Administration Room 104.